Sacred Games Reviews Index

Another streaming series I reviewed! Only season 1, because I got so exhausted with it I just couldn’t face season 2.

This is a very ambitious series that only sort of works. Vikram Motwane directs the modern day section showing Saif Ali Khan as a Bombay cop who gets a mysterious phone call from a dying gangster. And Anurag Kashyap directs the 1970s and 80s section showing the rise of that dying gangster. There aren’t a lot of “good” people in it (I think that is why I found it so exhausting), and it moves at such a fast pace that your favorite characters might be left behind and forgotten by the next episode. But if you want a complex “the city is another character” kind of epic gangster story, this is it.

Sacred Games Review No Spoilers

Sacred Games Review Spoilers

Episode 1 and 2

Episode 3 and 4

Episode 5 and 6

Episode 7 and 8

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