SOTY2 First Song! Tiger Can Jump Quite High

Karan loves his remixes, doesn’t he? Well, he is a smart cookie, he pays attention to what works and what doesn’t, and the remixes seem to work.

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Twitter Tidbits: SOTY2, Bharat, and a Jewish Horror Movie! For Passover!

Oh, I am TOTALLY reposting my Ezra review for Passover!!!!!!! I just decided, it is the perfect way to celebrate. Plus, now there is going to be a remake? So I guess it makes sense.

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Trailers! Tiger and Nani, Both Playing Sports Heroes in VERY DIFFERENT Movies

Thank you anonymous commentator for alerting me to the new Nani trailer! And thank you Karan Johar to alerting me to the new SOTY2 trailer. Although, that’s kind of his job, so I don’t know if I have to thank him for that.

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