Watch SOTY2 Here in Half an Hour, 10am Chicago Time!

Such an exciting weekend! I scheduled a last minute KKHH watch late late late on Saturday, and then I changed the proposed time of this morning’s viewing from 7am Chicago time to 10am Chicago time. And this one was scheduled a bit last minute too. Oh well, hopefully I still get people to join! Who doesn’t love SOTY2?

SOTY2!!! It’s available on Prime in America, and possibly also other places, or not, who knows, the mysteries of Prime.

Anyway, you will enjoy it! I promise!!!! Swing back here in half an hour, 10am Chicago time, and I will start off the comments and then we can watch all together, it’s nice.

276 thoughts on “Watch SOTY2 Here in Half an Hour, 10am Chicago Time!

      • If this had been the start, it could have been a whole different movie. Tiger faces the rich kids in Kabaddi, kuch kuch hota hai while he is wrestling with Manav, he gets a sports scholarship to be able to see Manav, Manav says “I don’t want this”, torment, misunderstandings, locker room scenes, physical fights to sublimate desire, Tiger leaves school, finally he and Manav confess their love but It Can Never Be, and then they kiss in the last minute of the match as Love overcomes them.


  1. Wait, is the coach and principal from Pishorilal a couple? Have then been falling in love all this time and I never noticed?


  2. I love the Hook Up Song, but the visuals bother me so much! So glad they nodded to the original by bringing Alia back, but it’s way too sexualized, for Alia and Shanaya’s character.

    And they couldn’t have tried to bring Sid and Varun back too, somehow, somewhere else?

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    • I think it’s because she is being objectified so much? I can find her sexy when she is part of things, like acting like she feels sexy. But this is just trying to make me attracted to a baby faced little girl and it’s WRONG

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  3. Okay, the song ended for me, and the rest of the credits are silent, so I’m guessing it’s over?

    This was fun! Sorry I showed up so late! The first movie is still better!

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  4. Thank you all for joining! My fellow Americans with the random day off, and also faithful Kirre who for once doesn’t have to stay up past midnight to join us. Best Memorial Day weekend EVER!!!!

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