Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go to An Interment!

Remember I said yesterday I was leaving town but it was for a good reason? I get to go to a gravesite service with my Mom and my Uncle and the minister in a snowstorm at a cemetery by the side of the Mississippi river. Like we’re in a graphic novel or something.

Things to talk about!

First, we still don’t have a final name for Filmikudhi’s puppy (although she and her husband are leaning towards Theodore Waffles Puppersnugs (or “Sir Theo” or “Teddy” for short). Here is a photo of said puppy, think deeply and carefully and make suggestions. I am sticking with “Fuzzy” I think, for obvious reasons.

Second, I’m thinking about doing a group movie watch thing next Friday afternoon, from about 2pm Central Time to 5pm Central Time (that’s 3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, and 8pm Italy time). Twitter is exhausting, so what about just putting up a discussion space on the blog? We can all comment below, including me, and just keep refreshing the page. There will be more of a lag time on the comments appearing than there would be on twitter, but it will also give us a stable archive of what everyone said.

If we do that, what movie? I was leaning comfort food, so Aiyyaa or Khoobsurat or Daawat E Ishq. Or Eega! But Marjaavaan was also suggested to fill that “so bad it’s good” make fun of area.

Image result for daawat e ishq

Third, I think my nephew might be a future media studies theorist! He is obsessed with the TV, and look at the way his little hand just wants to grab that remote and start watching things so he can discuss the gender/racial/political issues within them!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go to An Interment!

  1. Going between YouTube and Netflix right now. Went outside for the first time to go to the local shop and there were definitely some shortages, massively one on the hand wipes (small and large), toilet paper, bread and meat isles. Where I live is very relaxed and peaceful and people were doing their business, but the elderly (there are a lot in the area where we live) was more on the shop than any other demographic at the moment. Otherwise, everything seems bizarrely normal for now at least here in Finland.

    And I like the idea of a movie at this time 😀 I would love to see finally Khoobsurat

    Anyway back to fun distraction. SIX is a musical done in a concert style which tells the events of Henry VIII (aka the worst) marriages to them and their lives from their perspective and it is a massive hit in the UK with tours and a show in the West End. The music is fantastic! Pop, soulful, Britpop and there is even one that can only be described as a silly German Rave music and it is awesome. Just if someone here might want to listen to it and it can be found easily. The Broadway version premier it seems has now been delayed because of current events.

    Just in case someone is interested while bored while sitting inside their house for the time being, here are a few clips. Mind, the show has more talking between songs and Anne is definitely not an airhead.


  2. I think Teddy suits well this puppy.

    Question: Does someone know where Prabhas is filming now? I saw some guy tweeting how the virus and low temperature don’t scare the actor and I wonder when he is.


  3. I started watching Aiyyaa last night, but I’ll stop and and watch it with you guys on Friday, or watch most of it with you, I have to pick up a child from a forest school that I don’t think will be closed at 1:45 PT. If my kids’ school closes my sister might send my NYC niece and nephew to me as their school just closed and rural areas with lots of free & solitary outdoor adventures beat cramped apartments in densely populated areas for children. But then that would involve putting children on a plane… If my niece and nephew do come you probably won’t hear from me for a while, I didn’t think I was cut out to homeschool my own three children, homeschooling five will be quite an adventure. But then maybe nothing will change, and I can watch most of a movie with you on Friday without a problem? That would be nice. I also like the idea of watching something so bad it is good. I’m still jealous of your Guddu watch party.


  4. I know Aiyyaa was already decided on, but part of the reason why I liked the War tweetalong so much is because I’d already seen it, making it easier for me to come up with funny comments, and also let me relax while watching the movie, i.e. I didn’t feel bad about getting up to go to the bathroom, scrolling through Twitter while the movie was still playing, or otherwise missing something. So I’d go for movies like that, and for me, it’d be Khoobsurat or Marjaavaan. Maybe next time.

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    • Good news is, Aiyyaa has long painful comedy sections. At which point I will say “this is the long painful comedy section” and you could go do work if you wanted.

      On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 6:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. OK, I know you already picked Aiyya for this week, but you really should watch Dolly ki Doli for your “bad girls” series. I can’t say more without spoiling it, and you should absolutely not read about it before hand, because you need to go in without knowing anything to be able to enjoy it. Maybe keep it in mind for next week?

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  6. Wishing a happy birthday to Aamir Khan – the little fellow is 55! He could still play college aged parts because he just doesn’t age!


  7. What can I do to convince you & the DCIB community to start watching Crash Landing on You on Netflix? It’s so good and I have nowhere/noone to talk about it except Koreans. I’m going nuts. And I know that this community will love it.


    • Moviemavengal (Pardesi) wrote today in “Isolation reccomandation” post that she saw Crash Landing on You and other korean dramas. Did you read it?


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