TGIF: It’s Snowing! Let’s Look at Men in Snow!

Snow isn’t exactly the magical wonderment for me that it is for people in Indian movies.  It’s been a part of my life for 4 months out of the year (at least) as long I can remember.  But even so, there is something about the first snowfall of the year that is still kind of magic.  Anyway, men in snow!  Let’s look at them!

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Snow Songs to Cool Me Down

You know how there is this crazy terrible extreme weather all over the world right now?  Well, in my little part of the world, all that is happening is that we have a freakishly hot spell.  Like, literally hotter right now than it was in July.  Which is really nothing in the grand scheme of things, but still, I’M HOT!!!!  And therefore, I am looking up songs to cool me down.

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