Little Things Episode 3: 3am Sandwiches and Condoms

This is a happy episode. About a happy safe time, 3am all alone together, with your own jokes and laughter and being together. (index of all Little Things reviews here)

First episode was a long Sunday feeling like they should be doing something special. Second episode was a Monday separated and stressed by work. And now we have a different time, the middle of the night when it is always just the two of them in their own world.

Dhruv and Mithila go to sleep, Mithila sets her alarm because she has to get up early. And then they wake up in the middle of the night being eaten by mosquitos. They get up and walk over to a 24 hour pharmacy to get mosquito repellent. Dhruv buys a fancy hot-cold condom as well, they talk about maybe using it. On the walk back, a passing auto-rickshaw hits out at him. Dhruv recognizes a friend from his Delhi school days, they chat, Dhruv introduces Mithila, and Mithila offers him the condom. Dhruv and Mithila go home, Dhruv makes them sandwiches, Mithila looks at her phone and discovers her first boyfriend from school is getting married. Dhruv tries to convince her not to worry about it, and then they eat sandwiches on the couch together.

Dice Media | Little Things | S01E03 - Good Night - YouTube

This episode is all about intimacy. The way they talk about the condom at the pharmacy, with the counterman looking on, it’s intimate. Not sexy, or scandalous, they don’t care what the counterman might be thinking, because talking this way to each other is so everyday for them that it doesn’t even feel strange. It doesn’t occur to them to feel embarrassed.

Meeting Dhruv’s friend, Dhruv and Mithila are a team. Not mean or anything, but Dhruv doesn’t flip into “bro mode” and ignore her just because he sees an old friend. He introduces her and Mithila is part of the conversation, even has a little joke with Dhruv when she gives away the condom saying it is “our favorite” even though they were arguing about even trying it. When the get home, there is another kind of intimacy talking about Mithila’s ex. Dhruv casually mentions things like “is he the one who made the photo montage?” They know each other’s history, down to little details.

And that’s why it takes place in the middle of the night. Night time is the time for sex, but also for stories, for building a bond that makes you closer than any random friend, that makes you feel safe and isolated walking down the street together at 3am.

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