Happy Birthday Yash and Roohi!!!!!

A happy post! To balance the serious one from earlier today.  And also because I looooooooooooove Yash and Roohi.  Most serious and concerned babies ever!

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: If Karan Johar Were the Hero of a Rom-Com, Who Would He Marry?

I will be putting up detailed posts on Karan’s book later this week, probably Wednesday and Friday.  But in the meantime, I immediately got distracted by his declaration that he doesn’t believe in marriage any more and will never marry.  Because that’s always what the rom-com hero says at the beginning, right?  And then there are elaborate plot shenanigans and coincidences and he changes his mind?

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Happy Birthday Manish Malhotra! In Your Honor, a Post About Costumes!

I was debating what, if anything, to do for Manish.  And then Filmilibrarian started a conversation on my Monday Questions post about costumes, and I have decided to ruthlessly re-purpose it for a post about costumes in honor of Manish.  Sorry Filmilibrarian!  Your question was just too good to resist!

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