Silly Sunday: All About Eve Remake With Shahrukh Khan! Just Because I Want It

This is almost as indulgent as when I rewrote The Philadelphia Story.  Who in this day and age and on an Indian film blog knows the movie All About Eve?  To the point of remembering all the details of the characters and themes and stuff?  Oh well, it makes me happy, and keeps me tied to me roots (my roots being American movies before 1960 which were what I watched exclusively for the first 18 years of my life).  Anyway, Procrastinatrix suggested the idea, so I know she at least will be interested.

The original movie is fabulous and unique and perfect, and you should really watch it if you haven’t already.  But just in case, I will give the plot briefly here:

Bette Davis is a famous talented aging Broadway actress preparing for her next play.  Her best friend is the wife of a playwrite she works with, and her serious boyfriend is the 8 years younger director of her play.  Her closest companion and protector is her maid.  Into this tight little group comes “Eve”, a young woman who tells a tragic story of growing up on a farm, falling in love and running away, then being widowed and having nothing but her love of the theater and her passionate fandom of Bette Davis.  Bette is touched and hires her as an assistant.

Eve doesn’t do anything really wrong, but Bette slowly starts to dislike her without being able to explain why.  She seems too good, too humble, and Bette catches her trying on her costumes and pretending to be her.  Bette tries to get her hired by her producer, but instead Eve maneuvers to be made Bette’s understudy.  Bette begins to be openly hostile to her, and her friend (the playwrite’s wife) feels sorry for Eve and befriends and supports her.  Culminating in her keeping Bette out of town so Eve has a chance to go on in her place.  Eve secretly invited critics and producers that night to see the performance and her career is made.  She also attempts to seduce Bette’s boyfriend, the powerful director, but he is disgusted and rejects her.

Eve finds a sponsor in George Sanders, a powerful acerbic critic.  She maneuvers her way into taking the next role written for Bette and ends up attempting to seduce the playwrite, betraying his wife who helped her.  She runs to Bette in misery and apology as she sees her life falling apart, Bette understands and sympathizes.  Eve reveals her plan to George Sanders, to marry the playwrite and force him to write more and more plays especially for her.  George Sanders laughs at her and reveals that he knows her true past, a sordid life of being paid to leave her small town by the wife of a rich man she had seduced, no marriage, no widowhood, no nobility.  And unless she wants him to reveal everything to the world, she will obey him from now on.

It opens and begins with a flashforward to Eve winning an acting award, as all those who she betrayed and hurt look on and roll their eyes.  Eve then returns home to find a young woman waiting for her, her “fan” who just wants to be like her.  Eve hires her as an assistant, and leaves the room, only for her to pick up the award and stand in front of the mirror pretending it is hers.  The story continues, Eve will be betrayed just as she betrayed Bette.

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So, this is a BRILLIANT story!  The sarcastic difficult talented older star, who has people in her life that sincerely love her because under all that sarcasm and difficulty, she is caring and good and loyal.  And the young beautiful simple pure good woman, who is in fact using all her simple pure goodness to trick people, setting herself up as a contrast to the “evil” outspoken older woman.

And there’s so many layers to it, the housewife best friend who secretly resents feeling like an outsider among these theater folks and is easy pickings for a young woman who plays up to her.  And then is punished by that same young woman using the knowledge she gained to steal her husband by being her, but younger and easier and better.

The younger boyfriend who Eve things will be easy pickings because she cannot understand their relationship, cannot imagine that he is with Bette because he loves an older woman instead of for a career advantage.  And who surprises her by immediately rejecting her in disgust, and seeing through everything.

And the late introduction of the man who is smarter than all of them, George Sanders, who doesn’t necessarily care about “right” or “wrong”, but about maintaining the balance of it all and controlling this young woman from destroying all these actually talented people.


So, how do we remake this in India?  Where aging stars and their power group of friends are the norm, as are ambitious babyfaced innocent actresses who come in and take over with no warning?

There isn’t much that needs to be changed.  It can open and close at the Filmfare awards.  The lead is an aging star with her best friend married to her favorite scriptwriter, and her boyfriend the much younger director of her last hit movie.  After the premier of the film, a young woman is desperate for her autograph and her kindly friend takes her in to meet her.  The woman faints while talking to her, and then confesses she hasn’t eaten in days, she is a widow who ran away from home for love and then her husband died tragically, and so on and so on.  The star takes pity on her and hires her as an assistant but then comes to distrust her for reasons she can’t explain and tries to get her hired away, but instead the young woman manages to get a second lead role in the stars next movie.  The first day of location filming, her friend manages to keep her from getting to the airport on time, it’s a remote location and there are no more flights for a week.  By the time she gets there, the “second lead” role has been greatly increased and given the best song, plus reporters were invited to watch and now they are all rushing home and writing articles about this great new talent.  The lead and her friends are savvy enough to know who invited the reporters, but the damage is already done, the story is out about the song and this new talent, they can’t change the film.  And the producer of the movie loves it, loves this storyline of the young star versus the old one, new faces versus old, and doesn’t care if they all hate her.  The film releases and the young woman maneuvers her way into the next film after the aging star turns it down, aware that the role is too young for her.  But the director refuses to work on it, only the playwrite is sure that she is right for the role.  She starts working on the playwrite and tells the producer that he is writing her a new film, an out there indie film that will get her noticed overseas and she can go to Hollywood.  At which point the producer brings the hammer down, reveals that he knows her true past and he is the one who will control her career, she isn’t going to Hollywood or making any indie films, she is going to make hit after hit for his studio and she is going to leave everyone else alone and let them do their jobs.  And then we come back to the FilmFare Awards where the aging star is the one who has to hand her the award as she smiles and smiles on stage.


Now, casting!  I think Rani is the perfect heroine.  And Alia as the young evil woman that everyone trusts.  For her director love interest, maybe Shahid Kapoor?  It has to be someone who projects “smart and mature” but is also obviously slightly younger than her, while also too old for the young woman.  Oh!  Or what about Madhuri?????  And Ranbir as her love interest?

Image result for madhuri filmfare

(Madhuri’s certainly got the oomph and the confidence for it.  And I’d love the meta level of her being the major star that no one can ever really topple, very similar to Bette’s casting in the original.  But then, Rani could probably play the actual role better)


Juhi would be great as the kind best friend, sweet and nice and gentle and trusting, and also very much the mother and homemaker type, so we can see why she would feel a little uncomfortable with all these flashy film folks.  And easy pickings for a young woman who seems to like and respect her.  And she would also break our heart when she goes to Madhuri/Rani and confesses that she knows her husband is having an affair, and that he wants to break it off and come back to her but doesn’t know how.  And I’d really love for her husband to be Aamir, glasses wearing and intense and a little tired of the wife that just wants him to go home to the kids all the time.  Until he starts the affair and quickly realizes all he wants is to go home to the kids and something normal at the end of the day, only he doesn’t know how to get himself out of this.

And then the real challenge, the acerbic producer who controls everything and sees all.  Karan Johar, I think.  The first time he is introduced, he brings a very innappropriate shallow unintelligent young woman to a party just because he enjoys watching everyone squirm as she says foolish things (played by Marilyn Monroe in the original).  I think Lisa Haydon in our remake.

Image result for karan johar

(Also, I want him with the extreme gray hair like here)

Now, procrastinatrix also suggested a gender reversed version.  I think we can definitely do that.


Shahrukh is the lead, a difficult aging star who is in a long term relationship with a powerful female producer.  Vidya (or whoever) is an Ekta Kapoor style producer, tough and successful in a man’s world. And a little uncomfortable with dating SRK because it feels like she is being minimized to being just his girlfriend instead of a person in her own right. And therefore is tempted by a fresh faced young actor who doesn’t overshadow her.  Oh, and the fresh young face is Rajkummar.  I think he could nail this role, and would be the right kind of “boy next door” handsome.

Shahrukh’s best friend is Arjun and is married to a successful female director (Kareena) and is the primary caregiver for their children and is happy with his choices, but also sometimes feels awkward about them. He nags his wife to spend more time with the kids and generally makes her feel guilty, which is why she likes being with a man who encourages her to work harder and pursue her dreams and forget her family.

And I’d vote for Swara as George Sanders, I think she could really dig her teeth into it.  She is the Shobha De type, top gossip of the industry who everyone is secretly terrified of.  And keep Lisa Haydon but make Swara a lesbian.  And then she can surprise Rajkummar with blackmail, the real story of him seducing a wealthy woman and then forcing her to pay him off with the money he used to come to Bombay.

Image result for swara bhaskar rajkummar

(Hey, they co-starred already!  Or something.  What is this?  Why Reema Kagti?)



What do you think?  Good casting or should it be different?  any other changes needed to the plot?  Original or gender-reversed version, which is better?


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  1. Ha! I just hopped to the comments after having just read your introduction (and nothing else) to write a big YEAH 🙂
    I also grew up with the movies before the 60s (and then with the others, too) and “All about Eve” is a ‘wow’-film for me as it is about the position of an actress (and its changes) and it comes quasi full circle and it has Bette Davis and…and…and…
    So, now, after this outburst, I’ll read your writing 🙂

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    • After the first lines of the story I thought “oh noooo, there should be a gender switching with ShahRukh as the older star (the role, Bette Davis has) and Varun as the young admirer and upcoming actor… I now back to Procrastinatrix’s proposition and what you made of it…
      Ha! That is fun!

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      • What I think now? Too short!!!! And definitely not Rajkummar…I think it has to be somebody more outgoing in the ‘charme departement’ and as energetic as ShahRukh (but not crazy Ranveer).


      • Yes! It’s a perfect Shahrukh role! Playing an actor who is really too old for most of the roles she plays, but is still so talented that everyone wants to hire her even if she is feeling her own insecurities. there is a small part in the original where Bette gives up a role to Eve partly because she knows it just isn’t right for her any more, she could play it, but it really should go to someone younger. I would love to see Shahrukh’s take on that, being offered a great perfect role only it’s a young 20-something role, and then he decides to turn it down and let someone else who can do it better take it.


  2. I would still enjoy a gender swapped version, but LOVE your casting of the female-lead version. I agree, Madhuri is more Bette Davis like in her star status, but Rani would play it better, and would have great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

    I like Shah Rukh with Varun as the Eve character. Their energy is similar, and V could pull it off with good direction. In fact I’d love to see them together in anything but another Shetty movie. 🙂

    Kareena is an interesting choice. Have she and Arjun worked together?


    • I was thinking Kareena because I think she could do a really good job with the strong unapologetic working woman who is a loving wife and mother. In the same way that Arjun could easily handle the homemaker who is still a handsome attractive man role. Plus, Iike their chemistry together.

      Claire Trevor has such an interesting role in the original, because she’s not bitter or miserable about her life as a homemaker or anything like that, and no one judges her for it, but she feels like an outsider sometimes because she is, not part of this world that her husband and her best friend share. We can understand why she is so susceptible to sympathizing with Eve when she feels like Eve is being shut out, and we can forgive her immediately when she senses that she is losing her husband and her life is falling apart, all without her ever seeming unintelligent or unaware of things. Anyway, it’s a perfect Juhi role. She can play that sweet kind woman who is intelligent but a little insecure perfectly. Who would you put as Rani’s love interest? Still Shahid or is there a better option?

      Yeah, Varun is perfect. He could easily be used to play with Shahrukh’s real and reel persona too. Make SRK’s character faintly like him in real life, and have Varun talk about being another Delhi boy who did theater back home and now wants to break into movies. And then you could see why Shahrukh would want to help him.


        • But then we’d lose the age thing, and I really love that, that he is much younger than her and it bothers her, and Eve assumes it is a problem for him, but he truly doesn’t care.

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  3. Okay, Margret, I’ll post in three parts (and then I’vr to go to sleep a bit 🙂 ):

    FAN 2

    After Gaurav’s death, Aryan Khanna (ShahRukh) has become more considerate towards his fans. He also has started to prefer to work with female directors in his own productions. Currently he is working with the successful and national award winning Sarita Anand (Vidya Balan), the daughter of a renowned filmmaker who – despite having died at a relatively young age – left a considerable mark in the industry. For her, it is a dream comes true to work with Aryan Khanna with whom she would like to have more than ‘only’ a work relationship. But Aryan is married to Bela (Waluscha de Souza) with whom he has the two kids we already know from FAN and he is satisfied with the family life he lives.
    Sarita is divorced, without kids and had a short-living and secret affair with the young actor of her last movie, Arjun Kapur (Varun Dhawan), 8 years younger than she.

    Arjun is an ardent Fan of Aryan Khanna and claims to have become an actor because he was inspired by the star. He is an outsider with now four small movies in the acting department but with a growing fan base. All his movies had been comedies, in the last he had played the lead, a charming but hot-headed young man.

    Arjun absolutely wants to work with Aryan Khanna and uses Sarita’s still lingering affection for him to get a casting meeting with Aryan for the upcoming movie. It would be the role of the lead actor’s young nephew who gets in trouble after his father gets murdered by a business partner who tries to put the deed on the father’s mistress Chandeni Gupta (Madhuri Dixit). Aryan plays a criminal defense lawyer with a reputation of getting easily into fights with judges and other lawyers but he is the only one Chandeni is able to get. During the time the process gets prepared, Chandeni (Madhuri) and the since long divorced defense lawyer (Aryan) fall in love.
    The nephew (Varun) rightly doubts that Chandeni has murdered his father (he suspects the business partner) and as he is an aspiring lawyer he supports the defense lawyer in his work.

    So, we have now a movie in a movie, but one will only get to see the shooting work to establish that Arjun (Varun) revives his affair with Sarita (Vidya).

    The movie becomes a big success – critically and at the box office (something, Aryan had not since more than five years). Aryan and Arjun both get a Filmfare Award (leading role, supporting role) and Sarita begs two awards (writing and directing). The Award for the best popular film goes to Aryan’s production house.

    One should not change a winning team therefore there is a next movie with Sarita, Aryan and Arjun, this time Aryan playing an investigator and Arjun a young cop who wants to become an investigator. A young upcoming actress (Kriti Sanon) plays Arjun’s love-interest. It is a romantic action comedy where Aryan has a fatherly role and Arjun can use all his charme.

    This movie, too, becomes a raving success with the first hints in media that Arjun would be a
    worthy successor to Aryans throne.

    The next movie sees a change in the directing department as there had been troubles during the shooting of the last one because Arjun had started an affair with the upcoming actress Alisa Capresi (Kriti), a lively beauty with an Indian mother and an Italian father.
    To avoid problems, Aryan chooses a male director known for well-made comedies. So the third movie becomes a tear-jerking yet very funny romantic comedy, where Aryan plays a skilled but introvert university professor whose wife has just died and Arjun and Alisa (Kriti) play two of his students who get the depressive teacher out of his sadness and give him a new life goal with a new woman (an enchanting Juhi Chawla).

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  4. FAN 2 – part 2:

    Although Aryan and his love interest have the lead roles, media and fans are enthusiastic about Arjun and Alisa who both get all mayor awards as couple and as supporting characters.

    Arjun and Alisa make another comedy with another production house and Aryan a VFX-heavy movie with many actresses but no female lead. Both the movies don’t go beyond average and the audience as well as the media demand another movie with Aryan and Arjun, openly hinting that this time Arjun should – at least – have the same screen time and importance than Aryan.
    In interviews, Arjun always stresses his fondness and respect for Aryan and that he has still too much to learn for playing an equal role at Aryan’s side. He clearly gives the vibes of great admiration for Aryan.

    So they do a fourth movie together, this time Aryan playing a plastic surgeon who mainly treats women who have been victims of acid attacks or other forms of violence. Arjun plays his skilled assistance doctor who admires his mentor but witnesses that latter starts to have troubles to use the scalpel properly. It is revealed that the renowned surgeon suffers from Parkinson. The young doctor who was a rave among the hospital nurses, falls in love with the surgeon’s daughter and both try to persuade the surgeon to retire which results in a dramatic ending.

    It is important to always witness some of the shooting process where it becomes obvious that Arjun’s behaviour towards Aryan subtly changes. In their fourth movie together – with a rather young male director – one can watch him to have a lot of private talk with the director. He also shares charming but light bonds with crew members and other actors and actresses whereas Aryan more and more often spends time in his vanity van.

    Follows a key-scene with Aryan and his wife Bela, till then to be seen – as the co-owner of the production house – on the sets where Arjun charms her with his youth and enthusiasm.

    The scene makes clear, that Aryan and Bela have both, a satisfying sex life and a deep understanding for each other. Aryan tells her about his feeling that Arjun uses him as a diving board into a film career that contains his, Aryan’s, downfall by adroitly putting him on the back-burner. As media have attributed the drama movie’s big success more to Arjun’s role and performance, Aryan’s concern makes sense although Arjun’s public behaviour doesn’t give a reason for this concern.
    Aryan also tells Bela that Arjun had pronounced the wish to do another movie with Sarita and him, but he feels uncomfortable with this plan. So Bela replies that he should offer a movie to both where Aryan would co-produce the movie but only do a guest appearance and Arjun should star as the leading male, with Sarita as the director and writer. One can see Aryan and Bela continue their talk, but one doesn’t hear anything because the kids come with their friends for gaming.

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  5. FAN 2 – part 3:

    The next scene is in a restaurant where Arjun has a work-dinner with a fellow producer (Farhan Akhtar in a cameo) and Sarita who is over the moon to get such an opportunity. They obviously discuss the subject of the movie and the role, Arjun would play.

    Next scene we see Aryan and Arjun in Aryan’s office where Aryan successfully convinces Arjun to try his skills and talent in a totally new role Sarita would write for him…
    Later, we get to know that Arjun happily agrees without us getting to know something about the movie.

    One doesn’t see any shooting work and during the promotional campaign nothing of the story is revealed except that it is a romantic thriller and that the climax would surprise the audience. One emphasises the importance of Arjun’s role and his acting performance and the movie becomes the ‘talk of the town’ with the media already celebrating Arjun as Aryan’s successor. Arjun himself keeps being humble and charming and grateful to have gotten this chance to fully show his abilities as an actor.

    Then we witness (a part of) the premiere…and we witness that more and more critics leave the theatre even before the end – angry, sniggering or disappointed.

    The reviews are devastating (except for some nice words for Aryan’s cameo which nevertheless could not save the movie). Through a video review one gets to know some details of the movie’s story and that already at the first day audience had booed Arjun.

    Arjun had to endorse the role of a charming and helpful neighbour to a young widow with a daughter, the widow having inherited a well doing business from her late husband for which she desperately needs a CEO. The friendly, intelligent but currently unemployed neighbour offers his help, shows his certificates and documents and gets the job.
    What the movie shows then is the slow intrusion of the helpful and charming neighbour into the young widow’s life, house and bed. They marry and he becomes the owner of the business. Strangely some incidents happen that make the now remarried widow suspicious that the neighbour’s motives may not have been driven by love and she seeks support from her friend’s husband who is a cop.
    Obviously the movie has the concept where the thrill comes through the observations one makes which give way to suspicion. Is the nice neighbour really nice? Are the remarried widow and her daughter really in danger?

    Media has a field day and eat Arjun alive – with ironic knocks against the producers and the director. Arjun’s mask slips and he accuses Aryan to have him thrown to the wolves. Somehow, he becomes the ‘laugh of the town’. In the titles of journals and magazines a big “not yet!” makes clear that Arjun still has a lot to learn before attaining the position of an Aryan Khanna.

    However, this is not the end…

    We get a flashback to the work-dinner with the co-producer and Surita, where Aryan reveals his certitude that Arjun plays foul masquerading as an ardent admirer but instigating his (Aryan’s) downfall instead. He asks them to support him in making a movie that most probably would not succeed because he knows that Arjun would not yet be able to pull off the role of a psychopath, something where he himself has shown his range as an actor.

    It is three days after the premiere when a young man knocks at Arjun’s vanity van (which is as luxury as Aryan’s) while latter is talking on the phone. We hear Arjun’s part of a conversation with an unknown person. It becomes evident that Arjun has indeed played the role of a Fan to get close to Aryan and to get an opportunity to work with him. We hear that he argues with the other person that he had done his best to support the other person’s plan and that he doesn’t want to loose the other person’s support. Then Arjun listens looking at the young man who has entered. He says “yes, he has come” and ends the call.
    The young man is full of praise for Arjun, voices his anger about Aryan having deliberately boycotted Arjun’s success, assures him of his unbound admiration and asks for a chance to work in Arjun’s next movie (which Arjun promises him to give).


  6. FAN 2 – last part

    We see an office with a lot of framed pictures showing the same man in various stages of age with film actors and other people, then three movie posters of three films done by the late filmmaker Sanjay Anand. The camera focuses on a large old wooden desk and the woman behind, Surita. Her head is somehow framed by an arc formed of the words “Anand Pictures”. Sarita is looking at the screen of her laptop.
    Enters Aryan (without knocking). “So, tell me, how are the numbers?”
    Surita: Disastrous. You’ll make a huge loss. And it may finish Arjun’s career. I wonder what Farhan will say.
    Aryan: Don’t worry. He won’t have to bear any losses. What’s about you? Are you satisfied?
    Surita: Well, it was the plan not to succeed, wasn’t it?
    Aryan: Honestly, I wouldn’t have mind if the movie had become a success. It would have shown that Arjun is a more accomplished actor than I thought.
    Surita: But…
    She is interrupted by the phone.
    Surita: Yes? … Yes, he is here. You want to talk to him?
    She tends the phone to Aryan. “It’s Bela.”
    Aryan: Tell her, I phone her back at once.
    When Surita has put down the phone, he connects to his wife through his handy. Aryan listens one moment then we hear his side of the conversation.
    Aryan: No, not yet. – You think it’s the right time already? – Oh yes, I forgot the party. – You’re right, I’ll do so. Thanks for reminding me. (He disconnects and addresses Surita again.) – My wife reminded me of the party tomorrow.
    Surita: That will be nice although we cannot celebrate the movie. Will you invite Arjun?
    Aryan: No. Actually, I don’t want to see you there either.
    Surita is baffled: But Aryan…Sir…I did what you had told me.
    Aryan: No, you did not. You wrote an excellent script…very hitchcockian…your directing work was flawless…even the critics praised it… y o u did everything necessary to make a successful movie. Unfortunately for you, Arjun did a very poor job to imitate the psychopaths I’ve played.
    Surita: But what…? I don’t understand…
    Aryan: I’m here now, I can explain. Relax. It’s not the end of your world, it’s just a lesson you may learn now. Don’t ever mess with a sensible and intelligent man who loves his sensible and intelligent wife [note from me: multiple meaning of “sensible” is intended]. I never told Bela that you wanted to have an affair with me and that I rejected you, but she knew it. She told me when we talked about “Shanka” [Hindi for “doubt/suspicion”???]. She even advised me to give you the movie and test your loyality. She – as much as I – had the feeling that you pushed Arjun into a competition with me. She observed you on the sets; she heard what some of the crew whispered. I think you wanted to kill two birds with one stone. You are a very unhappy and vindictive woman, Surita. To make it short…If you had done a movie according to the plan it would have been a shoddy movie because of your work and not forcibly because of Arjun. But that was, what I asked you to do. Instead you made an intelligent movie, almost flawless from your side with the exception that you let Arjun copy me. So, I think it has become obvious to whom your loyalty is.
    Sarita: But Aryan, you had a cameo in the movie and you produced it, that’s why I didn’t want to make it a bad one. And yes, I didn’t hinder Arjun to copy you but I thought that it was what you wanted.
    Aryan: Surita, stop it. You remember the young boy from Delhi I asked you to send to Arjun?
    Surita: Yes, and I did so. He saw Arjun yesterday and later, Arjun phoned me that he would give him a job.
    Aryan: Fine. So I have to tell you that the young man is a relative of Bela’s sister-in-law who is indeed a die hard fan of Arjun. That’s why I sent him. But that again was a test. I wanted to know how Arjun’s stand is towards me. Sunil did a good job to talk bad about me, but Arjun told him that I had nothing to do with his bad work, that it had been his fault to try to copy me and that it had been a good lesson and he would move on and learn the craft….I had instructed Sunil to make Arjun call me if ever he would say something in that vein and so I had a long chat with Arjun. He cried a bit but that is okay. He is still young and we all make mistakes. He told me what Bela and I had suspected and I told him that he had trusted the wrong person. … Honestly, I don’t think that he’ll ever work with you again. And he won’t need your support, for sure. … But let me tell you a last thing, Surita: I won’t talk about all this, neither will Arjun do so, but don’t dare to damage his career with your influence or I’ll destroy you. And start to be happy for what you have and don’t waste your energy to be concerned with things you can’t get.
    Aryan turns and leaves the office.

    End Credits where one can read titles of articles like “Arjun Kapur takes a break” – “Kapur leaves for New York” – “New chance for Arjun Kapur! Signed for a BAP film” [BAP = BelaAryanPictures] – “Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor: Arjun Kapur” … a.s.o.

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    • Ooo, interesting!!!!! Kind of a flip on the original where Eve discovers there is someone much more powerful controlling her career, but only at the halfway point of her plan. In this one it is straight through. And there is a personal motivation besides just ambition.

      On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 10:38 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yep…Aryan went till the end in FAN, too, so he does here, too, only gentler (he, too, had learned a lesson).
        And first, one thinks that Arjun is the fan turned hostile but
        actually it’s Sarita who initially also thought she somehow can force her fan-crush on Aryan and he rejects her (not as harsh as he did with Gaurav…another lesson learned).


        • So many things I like about your version, Claudia. I like that Aryan with Bela’s help teaches Arjun a lesson but with a possibility of forgiveness and professional redemption. And the twist with Sarita is fun. Great job tying a FAN sequel together with All About Arjun. 🙂

          My one quibble is Vidya playing a twice-scorned woman and unsuccessful schemer. At first I really liked the idea of her playing the director, but not after the twist was revealed. I’m too much of a fan and she is so proud about her independence from the Khans that I hate to see her thwarted by one on screen, even Shah Rukh. 🙂

          Hmm, what about Rani as the director? Kareena? Sonakshi? (she’s on the young end for the role but I liked her in Ittefaq.)


          • What about Swara? Or Kalki? Or even Anushka. I’d be interested in the dynamic of a young hip cool woman suggesting a young hip cool casual romance to Shahrukh/Aryan and being surprised by his bedrock old-fashioned attitudes. And kind of more embarrassed because of the disconnect, having always thought of love and relationships as something that just kind of happened for fun and no harm done, and suddenly having her world view turned upside down and not being comfortable with it. So it’s not just woman scorned, but a vendetta against the whole old ideas and old values and old way of doing things. Shahrukh sees her as a young peppy person who he will forgive and move past, but Bela is wise enough to see that the whole forgiveness and not taking her seriously is what makes it more painful for her, is the real insult. She wanted Arjun to be a star to prove that Shahrukh’s time was past, the younger way of doing things was the better way. Not understanding that he truly didn’t want to hold on, that he knew his way was old fashioned and didn’t judge other was.

            Not sure if I am explaining it right, but do you kind of get what I mean?

            On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 3:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I think I get what you are going for, but if we have a young peppy person, we miss the link of Sarita with the George Sanders character. I like older, established, and vengeful better than young and peppy (which is why Sonakshi is on the young side, but she can do revenge). Vidya would be ideal I just hate to see her lose. 🙂 And, I’m kind of Anushka’d out, at least paired with Shah Rukh. Looking forward to seeing her with Varun though.


          • Yeah, I understand what you mean, but if I’ll keep the fan-angle the youthfullness isn’t the subject. In the first two movies (with Sarita), Aryan’s roles are dynamic and full of life.It’s then that Aryan has two roles were he gets older/weaker. And for the third one with Sarita, he isn’t even the lead, only guest appearance.
            Sarita’s fault isn’t her youth (she has to be older than Arjun/Varun) but her lack of loyalty to both and wanting to harm both.
            I do understand you, Procrastinatrix, Vidya is such a nice person and really would like to do a movie with ShahRukh…well, she would know the script beforehand and can decide. Do you know another actress much older than Varun but dynamic enough?


          • I think Rani would be my choice if Vidya says no. As you say–she can read the script and choose for herself! 🙂 I really like Rani’s harder edged characters like in Who Killed Jessica and Bollywood Talkies, so I think she could do that well.

            But really, it is my hangup with Vidya. You have casted this version perfectly!


          • What about Tabu? She is so dignified and classy and calm, I could see her pulling off the initial slight hint of an invitation in a very subtle way, just sort of brushing her hand on his leg, and then have him very calmly move her hand and flash his wedding ring. And then for the rest of the film she would appear to be mature and diginified and artistic and beyond any kind of passion, only for the deep insult to be revealed at the end.

            On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 4:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yes–just like in All About Eve, where only we the audience and the main characters know everything that has gone on by the time Eve is accepting her award at the end. So good!


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