New Trailers! Simmba and Zero! Ranveer Plays Something Ajay Could Do, Kat Plays Something Only She Could Do

I woke up soooooo early today. Which is good practice, because I have to wake up even earlier for my flight tomorrow. And it meant I got to watch the new songs just hours after they came out!

Simmba first! Because this is the one that I was waiting for, the big title/hero song that is going to make us excited about Ranveer in the role. And I watched it and checked my emotions carefully, and yet, still nothing!

Even with this song, Ranveer’s big entrance, I had this vague feeling of “I think Ajay would do this better”. Maybe I wouldn’t think that if I hadn’t seen Ajay work with Rohit Shetty so much, but I have seen it. And so I can see how every little look to the camera and dance move and entrance would have fit just so on Ajay’s acting style. And it’s okay with Ranveer, but it’s not made for-Ranveer. At least, that’s how it feels to me. Like Shetty took his standard hero shots and just slapped Ranveer in and tried to make them fit.

I just watched Chennai Express and one of the best things about that film is how much the hero and heroine parts are tailored for Shahrukh and Deepika. Maybe Shetty was originally picturing Ajay in the role, maybe he always starts by picturing Ajay, but he was able to adjust and turn it into something that really only Shahrukh could do. And I am not getting that feeling so far with this movie, that it was turned into something only Ranveer could do.

And then the new Zero song! Which, surprisingly, felt like something really only Katrina could do! As of this moment, it still doesn’t have subtitles, but I am sure it will within a few hours. Even without subtitles though, I am able to tell that Kat is saying shocking things in a sweet baby type voice, with a soft but wild expression. It’s great, it’s unique, it’s very very Kat.

I kind of like the statement the song is making. Or, that I think it is making, without subtitles. Usually “Heer” is the sad sick weak woman (that’s what we see at the beginning, when she is playing the role of the dying bride) . In this case, Katrina is sad and sick and heartbroken. But she isn’t being easy, she isn’t being weak, she isn’t being quiet. She is putting her sadness and her sickness in our faces. I like that she is allowed to be wild and miserable in her heartbreak, just like all the male characters would be.

For the plot, looks like what we have been guessing, Kat picks up Shahrukh somewhere and he ends up being her caretaker for a while until she throws him out and breaks his heart. The one thing I am wondering about, is that moment when he blocks the doorway and kind of smiles and makes eyes at her, and then she throws him out. It could be that Shahrukh is trying to take advantage of her, to flirt and be romantic and she isn’t interested. But after seeing him take care of her in the rest of the song, I wonder if it might have been a moment of him trying to block her and charm her so she doesn’t drink any more or do something else destructive, and that is why she throws him out.

What do you think? About either song, or both?

20 thoughts on “New Trailers! Simmba and Zero! Ranveer Plays Something Ajay Could Do, Kat Plays Something Only She Could Do

  1. I fear that because you ( and I) and our ilk do not like the Simmba stuff, the masses will and it will kick Zero out of the theatres. I’m so nervous for Zero. I ,as many of us did loved JHMS and that didn’t translate…..


    • I could always be wrong, but I really don’t think Simmba will be a threat to Zero. It’s going to be about opening weekend and opening weekend buzz for Zero, and Simmba the next week won’t change that. Plus, besides both being aimed at “families”, I really don’t see a similarity between them. It feels more like Son of Sardaar versus Jab Tak Hain Jaan, two completely different films for two completely different audiences.


      • It appears, and I do hope so, that Zero will turn out to be more layered and complex that it seemed initially.
        Zero, embittered by what he feels as the “injustice” of his condition finds in Anushka a perfect mind in an imperfect body and in Kat the perfect body with a disturbed mind.
        Between both he will hopefully find his path to the acceptance of himself and hence gain the ability to care for others as well as he had to be cared for.
        Maybe Zero is all about generous love, with all the songs and dances we deserve, plus a hard grip on real rough life. It may become a reference not only in SRK career along with Katrina and Anushka, but for Hindi films altogether.


        • That is such a beautiful theme, the perfect mind and imperfect body versus the perfect body and imperfect mind. I hope the filmmakers were thinking the same as you, because it would make sense of everything we know about the two women. And then Shahrukh’s character would represent the soul, or the heart, which tries to fix them both.

          On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Based on the interviews I’ve been watching and the songs so far, I think I’m really going to like this movie! I love Kat playing a messy, drunk, cynical actor. She’s making me think of Peter O’Toole in My Favorite Year. Not many roles like that for actresses. I hope that the (in contrast with JTHJ interviews) natural chemistry among them in the promotional interviews comes across on screen.

    The problem is, I have no idea when I’m going to get to see it! I hope it stays in theaters long enough for me to catch it a couple of times on the big screen.

    My fave thing in the interviews so far has been Kat suggesting that Red Chillies should do a version of Thelma and Louise with her and Anushka, and Shah Rukh could play the Brad Pitt role. I think that’s a great idea! Shah Rukh could also play Susan Sarandon’s boyfriend–such a nice character. But not Geena’s horrible husband or the cop chasing them.

    Simmba–no opinion. Hope it does well, Ajay’s getting a bit long in the tooth for macho yet self-aware cop, so why not Ranveer?

    I saw this this morning and was happy that Anupama let her fan flag fly just a little in this video. Maybe trying to make up for totally not getting JHMS?

    Looking forward to Chennai Express discussion later today!


    • I would love to see Shahrukh playing the supporting role to two women in any film! He has come close but never quite made it, in Dear Zindagi Alia was the star but she didn’t have a strong female co-lead, and Devdas and DTPH had far too little interaction between the two female parts of the love triangle. I guess he did it in Dulhan Mil Gaya, but that was a terrible movie. I want that movie, but good.

      I’m looking forward to Chennai Express too! I was going to post the review in the morning like the usual Friday Classic, but tomorrow will really be Zero Day, so maybe I will post it earlier.

      On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 9:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I hope so! And I hope it also retroactively makes people go back and question all the other simple heroine roles she and other actresses have played.

      On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 9:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:




    “Madhavan too will reportedly be seen in a cameo in Zero as a character central to Anushka’s Aafia” . Now I’m even angier with those guys who choose 25th December to screen Zero. I want Maddy on the big screen! I thought he will have some blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in a song, and I was saying: “hey it’s not a big deal if you can watch it”, but now I’m so upset.


    • You don’t know, could still be a cameo. Like Shahrukh in ADHM, a very important role but just a small moment.

      On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 10:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Simmba – Rohit Shetty isn’t solely massy anymore, and ranveer has never been. Thanks to two outings with SRK, non massy types have been fully introduced to the shettyverse. Unless it’s an awful film, this is guaranteed to be a cross sectional hit. Plus I think people are looking for the next Dabanng, Masala popcorn entertainer throwback, and Sara Ali Khan feels very capable of a sonakshi style throwback performance. Ranveer feels like he’s trying to be a millennial take on Ajay, but he’s too old to be a millennial, Varun might have been a better pick. I like Ranveer best in his light rom com roles – Befikre, BBB, DDD – he’s such a natural at these and currently has zero competition among his peers.

    Zero – this music video holds the promise of this possibly being Katrina’s best work from an actor and characterization standpoint. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this turned out to be her Cocktail?


    • Yaaaay! Have a wonderful time, I am shooting for the 11:15 EST showing, which means I should be done around 2 EST, and have the review up for us to discuss by 4pm or so.

      And I think I will do the same thing I did for Thugs, a really quick short SPOILER review just so we have somewhere to talk ASAP, because I don’t want you all to be bursting with comments and having no place to put them.

      On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 11:33 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I really am disappointed by the Simmba song. It sounds and looks soo similar to Tattad from Ram-Leela.
    So far none of the songs or the trailer has made much any impression on me. It may just end up doing low to average box office.

    Just read some Zero reviews and alot of them are quite negative 😦 and harsh.
    I’m soo disappointed for Shahrukh. I really hoped that this was his Dangal / Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Hope it manges to be a blockbuster regardless. Sigh
    Eagerly awaiting your review!


    • I’m looking forward to Simmba more now after seeing the trailer on the big screen, it came off much better that way than on youtube. Which makes me excited for the film! I love the movies that work better on big screen than small.


  6. I’ve seen it! Won’t comment until others have watched but keen to hear reactions.
    I don’t think reviews matter. It’s Indian audience reaction that does.


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