Saturday Small Talk: Spend Saturday Talking About Little Things

Happy Saturday!  I am off taking a pier out of a lake in 50 degree weather after only a few hours of sleep because I had to stay up late and write my Sui Dhaaga reviews.  Good times!

Here’s a fun question for you all to talk about!  What should Dog Hazel be for Halloween?  Current votes are mostly for “ghost” because she looks so cute walking around under a blanket.



Now that Sui Dhaaga has come out, what other industry should get a deep personal story told about it?  I vote for fast packaged food, I want to see the birth of the first boil-in-bag company in India, the man whose daughter invents this new way to pack homemade food for him while he is traveling.  And then she falls in love with the ambitious young businessman who wants to take her idea and build a factory.

Image result for swad foods

(Swad Foods!  Located in Chicago just a few miles from my apartment.  I picture a massive factory floor filled with little old desi ladies stirring individual tiny pots and then carefully pouring single servings into bags.  Or else some massive computerized system of vats and boilers and automated envelope stuffing machines.  Probably something in between.  I wonder if they have factory tours?)


Oh, and here’s something that will Change My Life: Hotstar now allows you to search by actor.  So, who should I search for?  Obviously Mohanlal and Nivin Pauly and Prithviraj, who are other hidden talents that tend to be attached to high quality movies?  Vijay?  Ajith?  Tabu?

Image result for us,hotstar


10 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Spend Saturday Talking About Little Things

  1. I am spending my Sunday cowering inside while we have a typhoon. I’m trying to find a nice old movie to be trapped indoors with and first deciding if I should go Hindi or Bengali. If Dog Hazel is a ghost, does she need to wear something over her head? Because that might be scary. (For her, I mean).


    • Dog Hazel likes having things over her head. The world is a big scary, it’s nice to hide inside your little cave. I also recommend this for your typhoon! Be like Dog Hazel, curl up in your little bed and burrow your nose under a blanket.

      On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 11:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Following the Tanushree Dutta story, there was a thread on Ajay Devgan’s ‘pranks’ which are stories of distasteful & often distressing acts on unsuspecting folks. There’s also a video of him lighting a fire cracker on a sleeping man’s bum. I’m shocked-Ajay always came off as a sensible, matured person. But now he joins the list of bullies like Salman. On the other hand Atul Kulkarni has made a wonderful supportive statement on Twitter. He is one person who I wdnt have counted as a feminist.The incident does bring out the inner workings of the so-called stars one way or other. We can now see them for the true humans that they are.


    • Oh, I knew that. It’s been a long time story, Ajay and his practical jokes. That’s why Juhi stopped working with Aamir, Aamir always had jokes too and he and Ajay got together on the set of Ishq and pushed each other further, and Juhi got sick of it.

      I always liked Atul Kulkarni.

      On Sun, Sep 30, 2018 at 1:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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