DCIB Doggies (And Babies and Cats) in Snowy Weather!!!!

Yes, it is an animal photo post! Because that is the kind of warm loving community we are, and also sometimes you just want to see dogs in snow.

First, of course, our superstar Theo. His first big snowfall! Which he approaches with confusion and enthusiasm, as he does most of life. Love the snow on muzzle look.

Then there is my nephew, who went around and around in circles (note the trail) until he finally ran down and was still enough to be photographed.

Albie Dog, post a walk in a blizzard, trying his best to crawl directly into the radiator and finally be warm.

Albie Dog on a post-blizzard walk going “what happened to the world? Why all this white stuff?”

Angie sent another photo of little baby Lilo. No snow in Italy, but this is his first time in the outside world. He looks cautiously pleased.

And Angie’s favorite building pet Chick-Chick who, after months of being fed, is finally letting Angie pet him.

This is Maria’s Teddi, showing the length she is willing to go into the outer world. That is, 4 inches outside the door, pee, back inside to warmth.

And here is Patricia’s dog Augustus, Gus for short, Punkywhup for fun. And he really does look like a Punkywhup!


To be a little open minded, here is my friend’s cat Dil who has claimed the best spot in the entire house and will not be moved.

Here is a dog that belongs to a friend of Emily’s. And, after the first snowfall, they now know he is a Snow Dog!!!! Refused to come inside until he was bribed with chicken, and even then wanted to go right back out again.

UPDATE: New nephew photo I had to share, because it is so similar to Emily’s friend’s dog. Sometimes you just need to burrow.

8 thoughts on “DCIB Doggies (And Babies and Cats) in Snowy Weather!!!!

  1. Which of the pets does your nephew in snow most resemble? Clearly more adventurous than poor Teddi, but not loving snow so much that he sticks his whole head in it.


    • Oh! I got a new photo! With this new snowfall, which is about shoulder height on him, he burrowed right in like your friend’s Dog. Just stood at the edge of the plowed driveway and started tunneling his way forward. I suggested putting a toy at the end of the walk and seeing if he would tunnel through for them and save on shoveling, but they said “no”.

      On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 10:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. These photos make me so so happy! Also, are you able to share the new nephew photo? It seems delightful! The photo of Emily’s friend’s dog with his head burrowed in the snow might be my favorite. But all the dogs, cats, tiny humans are just so so so cute!!!


    • Yes! I will add the new baby photo!!! It is almost exactly like Emily’s dog photo.

      On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 10:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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