Happy Varun Dhawan Week! Which of His Dances Brings Us Most Joy?

You ready for a challenge? I’m gonna pull out every big Varun dance song I can remember, and we have to rank them! Or at least, pick the one you love best (for those of you who don’t care as much).

So this isn’t overwhelming (the man dances a lot), I am picking only ONE SONG per movie.


“Palat Tera Hero”

“Lucky Tu Ya Lucky Me”

“Sun Saathiya”

“Manma Emotion”

“Jaaneman Aah”

“Tamma Tamma”

“Lift Tere Bandh Hai”

“First Class”

“Dua Karo”

Okay, my totally subjective rankings!

  1. “Dua Karo”: watching this song has brought more joy and laughter to my life, than any other on the list. Really, try it!
  2. “Sun Saathiya”: legitimately good dancing! Not the usual bouncy leapy thing he does, but slow and smooth and nice.
  3. “Palat”: This was his second movie, and I think the song and dance are just a little cleverer than later films, more experimenting and less spectacle.
  4. “Manma Emotion”: I have liked this song since the trailer released. It’s catchy, the pants are weird but the cars are fun, and the hook step is fun to watch.
  5. “Lift Tere Bandh Hai”: This is mostly just because the song/lyrics are so amazing, but it’s also kind of fun to see him with two different heroines.
  6. “Jaaneman Aah”: I still want to see him and Pari together! Their chemistry is what sells this song.
  7. “Vele”: Speaking of chemistry, Sid and Varun! If only Sid were a better dancer, this would be much higher.
  8. “First Class”: Old school spectacular dance song, I love it! I just wish the song itself were a little catchier, and the edits came a little less faster so we could appreciate the dancing more.
  9. “Tamma Tamma”: Eh. It’s another remix, but the original song concept isn’t as good as “Lift Tere Bandh Hai”, so a remix without Madhuri and Sanju Baba to sell it is just dull.
  10. “Lucky Tu Ya Lucky Me”: I really don’t like this song! It’s repetitive and boring to listen too, there are too many lights and explosions happening to see the dancing, Alia is there and is terrible (as usual in dances), and it doesn’t even really work right within the plot of the film. BOOOO!

8 thoughts on “Happy Varun Dhawan Week! Which of His Dances Brings Us Most Joy?

  1. What happens for me is if I don’t like the song, I don’t end up liking much about the video, including the dancing. That’s probably what happened here, but I tried to judge the dancing as much as the song itself.

    1. “First Class” – The ultimate for me. I have to disagree with you, I think the song is insanely catchy. When it first came out, I listened to it probably nonstop for a good two weeks. It blew everything else out of the water and I wasn’t surprised when it was my most played song on Spotify for all of 2019. I learned the moves and everything.
    2. “Palat” – It’s just iconic. So smooth. So fun.
    3. “Sun Saathiya” – Probably the best choreography on this entire list, the only reason why I didn’t put it higher is because I consider this more Shraddha’s song than Varun’s.
    4. “Jaaneman Aah” – The song is annoying, but I adore this video. And I’m glad someone agrees with me about Varun and Pari. Everyone I’ve talked to about them doesn’t really care to see them in their own movie, and yet loves this song
    5. “Tamma Tamma Again” – It’s high because I think the video is better than the song. I always forget about it, but every time I come back to this video I’m blown away by the lights, the set design, the choreo, just the vibe of it all.
    6. “Lucky Tu Lucky Me” – This is probably so high for me because I just love HSKD. This isn’t my favorite song on the soundtrack either, but I like it. It’s so catchy. Varun’s rapping is also super campy.
    7. “Vele” – I’m still sticking by what I said during the rewatch that this is Sid and Varun’s big romantic duet. Sid’s lack of skill lowers this from a visual perspective. His closeup shots while Varun goes all in on the dancing is so obvious. Although I think the direction of Varun’s dance break in “Radha” was done better. You could see more choreo and therefore, more of his skill.
    8. “Lift Teri Bandh Hai” – I don’t like Judwaa 2, but I like this song, but everything about this performance is so hammy. And something about the edit makes half of it seem fake.
    9. “Manma Emotion” – This is a terrible, annoying song. It’s not at the bottom because of the hookstep, Kriti’s white outfit, and #10 is truly worse.
    10. “Dua Karo” – I hate everything about this. The song is bad, the video is bad, the choreo is bad. I cringed when it started in theaters, and there was this one stupid move that made me snort laugh which shouldn’t have happened because it was supposed to be a somber routine.

    Also why is no one else participating in these Varun Week posts? I’m having fun. Is my bias showing?


    • How dare you put Dua Karo so low! I react the exact same way you do to it, which is why I love it! Any time I feel depressed, just watch him do the tragic crotch hand flick and I laugh and laugh and laugh. I only wish the video also included the magic crippling healed through dance duet with his brother.

      I’m glad someone else loves Palat, it is so clever and fun and it feels like that, along with the whole fun light movie, has just been forgotten after the Humpty success.


      • Judwaa 2 might have also overshadowed it, because it was the same “David Dhawan casts his own son in another silly dumb comedy” and even though it made a lot of money, it was really bad, so that might have soured Main Tera Hero. I’m just guessing.


        • And now Coolie remake is coming! If it is better than Judwaa, maybe it will overshadow all of them.

          On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 3:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Why does no one love Manma Emotion but me?????

      although everyone loves “Palat” so that is nice.

      On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 4:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I thought Varun’s dancing was best in Palat Tera Hero (the bus top dancing), and second best in Dua Karo (though the other actor stole the show).

    For the dance as a whole I liked Sun Saathiya

    But my favorite to watch was Tamma Tamma because he and Alia looked like they were having so much fun. Likewise the chemistry between him and Taapsee in LIft Terre Bandh Hai looked good.

    And I’d like to give an honorable mention for a great color palette to First Class.


    • Funny his two best dances are one of the first and one of the most recent! I guess a sign of how talented he was at the beginning/how little he has progressed since then.

      On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 9:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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