Valentine’s Week of Sex Shahrukh Discussion Post: In Which of These Shahrukh Movies Did He and the Heroine Have Sex?

Yes, this is a silly silly shallow fan post. But who cares, it’s fun to be shallow. And if it isn’t fun for you, you can just not read this post.

There are loads of Shahrukh movies where he definitely DID have sex with the heroine. And loads of movies where he definitely DIDN’T have sex. But then there are the in between movies where we can have lots and lots of fruitful productive discussion!

Honestly, this is so theoretical for most of these that the question is less “would they or wouldn’t they?” and more “what possibility about these imaginary people does it make me more happy to imagine?”


Shahrukh is hired to break Twinkle’s heart so she will agree to marry the nice man her father has picked out. He fake romances her, and then she overhears him talking about her and her heart is broken, just as Shahrukh planned. But they are both still super upset about it. So, during that fake romance time, sex or not?

I say, YES SEX!!!!! They are both just so super torn up about it afterwards, plus the “hire someone to get her ready for marriage” feels like it. And I like picturing Shahrukh and Twinkle having sweet sex and then confusion afterwards.


Shahrukh romances two sisters! And they are both super super in love with him. Do we think he had sex with Shilpa?

Or Kajol?

I say, YES Shilpa and NO Kajol! Shilpa he was dating longer, and it was more intense. Plus, he kind of fell in love with Kajol for real and I think he would have been afraid of revealing too much of himself if he got intimate. Also, I like the drama of him sexing and killing one sister, and loving and refusing to sex or kill the other.


Dev and Paro, yes or no?

I hate them both and have no opinion

Dil To Pagal Hai

Shahrukh says “aur paas”, Madhuri comes to him, they are alone in an empty reception tent, they embrace, cut to song.

Filmikudhi convinced me, YES they totally did it! While we were watching the song, they got undressed, pulled a tablecloth off and put it on the ground, did the deed, then got dressed again and went back to hugging just in time for us to come back from the song. Plus it works better dramatically for them to have had sex, failed to talk about it, and then be extra extra agonized and guilty when Madhuri gets engaged to Akshay.


Kajol and Shahrukh are young and in love and cuddling on the grass together. Yes or no?

I say, YES! Why not? And it makes me happy to think they had some time together before the 10 years apart. What I really like is to think they were both sexually active people before meeting each other, but then that spoiled love with anyone else and they remained faithful and pure for 10 long years. Which just added to all the built up passion when they finally united again.


Shahrukh and Priyanka share secrets, run off together, have a magical connection. But do they find time for sex?

I say, YES! Don is Don, right? It’s the kind of thing he would do. And it explains why she is so super angry at him in the sequel. And I really really like imagining Don pretending to be Vijay while sleeping with Priyanka.

Karan Arjun

Shahrukh is a riding instructor, Kajol is the rich client who is running after him, he is “teaching” her how to use a slingshot and all kinds of things.

I say, YES! They are young, they are in love, and it makes me happy to think about Kajol being that sexually aggressive and guiltless. Rich girl seducing riding instructor? AWESOME!!!


Shahrukh is a mute lowly stable boy, Madhuri is the tragic trapped bride who considers herself “married” to him in her mind.

I say, NO! They would have if a helicopter hadn’t interrupted them, and by the time they meet up again Shahrukh is all revenge obsessed and no time for sex. And anyway, who wants to have sex with revenge obsessed Shahrukh? Boring and serious, blech.

Main Hoon Na

Shahrukh and Sushmita are two mature attractive people who go through a traumatic experience and end the evening in Sushmita’s bedroom.

I mean, YES, right? Like, yes so hard that Shahrukh just moved in to her house after that night and they had sex twice a day until he left town. It’s basically canon.

One 2 Ka 4

Juhi is the nanny for Shahrukh’s wards, they are sharing a house, she is chasing after him. But does she catch him?

I say, YES! They get “married” and spend the night together in the house they are buying. Really the only question is if they keep having sex after they move in with the kids and all or if it was a one time thing. I say YES to that too, post this song they were “married” complete with casually sharing a bedroom in my head.

Raju Ban Gaye Gentleman

Shahrukh has his first house, and invites his girlfriend Juhi over to see it, then gives her a sexy dress.

I say, NO! Because I like the rest of the movie better if Shahrukh and Juhi restrained themselves, and then there is this added stress to all their subsequent fights because they are both just exploding with unfulfilled desire.


Shahrukh has a big old RV to himself, and Gayatri Joshi is a mature independent woman, and they have told each other “I love you”.

I say, YES! Because I like picturing how nerdy scientist Shahrukh and practical calm teacher Gayatri would go about sex. I’m picturing a calm discussion in advance, Shahrukh folding out the bed and changing the sheets, Gayatri bringing a change of clothes, and both of them buying condoms just to be sure. And then a very methodical slow and satisfying experience for both, followed by cuddling and conversation about plans for the rest of the day.

Zamaana Deewana

Shahrukh and Raveena are in love, and Shahrukh has the ability to climb up to her window.

Now, how do we define “sex”? Because I feel like the mutual orgasms while separated by a wall but singing to each other might qualify. If we call that “sex”, then I say YES. But if we don’t, then I say NO. Because after that, I kind of feel like they were so satisfied any actual connecting bodies sex would be a disappointment and they wouldn’t bother until after the wedding.

23 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week of Sex Shahrukh Discussion Post: In Which of These Shahrukh Movies Did He and the Heroine Have Sex?

    • Yep! And the whole sex/death thing feels like a match with the whole thriller feel to it.

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 11:04 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I have to argue with your basic premise here. I think an important trope in Hindi cinema which only the most recent set of films is trying to change, is the good girl and the bad girl. Like in the film when his name is Bablo and he looks just like the criminal and there are explicitly two girls. One good one bad. If they end up together, they didn’t have sex; that is the trope. I can’t really speak about Koyla. He was actually ‘raised by wolves’ in that one.
    Raju is a definite NO; the song is Na Na Na…she is explicitly saying no.
    Devdas: No; wouldn’t be as tragic
    Baazigar: might be the only YES I agree with. (oh and MHN) He is a bad guy. He’d do the wrong thing for sure.
    Main Hoon Na: they whole point is that they are adults amongst kids, so yes.
    Swades: BIG NO. She is supposed to be a prim and proper school teacher who always wears a sari and is (oh I forget the Hindi word but it means someone who does all the old fashioned and proper things, mostly applied to women.) EVERYONE in the village would know and that would ruin her when he leaves….which she first fears, then knows.
    One2Ka4: NO. That’s why there is so much imagination in dances. Remember SPOILER she is an undercover cop. No sex on duty.
    Don: of course, he’s criminal. But Kareena has to die before anything happens. Vijay did not sleep with Priyanka…only Don would.
    Dil Toh Pagel Hai. I cannot disagree more strenuously. That girl who is swanning around forests waiting for Prince Charming? In a white chiffon sari? Never. In a tent on the muddy floor? NEVER. Marry Ajay not a virgin..NEVER. That’s why they come out in white at the end…that’s the “wedding’.
    Dilwale: didn’t really think about it, but yes. If Kajol was willing to aim a gun at him, she sure would be willing to have sex with him. (Leaving aside the ‘who wouldn’t?’ note)
    Karan Arjun: I’ll give you the yes…
    Guddu and Deewana I have no opinion.


    • Yaaaay, someone to discuss with! It’s Monday and I miss the weekend, I really need a distraction at work.

      Raju: I’ll go with that, plus I like it better (as I said) for the tension in their relationship moving forward

      Baazigar: Yeah, feels like he would have sex with poor little Shilpa Shetty if he thought it would make her feel more tied to him, no guilt.

      MHN: Yes, and I like that Sush clarifies in the bedroom scene that he was always under cover, and never technically her student. So they are adult equals, no issues.

      Swades: Ah, but to play devil’s advocate, we do see them hanging out together at night alone in his RV. Purely in terms of her social standing and scandal, I feel like that was already out the window. Either no one in the village cared she was hanging out at night alone with a man because they respected her so much, or Shahrukh’s RV was so isolated at that point (remember, he was parked out by the spring) that they could be together and know no one could see. But it is still open that she herself wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it, especially knowing he would be leaving. And Shahrukh in Swades is the type he would wait for a declaration of love before he even holds a girl’s hand, he’s not going to make any moves she doesn’t give him permission for.

      One 2 Ka 4: But they get “married”!!! And spend the night together!!!! In my fictional version, that is why SPOILERS things get so confused when she is revealed as a cop, because Shahrukh knows her feelings were real since they really did have sex, and she knows he knows, there is never a question of her just putting on an act.

      Don: I say YES, and that SPOILERS this is part of the reason Priyanka puts things together so fast. She realizes that “Vijay” wouldn’t have done it, and certainly wouldn’t have seemed to experienced. Like that moment when the mask slips when he is fighting Arjun, when he gets too emotional he lets the Don out.

      DTPH: But they are so confused and silent and conflicted in the aftermath! Although they are also very chaste people who might have felt that way just about a kiss.

      Dilwale: It would also add a neat parallel to the younger love story. If SRKajol had sex and were “bad”, but now they have raised their younger siblings beautifully to be people who aren’t “bad” and therefore have a sweet chaste love story.

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 2:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m sure this conversation has a limited audience..but I’m in! DTPH, she is the epitome of chaste and even when he is horsing around with Karisma, there is NO hint of anything. He may be a dancer but he is a good boy. Don, Priyanka doesnt really put it together until he is being taken away in the ambulance. I think the real Don comes out in fighting more than in loving. He could fake that.
        One2Ka4 I have to insist that it is all fantasy on both their parts. She is SO straightlaced that she will turn in man she loves and testify against him. She is not having full on sex with him.
        Swades: that van is parked in front of the house most of the time…..


        • Don: I can picture Don getting a lot of kinky weird pleasure by pretending to be Vijay while having sex with Priyanka. Seems like he has done everything else in life, this would make sex feel a little bit new again for at least a little while.


    • It’s funny, I hadn’t thought about him and Shilpa until writing this post, but now it feels absolutely definite to me, and makes it a better film and him a better character for including that.

      On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 10:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Baazigar–neither because he didn’t need to with Shilpa to manipulate her into doing what he wants, and because he loved Kajol too much. He’s an honorable person in his own twisted way. If not then he doesn’t deserve to die in his healed, loving mother’s arms.

    Raju ban Gaya Gentleman–yes. She may be singing no but every other signal she’s giving is yes, and they end the song going inside with the wet, wet, rain falling down. Makes their time apart more painful because she never ever would have done that if she wasn’t sure she’d be marrying him.

    One 2 Ka 4–I have to agree that they didn’t. Their “marriage” is about love more than sex at the time it takes place in the plot. I’m sure they have amazing sex soon after the bizarro ending, though, and for the rest of their married life. Now I want a sequel–once they have empty nest syndrome, maybe they start taking on risky undercover ops together to bring the spice back into their lives.

    DTPH–No. Madhuri in that movie is much more about fantasy than real life. I hope one day she learns to like sex despite the whole “real bodies instead of God-ordained perfection” aspect of it.

    MHN–totally. Don–totally. Dilwale–totally. Swades–totally. These are two very smart people, they can figure out how to be discreet, and school teacher knows herself and what she wants–I don’t really see her as being overly concerned about what others in the village think.


    • Oh crap, I can’t believe I forgot Devdas. Devdas had great sex with both Paro and Chandramukhi because I have to believe the ladies got something more out of their relationships with him than just puppy dog eyes and indecision. I mean, I don’t think they would have gone into that whole Dola Re song and dance if they hadn’t gotten some o’s out of the deal.


      • I don’t care about Paro (dreary self-pitying person), but I actually like Chandramukhi and in her case I am going to say “no”. After a lifetime of being a sex worker, what makes Devdas special is that he is the one man who doesn’t have sex with her.


        • No! What makes him special is that she wants to have sex with him. In SLB’s version of Devdas, Chandramukhi’s attraction for D is like Rani’s for Prithvi in Aiyyaa–instant and irresistable. Otherwise you just have to believe that Chandramukhi is a masochist with no self esteem, and I don’t want to believe that about Madhuri in any movie! 🙂

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    • Baazigar: You’re right, very Hindi film reasoning, he can kill all those people but tricking a woman into sex is what would make him forever “bad”.

      RBGG: I still like my “frustrating of coming so close and not completing heightens their later arguments” thinking, but I can see your point as well. It would also add to Shahrukh’s casual assumption that she will go along with anything he says, now that they’ve had sex he thinks everything is settled and Juhi is torn between staying with him because of that and leaving him because she doesn’t respect him any more.

      One 2 Ka 4: No no, the sequel is that Juhi quit her job to take care of the kids, and then once the kids are gone she is recruited for secret undercover work that she keeps from Shahrukh, and the same beats play out again but this time SRK figures it out sooner and starts playing with her a bit. Like, arresting her undercover persona and pretending to be an angry cop, maybe even implying that he is tempted to cheat on his wife because this gangster’s moll is just so sexy. Basically taking it to a sexy role-playing level.

      DTPH: This kind of feels like maybe I should add it to my sexual dysfunction couples post. Madhuri puts sex/love on a pedestal and keeps thinking they are doing it wrong because it isn’t like she imagined it. Until, finally, there is some kind of awakening that makes her see that sex is supposed to be more physical than spiritual. Maybe she has an affair or comes close to it? Realizes she can be physically attracted to a man who isn’t her husband, but not be in love with that person, which makes her reassess her whole love/sex thinking?

      Thank you for joining me with Swades! Yep, totally talked it over and decided to do it with full awareness that there were no promises implied, it was just while he was there. I assume Scientist Shahrukh also had a sexual relationship in his past at some point with a girlfriend of a few years, and School Teacher may have chosen not to have sex yet but knew people from college and stuff who had and had been part of frank clear discussions of how to have a sexual relationship outside of marriage.

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        • Heck, doesn’t even have to be a One2Ka4 sequel, we can just have a middle-aged movie about a police officer husband and his bored housewife empty nester wife who starts a secret life, and then they intersect and there are lots of “she doesn’t know that I know that she knows” kind of things.

          On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 2:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Of the ones I’ve seen:

    Devdas: Hell no. I also hated this movie, but I still have an opinion somehow.

    Dilwale: Probably, but I don’t have as strong an argument to back it up.

    Again, wow, this list turned out shorter than I thought.


  4. I’ve been playing the Chayya Chayya for my grandson when I rock him. It occurred to me that *I* would have forgotten all about Manisha Koirala about 2.2 seconds after Malaika Arora stood up to stretch on the top of that train. F’real.


    • HA! Good thing Shahrukh is more faithful than you or we wouldn’t have had a movie. Or I guess bad thing, if he was as faithless it would have been a much happier movie.

      On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 12:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • That director is all about unflichingly looking at the tragedies of the world, which I think is why he inspires such amazing music from his composer/friend. the tragedies bring out the best of him.

          On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 12:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I am still pissed about the ending. I think I recall that seeing Dil Se was actually the catalyst for me coming to DCIB to read your reviews prior to watching anything. I still have a friend who started watching SRK movies on her own at my recommendation, but forgot to warn her about that one. She’s still traumatized. 😬


    • Yes! I didn’t watch Dil Se straight through until, like, 10 years into my movie watching. Thank goodness I had people warning me.

      On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 12:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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