TGIF: Hot Nerds

I’m not hip to the lingo, so I may accidentally throw in some “hot geeks” and “hot dorks”. But you get the general idea, right?

Everyone’s favorite nerd, obviously. Shahrukh in glasses, with his laptop for a nice bedtime tech session

Image result for shahrukh glasses"

Aamir’s waist line? Nerd Truth

Image result for aamir glasses"

Laptop bag, glasses, sports coat over casual shirt? Prithviraj nails the look

Image result for prithviraj"

Now, for a special theme post like this, where my Bengalis at???? Oh yeah, Priyanshu! He’s Jeff Goldblum’s hotter Indian doppelganger.

Image result for priyanshu chatterjee"

More Priyanshu! Love the later life way his body filled out

Image result for priyanshu chatterjee"

Love how excited this young woman is, especially compared with how blase he is.

Image result for priyanshu chatterjee"

And Parambrata because I am spoiling all my Bengali fans today! Glasses, shy smile, it’s the best.

Image result for parambrata chatterjee pari"

That “squint into distance” look, is that too cool for a nerd?

Image result for parambrata chatterjee"

ARK looks good in glasses, but his hair seems a tad too gelled and modeled for pure nerditude.

Image result for aditya roy kapoor glasses"

Oh Sid. There isn’t even any glass in those frames, is there?

Image result for sidharth malhotra glasses"

Baseball hat, glasses, t-shirt, this is kind of the “Hollywood nerd director” look, isn’t it?

Image result for rajkummar rao glasses"

Ayushmann with the glasses playing? This feels a bit too much like peacocking his nerdiness.

Image result for ayushmann khurrana glasses"

Ranveer, playing “nerd” like it is a fantasy costume

Image result for ranveer singh glasses"

I do love me some shy nerdy John, even if it is in character for a movie

Image result for john abraham jhootha hi sahi"

Did you know that Kunal now spends most of his time running the very successful crowdfunding website he founded? True Nerd! And I love the combination of glasses/beard/button here.

Image result for KUNAL KAPOOR GLASSES"

Kunal, you own a website! You don’t have to go all fake-nerd!

Image result for KUNAL KAPOOR GLASSES"

Oh yeah, that’s much better. Might just be a close up of the other shot, I don’t care.

Image result for KUNAL KAPOOR GLASSES"

Anyway, Hot Nerd Day! Let us all Celebrate!!!!

17 thoughts on “TGIF: Hot Nerds

  1. Just from the looks of the photos here, it would be Parambrata Chatterjee (is it really he??? – because if I look at the Google pics there is nothing nerdy about him).
    So, I go with Rajkumar πŸ™‚


    • It’s really him! But I think at least one of those photos is him in character so he looks different.

      Rajkumar definitely perfected that particular kind of “film nerd” look that you see in film school graduates.

      On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 1:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • They are the hottests nerds I would take home.

        BTW Priyanshu – what happened to him? And OMG he and Jeff Goldblum should buy the rights to Fan and make an american remake.


        • We need Miss Braganza to weight in as the Bengali expert, but I think Priyanshu is just living his life and doing Bengali movies? Or else he has stolen Jeff Goldblum’s life and turned into a Hollywood actor.

          On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 3:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • In truth, I haven’t thought about Priyanshu in a while, but from the Internet he seems to have taken a turn into small roles in Hindi films, and hasn’t done a Bengali movie in a while. (Also, whenever I see him on screen I have to check to make sure he isn’t actually Indraneil Sengupta, see below).


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