TGIW: A Nice Classy Post to Bring You Into the Holiday….Men Laying Down!!!!

Okay, how can I say this classily?  There is a certain kind of pose which seems to say “yes, climb on top of me and enjoy yourself”.  That is the kind of pose that I am looking for this week. You know, so you can pretend you are kneeling on top of them throwing rose petals or something in a chaste and romantic manner.

Now, for the male options, why make you wait?  Life is too short.  I give you Shahrukh on Red Silk Sheets:

Related image

John Abraham, I knew you would be here for us.

Related image

And in artsy black and white (Dabboo Ratnani, WHY ISN’T YOUR CALENDAR FOR SALE????)

Image result for john abraham dabboo ratnani

Sushant Singh Rajput isn’t technically lying down in this photo, but I feel like it still fits the overall ethos, right?

Related image

Arjun Kapoor, same pose.

Image result for arjun kapoor2 states

Here, have one more Arjun, so you have an idea of the kind of situation I am picturing.

Related image

While we are talking Arjuns, shall we check out the mature version of Arjun, Arjun Rampal?  None of these photos are quite right, but then on the other hand they aren’t quite wrong either.

Related image

(The “Hi!” watermark just brings it to another level)

I like how he is shyly looking down here, while still slightly posed in an open manner.

Related image

And here he is with coffee for us.

Image result for arjun rampal photoshoot

Hrithik, I just feel like he is resisting here, he doesn’t really want to lie down for us.

Image result for hrithik roshan body

This one, he’s not technically laying down, but I feel like he is giving more of a sincere “do what you will with me” vibe.  Also, ignore the floating Salman head.

Image result for hrithik roshan

I have no idea what’s happening in this picture.  But hey!  Young Salman!

Image result for salman khan young

Now, pretty sure that what is supposed to be happening here is exactly the kind of thing I am going for.  Thank you Shahid Kapoor!

Image result for shahid kapoor filmfare

Is it better in black and white and arty?

Image result for aditya roy kapoor shirtless

I think Ranbir might have gone a bit too far for me.

Related image

He’s very bundled in this one, but I think I might like it better.

Image result for ranbir kapoor photoshoot

I’m not sure I like this one of Ranveer.  He is looking less trusting and open and more doubtful.

Image result for ranveer singh photoshoot

I don’t understand this pose at all.  Suniel‘s part of it makes sense, but why is that poor woman suffocating herself against a pillow?

Image result for sunil shetty shirtless

Speaking of the 80s-90s, here’s Jackie, young and dashing.

Image result for jackie shroff young

And with a lady as an accessory.

Image result for jackie shroff young

Akshay, even when lying down is maybe slightly too dominating for what we are looking Related imagefor, you know?

Vidyat Jamwal, I don’t think I’ve seen any of his films (although I saw the Commando 2 trailer over and over again for some reason), but this photo is so perfect, it’s like he is begging me to use it.

Related image

Now, does the cigar add or remove from the effect I want with Siddharth Malhotra?

Image result for dabboo ratnani photography


Once again, Shahrukh has to be out of the running because he is the clear winner, leagues ahead of the others.  But, removing him, who would be your top 3?  Or 4 or 5 or all of them, depending on how much time you have on a Friday afternoon!  Oh, and of course, if I missed a classic image, feel free to add it in the comments.

For me, I think I have to give the top slot to Shahid:

Image result for aditya roy kapoor shirtless

And then Vidyut

Related image


UPDATE FROM THE SOUTH:  There has been a complaint about the lack of southern flavoring.  I tried!  Really!  This is the best I could come up with for Nivin, which frankly isn’t great:

Pretty good I guess, but still doesn’t change my top 3.

4 thoughts on “TGIW: A Nice Classy Post to Bring You Into the Holiday….Men Laying Down!!!!

  1. Ha! I knew that I would meet ShahRukh on the red silk 😀 As he was the first, the next ones weren’t important anymore (for me!!!) although I took a look 😀 It seems that I’m rather single-minded…
    Well, the first thing I would do: take his cigarette and take a pull…


    • I would take his cigarette and throw it away, because YUCKY. And then probably throw away the shoes too, because UGLY. The rest is perfect though.

      On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 12:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


      Liked by 1 person

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