Twitter Tidbits: SOTY2, Bharat, and a Jewish Horror Movie! For Passover!

Oh, I am TOTALLY reposting my Ezra review for Passover!!!!!!! I just decided, it is the perfect way to celebrate. Plus, now there is going to be a remake? So I guess it makes sense.

Tiger and His Harem

Karan posted a little “cute” chemistry video of the three stars. And instead it came off to me as an anti-chemistry. The girls act like, well, “girls”. Not women. They are overly enthusiastic and bouncy and innocent, and at one point the one on the right (I truly cannot tell them apart) makes a weird face while the others are talking because she isn’t camera aware.

Meanwhile, Tiger gives appropriate calm kind of comments, as I would expect since he is the one with a lot more experience doing these kinds of promotions, and also just in life. But what is not appropriate is his posture!!!! Very “me and my harem” looking. With these two super young girls. It’s just BLECH. At least, for me. Maybe you all will find it charming.

Bharat New Poster-Kat’s an Engineer!

I’m kind of excited about this!!!! First, Salman looks good again. The old-fashioned hair and mustache are a nice look on his face. Second, Kat is kind of wearing jodhpurs or something? There’s oil rigs in the background, and a map that has “Kuwait” on it. Maybe Salman will end up going as a guest worker to the middle east and falling in love with Kat, his supervisor? I love her look, this is how I think she looks best, simple and natural. And I hope that is her character as well, simple and straightforward and working next to Salman.

Jewish Horror Movie With Emraan!

First, I am just interested in genre differences between languages. In Malayalam, this was a major respectable film with a major star. In Hindi, it’s a T-Series and Emraan Hashmi movie. Horror in Hindi is the thing you make for the teen audiences on a low budget, but in Malayalam it has a long respected tradition. Fascinating!

Anyway, I am pumped about this movie because how often do you get Jewish folklore based horror movies in India? Twice, apparently!

I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but it’s Golem based (obviously) and the origin story for the horror revolved around the long heritage of a Jewish community in India. Assuming they don’t change it completely, I am just excited to have a Hindi film that talks about the long history of Judaism in India.


12 thoughts on “Twitter Tidbits: SOTY2, Bharat, and a Jewish Horror Movie! For Passover!

  1. Oh my god! You mean harem and not haram! Which as you must be knowing through films means illegitimate or bastard in Hindi. And is used in a most offensive way most often. Do you not reread your posts even once before publishing?


    • Doesn’t it mean “unclean”?

      This is simply a typo, no deeper meaning. There are many typos in my writing, I am a bad speller and spellcheck does not recognize many words from Indian culture, or names. Thank you, I always appreciate it when people find and point out my errors.


      • Very honestly speaking for myself it’s the no. 1 reason I cannot recommend your blog to anyone IRL. I’m a grammar Nazi and there are too many errors (some factual ones too) to ignore on a regular basis. Since you brought up Baradwaj Rangan in another post- his writing is so brilliant that I religiously read all his Tamil movie reviews (that I will never watch) just for the quality of the piece. I even present some of these in the classes I teach, even though my students aren’t studying film. I appreciate you’re writing 4000 words/ day but the quality should not take such a hit in the bargain.


        • I appreciate you pointing out my errors when they occur so I can correct them. I am slightly dyslexic, and as I said spellcheck does not catch many of these words, so spelling issues are very common for me.

          If you have any grammar or factual issues, I would very much appreciate it if you could bring them to my attention. I am fairly confident in my grammar (again, excluding typos), and I am always eager to learn new facts.


    • I always appreciate reading a candid comment by a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi! Therefore, I thought the commenter would appreciate knowing that the phrase “Which as you must be knowing through films means illegitimate or bastard in Hindi” has several grammatical errors. First, the phrase is a sentence fragment and not a complete sentence. Second, even if the phrase was meant to be structured as a fragment to make a point, “be knowing” is the incorrect form of the verb. I assume the commenter meant to use the present tense (i.e., “[w]hich as you must know. . . .”) but used a present participle instead. Finally, given that the first part of the phrase is a dependent clause, I assume the commenter meant to add a comma before the word “means.” While I just pointed out the errors in one phrase, there are several other errors throughout both comments that I didn’t point out. I wouldn’t want to be needlessly insulting or aggressive.


      • Thanks for pointing my errors out. I really did type both the comments in a hurry which I should not have done, given the comment’s peeve.


  2. After a long time, I’m interested in a new Salman movie…thanks to the posters.

    Ananya Panday – the one on the right (at Tiger’s left side) – seems to be the more mature and impressive one of both the girls. Although I’m not convinced at all about SOTY 2 (seems to be one ‘stud’ and 2 girls instead of one girl and two students…and a lot of Tiger showing his body and acrobatics), she could be a newcomer with potential.


    • It’s a bit of a world turned upside down, the promotions are making me excited about a Salman film and less interested in a Karan film. No matter how their films ultimately turn out, usually the promotions go the other way for me.


  3. I’m curious what will be changed in hindi version of Ezra. Will it still be abut Judaism? And can Tovino play the policeman again?


    • I can’t imagine what it would be about if not Judaism. That is, if they remove that part, why even bother buying the script for the remake? It’s the only really unique part of it.

      But I’m super excited because the last one was about Malayalam Judaism and there are other kinds in India, I’m hoping they pick a different Jewish traditional community for the remake and then I can learn more about it!

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 4:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I like Katrina’s look on the poster too. I think playing an engineer (yes, I know it will be Salman’s movie fantasy version of an engineer, but still) is a good step after her role in Zero. Now let’s hope the movie won’t suck.


        • Yes! I was worried about Kat, if they would try to make her a young village belle or something, but making her a more mature international woman who falls for the more mature international version of Salman is far better.

          On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 4:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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