Silly Sunday: The Gay Love Scenes Missing from War, and bonus Hugh Jackman-Shahrukh Musical Romance

Filmikudhi and I wrote an amazing Hugh Jackman-Shahrukh romance with lots of songs, and on the other hand there are also the gay love scenes that it feels like must have been in War at one point and then some no-fun common sense person said that you can’t have an explicit love scene between Hrithik and Tiger.

Hugh Jackman-Shahrukh Khan Crossover Musical Romance

We start with Hugh Jackman on set in Australia sitting around watching the younger actor do all the fight scenes and exciting stuff, and then the director calls him on to sit at a desk and tell the younger actor “good job”. Hugh pulls the director aside and asks casually if maybe he could be part of the fight scene? After all, his character is supposed to be a former agent, and he is just sitting at the desk the whole time. The director brushes him off, Hugh accepts his decision but walks away looking sad, Which turns into Hugh singing a sad song of loneliness and feeling out of place as he wanders through Sydney with dancers dancing around him. 

Cut to Bombay! Shahrukh is an aging director/producer whose latest movie just flopped, as we see in a quick montage of bad public reviews and comments from critics on how he is over the hill and out of touch and has nothing new to say (maybe Anupama and Rajeev playing themselves?). And then we see Shahrukh, getting drunk in a bar with Anupam Kher, his old friend and common character actor in his film. Shahrukh is talking about how he needs something big and new and different for his next film, he is bankrupt and desperate.  Anupam is sympathetic, promises something will come up. Just then Anupam gets a call from Hugh Jackman, his friend from an international film they did together. Hugh is asking him to come do a commercial with him, the money is good and the shoot should be easy, and it would be nice to see him. Anupam starts to say “no”, but then looks back at Shahrukh and has an idea and says “yes” instead. Cut between Anupam convincing Shahrukh to offer a contract to Hugh for his next film, and Anupam in Australia trying to convince Hugh to take it. He convinces both of them that they are doing the other one a favor. And it is with that attitude in mind that Hugh arrives in India and Shahrukh meets him. There is a spark when they first meet, but then the first words out of Hugh’s mouth sound like an insult (“is the hotel air conditioned?”) and Shahrukh gets his back up, and they both complain to Anupam, Shahrukh about this drawling superior white man who thinks he is everything just because he is so handsome, and Hugh about this little Indian man who thinks irresistible dimples and charm will get around no planning.

Lots of fights as they first start trying to work together, lots of humor with Hugh arriving on set on time to find one guy sipping tea because even the crew doesn’t start a shoot at the call time in India, and Shahrukh getting frustrated because Hugh can’t dance.  And then Anupam enters again, suggests that the problem is Shahrukh can only work with someone he really knows and trusts, he and Hugh have to become friends first.  2 week shooting break, Anupam forces them to go out drinking, Shahrukh gets Hugh drunk and he breaks loose in a big item dance in a club (breaking through his mental block about dancing, I love the idea of Hugh playing a guy who can’t dance unless he is drunk).  They go back to Shahrukh’s apartment afterwards and have a long honest drunken conversation, Hugh admits that he feels like he still has so much to offer but no one will hire him, Shahrukh admits that he feels he has nothing to offer, is scared and over the hill.  Enter a fun song sequence that shows Hugh taking SRK white water rafting, bungee jumping, deep see diving, and sky diving, and SRK introducing Hugh to Indian music and dancing (which would great way to incorporate a club scene) and cinema in an Indian theater. The song can be super cute with both people being a little apprehensive about the activity the other wants to do but then having fun (e.g., SRK is terrified at the last minute to bungee jump and Hugh has to push him but then SRK is exhilarated; Hugh really doesn’t want to go to a club and SRK has to pull his hand into the club but then they start drinking and dancing and Hugh finally lets loose and had the best time).

They are now completely committed to making the film together, despite having a hard time getting funding and distribution. They go together to a meeting with a distributor, who insists on meeting at a dance bar. Item song with Rekha as the headliner for the dance bar, and at the very end of her number Hugh and Shahrukh leap on stage to join her. The distributor is convinced and gives them funding to finish the film and we go straight into a big movie-in-a-movie song with Shahrukh showing Hugh the steps, Hugh dancing the lead part, and then pulling Shahrukh in to dance with him in a director’s cameo.  More plot as they struggle to get the film a decent release and deal with pushy reporters who have sniffed out their love story. The censor board gives them a hard time, they try the same thing, inviting the board member to a dance bar again, only this time his favorite dance bar has Ranveer as the headliner. Hugh and Shahrukh jump up again to join him at the end. The film comes out and is a hit, big dance number at the success party.  Then there is a misunderstanding, it seems like Hugh will be leaving India (and Shahrukh) after all.  Sad song, maybe a reprise of the first song but this time with Shahrukh singing it as he walks through Bombay. 

Image result for shahrukh rekha dance
Rekha, Shahrukh, and Hugh dancing together? HEAVEN!

The film is a blockbuster, with Hugh winning the Film Fare award. At the award he gives a big beautiful speech about how falling in love with the Indian film industry gave his life new meaning, joy, and vitality, but really the speech is all about how falling in love with SRK gave them both a new life. He asks SRK to come in stage, both are in tears with giving each other longing loving looks as SRK walks to the state, and then they hug. One of those super tight, romantic, loving hugs, with lots of emotion that brings the Film Fare audiance also to tears. And then he proposes, and Shahrukh says a shy “yes” as the whole FilmFare audience gets on their feet to applaud.

And then over the end credits we can see how the proposal made international news, Hugh is offered those roles he wanted but turns them down to stay with SRK, and SRK puts off starting his next film because he has to plan his wedding.  And WEDDING.

Love Scenes Missing from War

Obviously nothing in the movie contradicts a love story between Hrithik and Tiger. But there are, tragically, love scenes that we did not get which all logic says should be there.

Blah Blah, Tiger is conflicted when he learns Hrithik is on the run, flashback! Magical first meeting, flirt flirt, etc. etc. But I would put in the first change when Hrithik calls Tiger into his office. Same sexy ordering him to sit, leaning back and showing off his unbuttoned shirt, and so on. Only instead of revealing that he noticed Tiger has a flaw in his eyesight, he reveals that he has noticed the way Tiger looks at him, and the way they almost kissed. It’s against the rules to have a gay man on his team (I don’t know if this is actually true, but the movie made up everything else, why not?). Tiger looks fragile and heartbroken. Hrithik gives a big dramatic pause. And then turns and says “but then, when the leader of the team is a gay man, how can he enforce the rules?” Tiger’s eyes widen in sudden joy. Hrithik walks over to him and gently cups his face with his hand and says “Oh Tiger. I swore I would never feel anything again. But then, how could I have seen you coming?” And then they kiss.

Song song song, they get the call about the mission, cut to Hrithik ordering the team to get a good night’s sleep because they are flying out in the morning. They all say good night, Tiger and Hrithik exchange glances, and then once it is dark Tiger uses his ninja skills to climb into Hrithik’s window and they embrace and kiss. Fade out, fade back in to them cuddling together in bed. Hrithik tells Tiger he needs him to be careful tomorrow. And then tells his secret, the last time he was in love it was with his partner. The partner that Tiger’s father killed. He hid his heart away after that, and now Tiger has come to him. Another way Tiger is absolving the crimes of his father, giving Hrithik back a love he thought he would never have again. Tiger swears he will never leave him, even unto death he will find a way to return.

Plot plot plot, Hrithik tries to protect Tiger on the mission, then is convinced he is alive despite the evidence against it. Tiger is found, Hrithik goes off on his mission to Vaani, and winces away when she points out he has no one waiting for him (because he does! He has Tiger, only no one can know it!). And then he goes on the run, but keeps calling Tiger and meeting with him because, as Vaani pointed out, a soldier needs someone to come home to.

Tiger finally tracks down Hrithik. They meet with the little girl there, then finally are alone in Hrithik’s hide out. Hrithik moves to kiss Tiger and Tiger turns away, unaware of what he was doing. Hrithik is immediately suspicious. He plays the rest of the scene with a double layer, trying to figure out who Tiger is and hiding his fear and sorrow as he realizes the Real Tiger might be in trouble. Plot plot, they go to Kerala, Tiger drugs him, and so on. Hrithik shows up for the final confrontation, but during the last fight scene Evil Tiger says “wait! Don’t kill me, I can tell you where Real Tiger is! He’s alive!” Hrithik says “I know,” then kills Evil Tiger and completes the thought, “He promised he would always come back to me.”

At the end, Hrithik is in Australia surfing with the little girl, and we see Real Tiger watching them from the beach!!!!! Flashback that shows Real Tiger’s eyes suddenly popping open in the hospital, ripping out cords and tubes, big fight scene, finally he makes his way to freedom and stands in the sunshine and cries out “HRITHIK!!!!!” Cut to black.

6 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: The Gay Love Scenes Missing from War, and bonus Hugh Jackman-Shahrukh Musical Romance

    • Well, I think we can assume it’s in the movie in spirit. That must be what happens right before the dance and after the talking scene. And In my head canon, Good Tiger is still alive and shows up and surprises Hrithik in Australia and the two of them become a lovely family with Vaani’s little girl. And since Tiger is “dead”, be can retire and be a full time parent while Hrithik keeps going around the world being sexy, give him that family to come back to. And now I am picturing Tiger going around making dinner in an apron when Hrithik sneaks in and surprises him, having just returned from his last mission, nice parental flirting, dinner and board games with their daughter, and then nice married love making once she is asleep. Yes, that is the ending I want to be true.

      On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 8:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. Honestly, an almost kiss between Hrithik and Evil Tiger would have made the transition to the final twist a little…sweeter? in the actual movie the whole thing felt out of the blue, so this transition would put the viewer more on edge and be able to put the pieces together at the end, rather than something so inconsequential and unnoticeable as the eyesight.

    But this is all perfect and my shipper heart is in FULL SWING OH MAN.


    • Plus the almost kiss option would make the ending happy, kind of. Better for there to be a Tiger switch and Good Tiger to remain loving and faithful, than for us to suffer the sadness of Good Tiger having fallen out of love and breaking poor Hrithik’s heart.

      I wrote another version of these scenes later in some other post, expanding on them and making them better (I think). Especially the happy ending.

      On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 10:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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