Silly Sunday: Father’s Day! Father Plots For Everyone, Pick Your Favorite

Happy Father’s Day!  This is a repost from last year, but it is very long and worth rereading.  And also very very good, I forgot how good this one was!  There’s Rana and Shahrukh fighting in wet shirts, Ranbir and Sonakshi falling in love, Varun Dhawan and a baby, all kinds of good things.  Also, it’s a Father’s Day Multiverse and all the stories are connected.  And anyway, I am spending 6 hours at church today (service plus organizing coffee hour plus meeting), so I earned a rerun.

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Happy Father’s Day! Let’s Get Sentimental!

Happy Father’s Day!  Not quite as fruitful a source for videos/films as Mother’s Day, but almost!  And again, I am grateful that it happens every year so I don’t have to feel like I am limiting myself with just my choices for this year.

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