Hindi Film 101: The Shroff Family! In Honor of SOTY2

There is just barely enough between Jackie and Tiger to patch together a 101. But still worth doing! For Jackie in particular, he is an odd odd man.

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New Student of the Year 2 Song! (also, Bharat teaser)

Did you know it’s also Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday? I didn’t! Sachin, my friend Dina, and Varun Dhawan. Clearly 4/24 is an auspicious day. Anyway, I don’t think the new SOTY2 song is in honor of any of them. Unless maybe Dina? She does like Tiger quite a bit.

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News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

I have 20 minutes before the kids get here, so I am going to write a news report post real quick, and then dig a croquet set out of the attic so they can hit each other with mallets.  Or possibly actually play croquet, but that seems unlikely.

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