TGIF: Men Reading Books

I haven’t done a TGIF in a long time, have I? But after the very long deep hard thinky post yesterday, and the posts on Kajol and Kishore, we all deserve something light and fun!

Reading! It’s sexy! Especially when it is someone that you kind of feel like actually enjoys reading, they aren’t just doing it for the photo shoot.

Sid M! Sweet sweet Sid M. Who seems to be an actual reader in real life, lots of instagram posts of him with books and stuff.

My City - Coronavirus Pandemic: Sidharth Malhotra spends time ...

John Abraham! I can also believe him as a reader, he has a higher education degree and runs a studio, clearly a thoughtful person. Also, looks hot with a book.

John Abraham Cool Book Reading Style For FilmFare Magazine October ...

Not technically a book, but I couldn’t resist this picture.

John Abraham on Twitter: "Reading about the GTR before I sleep in ...

Maddy! I am sure it is from a movie, I don’t care, it is everything happiness.

Michael Shulman and James Le Gros as a Preppy and a Shaggy Dog ...

Arjun K, making eyes at us over Half-Girlfriend.

Never read a Chetan Bhagat book: Arjun Kapoor

Saif! Legit acknowledged hard core reader, it’s just a thing with him that everyone knows, like Harsh liking sneakers (by the way, no photos in existence that I can find of Harsh holding a book. Why am I not surprised?)

6 Bollywood Actors Who'd Rather Read Books Than Do Anything Else!

Was there a power outage? Otherwise, lighting a candle in a library seems really really stupid.

What books does Saif Ali Khan have in his library

And our biggest reader! Once again, just acknowledged as truth, loves to read. One of the things I miss most from when SRK was more active on social media was getting book recommendations from him, he reads everything and anything and it is all interesting.

reading... in a bookshop? | Shahrukh khan, Bollywood movies, Books ...

Hiding behind a book? Saucy!

Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter: "@paulocoelho I know what I am doing ...

Newspaper, kind of a sexy daddy thing going on, right?

Editor Jitesh Pillaai talks about the Shah Rukh Khan he knows ...

And schlumpy at work reading, bad because of the hair streak, good because of the glasses.

Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club on Twitter: "#SRKonSets ...

Black and white! So good looking!

What are the books that Shah Rukh Khan reads? - Quora

Personally, I don’t feel the need to unbutton my shirt before starting a book, but hey, who am I to tell Shahrukh what to do?

Pin by Marwa Mahgoup on ā˜† SRK ā˜† | Shahrukh khan and kajol ...

Do you want to see THE ENTIRE DECADE OF THE 1970s captured in one image? To-da!!!! Amitabh, chest hair, Playboy, cutting edge hi-fi set-up, it has everything.

Amitabh Bachchan reading Playboy. RIP HughHefner. | by ...

Ooo, Shashi. Such a gentle peaceful image, isn’t it?

I wonder what he's reading #ShashiKapoor | Shashi kapoor, Indian ...

This one, less so.

Books in Bollywood ā€” Shashi Kapoor seems to be a photography ...

Ayushmann is clearly leaning into the “thinking woman’s sex symbol” identity, soooooooooo many reading beefcake shots. Bookcake?

Ayushmann Khurrana Is Definitely Sexier With A Book In His Hand

Look at how he pumped his bicep before picking up the book! Totally flirting with the viewer

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana poses during an exclusive ...

Oh ho, we’ve caught him! Hiding in the bushes!

Ayushmann Khurrana Turns Workout Scenes Sexier as he Sings ...

I couldn’t find a photo of Old Anil reading, because such beauty is too good for this world, but the glasses on Young Anil are pretty cute.

Bollywood's Favourite Teachers | Koimoi

And finally, for Diversity, a collage of all the times Rani had a book onscreen

Mood board - Rani Mukherji reading a... - Rani Mukerji - Queen of ...

Well, that was very nice! And now I have an old school question for you:

If you could put up any two of these photos (and only one can be SRK) in your locker, which would you pick?

I need the SRK flirty eyes photo staring at me at all times. And for my second pick, I guess Sid M. It’s just so cozy feeling, like he could be sitting in my living right now curled up with a book while I sit on the chair across the room and write.

Bonus question: if you were to make the Amitabh photo even more 70s, what would you add?

I think there isn’t enough macrame. More macrame, and maybe also more chest hair.

26 thoughts on “TGIF: Men Reading Books

  1. Oh, I am going be to be blasphemous and have my two photos be non-Shahrukh!

    First, Sid, he is so pretty reading and it just makes me smile.
    Second, Shashi (the b & w pic), his quiet calm is such a relaxing thing to see.

    And for more 70s…I would add a lava lamp!


  2. Curly haired Shashi, obviously, although I am also into Ayushmann’s Thinking Woman’s Pin Up thing, and also that Amitabh picture is my favourite picture of Amitabh of all time.

    I think I have go macrame or house plants. He’s already got rattan and wool art (on his strategically placed pillow), so really those are all we are missing.


  3. Yay, return of TGIF! You did this particular one today because you know it’s been a long couple of weeks and I needed it, right?

    I would go with standing SRK and calm Shashi.

    Looking at these kept reminding me of the guitar post, some of them look so natural and like they have that intimate friendship with books, and others more like this is how you hold this thing to do a brainy sexy, right?

    BTW this account has been bringing the eye candy lately.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh for sure! When you are really reading, I’ve noticed, you tend not to look very good. Because you are so caught up you forget to pose. All the photos of Saif feel like that, and some of the ones of Shahrukh, Sid M is posing but at least he knows how to hold a book.

      Of course I did this post because I could sense you had a hard week! I always know.

      On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 2:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I disagree about the not looking good part. Maybe not locker-worthy sexy, but Iā€™d still say Said looks good, and nice. I think I actually like them better than most of the posed guys.


  4. For my locker: SRK hiding behind a book and John with car magazine.
    I also like a lot Saif’s photo on a film set. It’s not a pic for a locker but I love how focused he is, even with all the people who are watching him.


  5. I’d go black and white SRK, and Sid M because obviously and that photo just looks so perfect for me to slip under his arm and snuggle him.


  6. OK wait, now I’m interested in the books, too. You said Arjun is holding Half Girlfriend. The only SRK book I can identify is the one where he’s showing the cover: The Spy by Paulo Coelho, historical fiction about Mata Hari. So on brand. Intense Shashi appears to be reading The 9th Here’s How: Another Idea Book from Kodak. Not sure what in that book would cause such intense pondering, but clearly I’m underestimating Kodak. Or Shashi. I don’t recognize the first Ayushmann book, but the second I’m going to say is The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple. Maybe I’m biased but together with the gratuitous bicep flex this comes off as pretentious? And can’t read Anil’s cover so that’s all I’ve got.


    • I don’t know, I would say Saif is also reading, and Shahrukh in one or two of the photos (th eothers are clearly posed)

      On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 8:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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