Shahrukh Update! Stuff From His Twitter Feed to Make Us Happy

I’ve been avoiding anything that even comes close to “news”, because I don’t want to bring stress and distress to this Happy Place. However! I took a little peek at SRK’s twitter, and there was nothing stressful or distressful there, just things to make you feel happy and loved and good.

Shahrukh made a video that was really clever encouraging people to stay inside. He did a shout out to the Red Chillies folks who helped him put it together remotely at the end, so it’s not like he did it all himself. But he had the idea! And did the work to make it work!

Also, he’s learning guitar, which I find ADORABLE.

That was first, because it’s easy to throw together a video, but a few days later he made a formal announcement of the bigger efforts he would be making in partnership with IPL, Meer Foundation, and Red Chillies.

Breaking it down, KKR will contribute to the PM Cares fund and donate 50,000 Personal Protection kits to healthcare providers. Red Chillies will contribute to the Maharashtra relief fund. So, KKR which is based in Kolkata and part of a national league will donate nationally. Red Chillies located in Bombay will donate to Bombay.

Meer Foundation is helping KKR to buy the PP kits. Also, they are funding Ek Saath based in Bombay to send out food for 5,500 families, and feed another 2,000 through a community kitchen. They are also funding Roti Foundation which is sending food out to 10,000 people per day. And in Delhi (Shahrukh’s home town) they are working with the Working People’s Charter to provide groceries to 2,500 daily wage laborers. Finally, all the acid attack survivors they have already been helping will receive a daily stipend. So they are focusing on Bombay first, then Delhi, but with the possibility of expanding.

A few days later, another donation came out, Gauri and Shahrukh equipped their office space with essentials and handed it over to the Bombay Municipal Corporation as a space for quarantined women, children, and elderly to stay.

And then today, the most important message which inspired this whole post, a really cute selfie. He knows how to keep our spirits up!

Okay, now talk about how bad he is at guitar, or which movie clips you would have used instead in his video message, or how cute he looks in the selfie. Happy Stuff!

And if your favorite stars have posed funny or sweet messages, or done sweet things, this is the place to talk about them.

No fanwars! No bitterness! No politics! Just passing on good thoughts and good things done by good people.


32 thoughts on “Shahrukh Update! Stuff From His Twitter Feed to Make Us Happy

  1. He plays the guitar better than he sings, and better than I can, so it’s all good. Personally, I think guitar is not the best choice for him, because it has to stay in tune and for that he would need a better sense of pitch. But A for effort!

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    • He has People, the People will tune the guitar. And guys look so sexy with a guitar. Something about the way you flip it around and embrace it, it’s a whole thing.

      On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 8:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • HA! YES! Tweet that to him, maybe he will be bored enough to take you up on it.

      On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 9:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. SRK is going some very good work to help people during this difficult times. I just read how he has offered a whole office building to the govt to be used as a quarantine facility. He’s also feeding 10,000 people a day. He’s really a good man with a golden heart.

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    • I just added up all the numbers, through the different organizations, he is actually feeding at least 20,000 people a day. I say “at least”, because some groups are focused on whole family meals, so it’s a lot more than the starting figure.


  3. He is a treasure. I have been watching that video a bunch…and sharing it with even non-SRK folks because it’s so sweet and clever. Notice it doesn’t have a dollar amount, just the most important and meaningful metric, human beings.

    He is the real deal. Actually loves humanity. Inspires me. Reminds us that once this is over we will miss the joy of being ‘stuck w nothing to do’ with our cherished ones. And DAMN sexy w a guitar.

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      • I think so too. On one of my fave shows (cougar town) they made a joke once about how this guy was the only guy who was LESS sexy with a guitar.


          • Yes! And now you must go over to my discussion post and give your opinion on Sexiest Instrument. So far, no one has cared, which doesn’t seem right.


          • Also I never find other cougar town fans so I’m so happy today Priyanka! Except that I had to have a tooth pulled this am and that wasn’t fun. But now I will sit and watch something happy to take my mind off of it!


  4. Oops you may not like my post! Feel free to edit out the middle. Was just wanting to support him and his goodness. Xxxxxx


  5. Yes!! I’ve been following what he’s been doing, but didn’t want to bring it up here as it would mean facing the reality of our current world. But so happy the way the entire effort is planned, coordinated and distributed among agencies actually doing the groundwork!
    Hadn’t seen the selfie! Had to LOL at Kubbra’s response below:

    Other actors have donated for this, mostly monetarily. Ones which stood out – Salman has taken up supporting 25k daily wagers in the industry, Hrithik has procured PPEs for Mumbai, Rakul Preet is feeding some 200 families.

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    • Awww, Salman! All those stories of him drinking hanging out on set with the laborers, of course he is the one to remember them all now.

      On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 12:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Looking at his selfie, I instantly got the tunes of “always look on the bright side of life” in my mind…
    That’s what he lives in his public life.
    As for his charity project… his words and the well thought-through plan show how much humanity is his concern and not politics. (Btw. I don’t think that Modi has already thanked him officially.)

    I know that two hotel groups (Taj & another one) have also placed their hotels at the disposal.

    I think, measures that involve specific help for humans and supply in collaboration with already established foundations is the best way to support people…I have no faith in the Goverment’s fund…no idea what really happens with all the crores it gets.

    There are many (SRK-) fan groups in different towns that actively support people by distributing food/meals…and I like it a lot that there is never the talk about the amount of money given or spent.

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  7. As always, Shah Rukh is love. I also shared the video with non-fans, who enjoyed it. Other fans on Twitter have noticed the hair too, which has once again raised speculations about Don 3. Sigh. I think it will never happen. Not only because of COVID 19.

    Kollywood actors are doing their bit for daily wage laborers, and fan clubs in the South are also donating masks, sanitizer, and food, and raising awareness about the lockdown. I haven’t heard as much about the Malayalam industry, but Rahman is doing cute IG videos about doing laundry and sanitizing groceries during the quarantine, and poor Prithviraj is stuck in Jordan, where he was filming with a quarantinend crew until their activities were suspended. Now he and his crew are just hanging out in a desert camp hoping to get a flight home.


    • Poor Prithviraj! I hope they are having fun playing soccer and hanging out.

      On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 8:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. I am so impressed by SRK’s building donation, especially because I was in that building a month ago. Life is a weird kaleidoscope. He’s really been leading the Bolly response to the crisis, good for him.

    I’m also enjoying Hrithik’s home videos because he has a gorgeous home that looks simultaneously aspirational and actually lived in by his kids, and he’s chanting his usual self help mantras which are kind of soothing if not very deep or helpful.


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