Month of SRK: Shahrukh’s 26 Romantic Acts, a Descriptive Post

The booty pop pop pop post exhausted my gif/image search talents. So this will instead of descriptive, as I try to evoke through words 26 separate romantic bits of stage business that Shahrukh has in his tool box.

  1. Shahrukh grabs the heroine’s wrist and spins her smoothly into his arms with her back to him, then slowly draws his lips up the side of her neck.
  2. Shahrukh locks eyes with the heroine across the room and gives her a cocky smile that says “I am so cool because you are so cool and you are in love with me”
  3. The heroine suddenly turns away from his gaze and Shahrukh smiles to himself at her sweetness and the goodness of life because he knows he has her.
  4. Shahrukh gives an almost angry intense look to the heroine because he wants her and at the same time he is angry with himself for how much he wants her.
  5. The heroine teases him, and suddenly he gives her a half smile and a raised eyebrow and starts walking towards her, because she was playing with fire and if she wants him to be sexy, he will be sexy.
  6. He tightens his lips and looks straight at her, saying with his eyes “I love you enough that I am not going to smile or flirt, because I know you don’t want it.”
  7. Same as above, only with his chin lifted slightly to say “I am nobly taking responsibility for you and this is too serious a moment for smiles”
  8. Shahrukh’s gently tightens his mouth in a dimple showing upside down smile as his eyes crinkle with tears, because he loves her and can’t have her.
  9. Shahrukh talks very fast with his hands flailing around and his eyes big and focused on her, because he loves her so much and is afraid of boring her.
  10. Shahrukh sweeps her up into his arms in one sudden move and carries her.
  11. Shahrukh grabs a sari/scarf/wrist and doesn’t pull, but merely holds it steady until she turns back and looks at him.
  12. Shahrukh widens his eyes and slowly reaches out to touch her, like he can’t believe such an amazing thing could exist in this world.
  13. Shahrukh stands in a corner and watches her with soft eyes while she does not even notice he is staring
  14. Shahrukh says something romantic while not really looking at her, then sneaks a glance to see her response
  15. Shahrukh looks suddenly intensely at the heroine and lowers his voice to a growl and holds it for just a second until she is near the point of orgasm, then suddenly returns to normal as though it never happened.
  16. The heroine surprises him by being more sexual aggressive than he is and he suddenly gets flustered, stumbles in his speech and narrows his eyes and starts moving clumsily.
  17. She is trying to walk away from her emotions, he grabs her wrist and holds her still so she must look at him and let her face reveal what she is feeling.
  18. He walks toward the heroine with his shoulders swinging side to side in rhythm with his legs, his whole body slowly directed at her.
  19. He smiles with his eyebrows raised, smiling at himself for being so crazy as to love this woman who doesn’t see him.
  20. He pauses before seeing the woman he loves and quickly fixes his hair/shirt/tie then puts on his sexy face.
  21. He lets tears gently form in his eyes and his lips shake and his voice break as he looks at her and tells her a secret he keeps from everyone else.
  22. The heroine dances and he is so overcome with desire that he leaps up to dance with her.
  23. Shahrukh is dancing and facing the camera, reaches to the side and grabs the heroine and spins her in without even looking because he can always sense her there.
  24. Shahrukh lets his gaze drop from her eyes to her lips and his own lips slightly open and soften as he wishes to kiss her.
  25. Shahrukh does something nice for someone, a small child or older woman, and in the middle of the interaction quickly glances to the side to make sure the woman he loves sees, and knows he is doing it to impress her/to be a better man for her.
  26. Shahrukh opens his arms wide and smiles at the woman and waits for her to run to him with a satisfying THUNK.

Okay, what am I missing? And which move is your favorite?

17 thoughts on “Month of SRK: Shahrukh’s 26 Romantic Acts, a Descriptive Post

  1. Wow! Figure that you have found at least 26 different ways he expresses love for a woman 🙂 What a way to counter the stupid allegation that he has only five expressions!


    • Finally, a comment! I tried very hard to think of all of these.

      You know what made it especially hard? Most of his love scenes are about reacting and being in the moment more than any kind of “move”. He has his bag of tricks to pull out as needed, but 90% of the time he is just existing as the character.

      On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 8:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. One of the reasons I love 1 2 ka 4 so much is that so many of these moves are there. The morning scene with her giving him tea is fire, and funny at the same time. In Dil Ki Bazi Laga, I like how “real” Shah Rukh purses his lips prissily when she gets suggestive/aggressive, but then her fantasy Shah Rukh is aggressive right back. He employs his amazing “puts fingers through woman’s fingers and grips tightly, foreshadowing neck kiss/embrace, or both” move. In Sona Nahi Na Sahi are among the purest instances of his “I’m so in love with you it has turned me stupid” look.


    • The cynical side of me says that the One 2 Ka 4 love story was so poorly explained and developed that they HAD to use the full bag of tricks to make us believe in it. But the less cynical side of things says that it’s worth it.

      On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 1:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oooh, I disagree with your cynical side. There are messed up things about that movie but I don’t think the love story is one. She falls in lust immediately, later turning to love (nice to see that from a woman’s side). He goes from annoyance/bewilderment to love as she shows him how to love the kids, then to anger, then to grudging respect and finally a deeper, more equal love. Or that’s how I see it. 🙂


          • But not really. It’s just that people can be more than one thing at a time. The silly, loving, competent housewife is just as much her “real” self as the sexy, competent gangster’s moll/entertainer, and the tough, smart, competent undercover cop/action star. I mean, yes, she shouldn’t have lied to him, but that’s a morality thing, not a personality thing.


        • You would never be dumb! My friends and I call this scene the “crying sex scene”, so that’s how I always think of it, but not everyone may identify it that way.

          On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 5:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • See, I’ve never seen KANK so now I understand why I didn’t know about this lol. But for some reason I had a feeling Rani would be involved. Weird.


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