Friday Watchalong: Jab Harry Met Sejal! Comment Along Right Here!

Woot! The DCIB favorite! Let’s see if we can think of new things to say, after many many posts, many many comments, and a previous watchalong on twitter.

First, Happy Birthday Rachel!!!! This is in her honor, and her movie choice, so yaaaaay! What a great party!

Second, Jab Harry Met Sejal! Woot woot! You can watch on Netflix, youtube, googleplay, or your own DVD. I’ll put the first comment below when it is time to start, and then you just comment along with any old thing that pops into your head.

483 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong: Jab Harry Met Sejal! Comment Along Right Here!

  1. Turban! Most of you know this, but just in case, the turban is something Sikh men wear, so Shahrukh is regaining a vital part of his religious identity when he dares to put one on again. And just his identity-identity, a Sikh boy comes up with his own way of putting on the turban for himself as part of growing up, Shahrukh is regaining a daily practice and turning back the clock.

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    • Interesting that the kara is an integral part of his dress from the beginning–they seem to be actually emphasizing it.


      • Yes! And the tattoo we never even see fully is Sikh as well. I took it as showing that he felt the religion in his heart, but no longer felt “worthy” of being public about it. So a tattoo no one sees, and a silver bracelet no one will notice, just for himself.

        Tragically, we never get to confirm whether or not he is wearing the Kachera, you have to go to Bhaag Milkha Bhaag for that.


    • I think he psyched himself up to it, I think he forced himself to be mean and went up and came down fast because it wasn’t fully natural. The character I mean, he decided he had to end this and made himself get mean and then was releaved when it was enough


  2. Rupen at one point was going to be a Ranbir cameo. Which might have been too perfect, I already hate Rupen, having him combined with Ranbir would make my hate so high, I could no longer feel any love.


  3. His self monologue coming here, I’ve always felt it was over the top. I wish it was done some other way.


    • I honestly think Shahrukh could have conveyed all of that with just his eyes and a whispered “Sejal” at the end, no other dialogue


    • I’ve decided it is supposed to be unflattering in a “I am trying to put on clothes and a childish persona that no longer fits me” way

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      • I’m not good at understanding costuming as part of story-telling. So I do appreciate all of your insights.


  4. Okay, here’s the “no one person can ‘save’ you” moment for me. Anushka couldn’t just fix him with her magical vagina, but she could inspire him to believe he is worthy of going after what he wants, and it is worth it to go after what he wants and make a change.

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    • And he can’t even read the subtitles! there’s a tribute to fine acting, a love scene that makes a 5 year old uncomfortable without even knowing the words.


    • I saw it as her looking better in clothing that she finds comfortable, she was trying too hard in the western stuff until the last dress, it was short and bright colored and felt childish.


    • However, I would suggest therapy post marriage to learn how to fight better. Otherwise married life is going to be a rollar coaster of hidden resentments exploding into ugly fights.


    • Oh! I have a THEORY!!!! Which is that he didn’t have a Mom, or anyone who is “his”. Part of his homesickness is believing no one at home even missed him any more. This woman is his cousin or sister-in-law or something like that, someone who he wasn’t sure still loved him. They could have cast a really old looking woman, I think making her closer to him in age and the younger people not even knowing who he was, was on purpose.

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  5. OK this part brother up on the wall and he put his hand on her head. I’m just dead every time. Like in K3G in the rain at fathers funeral

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  6. And I’ve always thought now the real story begins. How do they live? Did her family disown her? What work will he do in India? Will she support him, she is a lawyer after all? Will he be happy with that? The love was just a prelude…


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