Bharat Trailer and the Three Khans Playdates

Another Bharat song! Is this the last one? I think it’s the last one. Or maybe not? We’ve still got 3 weeks left, what else are they going to do if there are no more songs? Oh, and there is a super super cute news story going around about the Khans that just makes me happy and I want it to be true.

Bharat song! Weirdly, I think I found it more powerful in the little bit we got in the full trailer. The song is still excellent, but there are just a few too many edits and cuts. It feels more about telling us what is going to happen in the movie, then creating a powerful song video all on its own. Which is the point of a trailer, but I look forward to see what they do with it in the actual movie.

I still love what it says about the movie, love Salman as the little boy who becomes circus stuntman and then an oil worker who escapes a cave in and finds love with his supervisor, love the happy wedding and marriage scene, and of course the sequences we just get flashes of at the border are the best.

The only thing that makes me a little “hmm” is that there are big fight scenes for grey old Salman. I don’t necessarily need that, and I don’t want his character to be defined by “he’s old, but can still punch!” instead of “he’s old, but still a sad little boy missing his father and sister”. Oh well, it’s probably just a trailer edit, highlighting the fight scenes to reassure his fans before they see the movie.

Now, super cute story!!!!!! According to Bollywoodhungama, once a week or so Aamir and Salman go over to Shahrukh’s house and have a little playdate. Eat snacks, play games, talk about the future of Indian cinema, just generally relax and have fun. And to keep it private and relaxed, they come completely alone (Salman just brings a driver, no entourage) and meet at Mannat which is right near Aamir and Salman’s apartments and has loads of privacy.

Essentially I am picturing this exactly like when I was 7 and my friends from the neighborhood would come over and hang out in my bedroom. Playing with Barbies, Pretty Pretty Princess, dress up, maybe some Uno. That seems like something Salman, Aamir, and Shahrukh would have fun doing, right? With Gauri popping in to make sure they were okay and didn’t want snacks or anything every once in a while. (story here)

8 thoughts on “Bharat Trailer and the Three Khans Playdates

  1. I feel like Amir would get too stressed about winning Pretty Pretty Princess to have it be fun any more. SRK would make a few jokes to try to lighten the mood and Salman would wander off to play with AbRam until the tension is defused by Gauri bringing in snacks. And then they switch to Barbies.


    • Barbies is a lot less stressful than Pretty Pretty Princess

      On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 8:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I can’t with the Indian media… lmao. If it’s a secret, how do they know about it? They even know exactly what these guys are talking about inside SRK’s house! Must have been a slow news day that they had to make this up.


    • I absolutely believe they have meetings. But the rest of it is probably a bit made up. They’ve all said things that made me think they get together and talk, outside of public events. And I can believe that someone in Salman or Aamir’s household is aware that they are going off to Mannat on a regular basis.

      But as to what they talk about? How would anyone know!


  3. I’m back! Did you miss me? No reason for my absence, just really busy at work, vacations and just trying to limit my social media/web surfing in general!

    I love this Khan story even if it’s blown out of proportion. I actually do think the topic of doing a film together has come up more than once and they are toying with the idea…they’d be stupid if they weren’t because they are still on top (nominally) and they need to do something to inject all of their careers with a bit more excitement and anticipation. But what a great premise for a reality show this would be…these three stars getting together and just gabbing and gossiping like three old ladies.

    Not much else to report on the movie watching side…went through a Marvel craze and now in a GoT craze and haven’t seen an Indian film in ages.


    • De De Pyaar De this weekend! And it’s actually looking like it might be good.

      Plus SOTY2 is actually a pretty decent romance, worth checking out. And cuddly Arjun in his movie next week.

      On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 12:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m going to see something with my Indian movie watching friend next weekend. And we’re leaning toward SOTY2 because her 12 year old daughter might come with us.

        Also, I’m predicting that Deepika is about 3 months pregnant. And her Cannes looks, especially today, were bonkers.


        • Deepika slowing down her films fits with her being pregnant. And also, yaay! That makes me happy!

          On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 12:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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