Ezra Review ReRun! A Jewish Horror Movie For Passover!

If this is the only Jewish-Indian movie I have seen (not counting Nadira and Aditya Roy Kapoor movies), I think it is a pretty good one! The Jewish community is treated as a vital part of Indian history, and it ends with a bunch of Jewish tourists saving the world (I have no doubt the extras actually were Jewish tourists hired for the day). I asked my Jewish friend if she knew how to save the world, she didn’t, but then she never had a bat mitzvah, we figured that is when you probably learn it.

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Twitter Tidbits: SOTY2, Bharat, and a Jewish Horror Movie! For Passover!

Oh, I am TOTALLY reposting my Ezra review for Passover!!!!!!! I just decided, it is the perfect way to celebrate. Plus, now there is going to be a remake? So I guess it makes sense.

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Monday Malayalam: Ezra Puts a Twist on Manichitrathazhu

I went to see a Malayalam movie in the theaters again!  Actually, I saw two, and was completely unproductive otherwise all Saturday.  It was a great weekend.  And next Monday, you get to see a review of the other movie!

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