Friday Watchalong: Jab Harry Met Sejal! Comment Along Right Here!

Woot! The DCIB favorite! Let’s see if we can think of new things to say, after many many posts, many many comments, and a previous watchalong on twitter.

First, Happy Birthday Rachel!!!! This is in her honor, and her movie choice, so yaaaaay! What a great party!

Second, Jab Harry Met Sejal! Woot woot! You can watch on Netflix, youtube, googleplay, or your own DVD. I’ll put the first comment below when it is time to start, and then you just comment along with any old thing that pops into your head.

483 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong: Jab Harry Met Sejal! Comment Along Right Here!

    • Yes! He did Raula, because it had to have that authentic Punjabi performer singing sound. Also, it had to be sung like you are wearing a turban.

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  1. I promise not to comment so much next movie. Believe it or not I often had to stop myself from typing things. It helps that the space bar doesn’t work so great on my computer.


      • I didn’t comment very much, I felt a bit disconnected trying to use my iPad for the commenting. At first I was doing it through Safari which was a total pain, discovered there was an app which was only marginally better cos I didn’t have to keep logging in to make a comment but couldn’t see what everyone else was saying without clicking back, refreshing and then clicking into comments again. And then the moment was gone… So am now experimenting with watching the movie and having a window open for commenting at the same time on my PC. Maybe that will be easier although not as relaxing chairwise.


          • In the future I’ll have to use my PC to watch and comment, I think, although I wouldn’t be able to watch with the video full screen. Or I could watch on iPad and use PC to comment. I thought it would be so much more relaxing watching on the TV and comment on iPad. Which is what I did when we used Twitter for commenting. So much for thought, lol


  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for letting me be part ot this awesome community. That made the perfect start to my bday weekend and I am smiling wide! This bday is a little odd being in our current situation and I really needed a pick me up. It was a delight to enjoy my fave movie with people who love it (mostly, right Kainaat?) and have fun thoughts to share as well as silliness. Iโ€™m really grateful!

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  3. Last year this time I was prepping for a giant event with 70 people and catering and videos and dance and clothing changes and GREAT HAIR (thanks to extensions)…and it looked like this (reminds me Iโ€™m going to put up my stand up SRK later! – heโ€™s still in garage)

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