Pick Your Favorite Onscreen Father! Shahrukh in KKHH, Aamir in Dangal, or Anil in ELKDTAL?

Look, I’m helpful! I limited it down to the top 3 right off the bat, now you just have to pick between them. Or I suppose do a write in vote for someone else, but why would you?

Shahrukh in KKHH

An indulgent fun Dad, who is also capable of saying just the right thing to make you feel better when you are sad. And he’s cute too!

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Aamir in Dangal

A tough Dad, but one who is tough because he sees talent in his daughters and wants them to have everything that talent can bring them. Not good at expressing his feelings in words, very good at expressing them in deeds.

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Anil Kapoor in ELKDTAL

A loving indulgent father who, very gently, still tries to keep his children in the boxes society suggests for them, to do the easier thing as a parent. On the other hand, he corrects so good and so quickly once he sees a better way.

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Okay, which is your favorite????

4 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite Onscreen Father! Shahrukh in KKHH, Aamir in Dangal, or Anil in ELKDTAL?

  1. Write in vote: Salman in Biwi No. 1. There was never a question in his mind that they came before his own needs. He puts them before his girlfriend/mistress. When they’re dumped on him, he steps up to take care of their every need without a complaint, even though he’s never been responsible for doing those tasks and is on a learning curve himself. And finally, he breaks up his affair because he thinks his girlfriend may mistreat his children.

    He may have been a flawed husband, but never a flawed father. I frankly find this role more interesting than the three you have listed above, who were being the conventional “good dad” in a conventional set up.


  2. As an adult: Anil by the end of ELKDTAL. He clearly loves his kids but has learned to live his life and let them have theirs.


    • And to that point, he doesn’t even try too hard to educate his son. He just says “okay, that’s where you are at, why don’t you concentrate on the company and leave us alone”. Much wiser than turning into a big screaming fight and trying to force him to change his mind.

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