Silly Sunday: Two More Noirs for Red Chillies! Leave Her to Heaven, and Murder My Sweet with Shahrukh. Plus Bonus Period Calcutta FanFic!

The problem with film noirs is that half the time they are more atmospheric than plot based. Makes it harder to remake them. I am going to remake another one with a good strong plot (Leave Her to Heaven), and another that I really love and which has a totally impenetrable plot (Murder My Sweet) but maybe also a role for Shahrukh. Oh, and that fanfic I wrote in the comments for Miss Briganza, in case anyone missed it. And this is a VERY LONG POST. But I hope you will read it, because there is good stuff in here.

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Silly Sunday Bonus: Film Noir Remakes! (Red Chillies, check this out!)

I’ve hit a rich stream of B-grade film noirs on TV. The B-grades are sometimes better than the A-grade ones, you could get grittier and darker and weirder when no one was looking. Anyway, there are two that I think would work really well as dark weird gritty Indian remakes. (note for my sister: Don’t Read This! We are watching them together when I visit)

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