The Mahabharata! Let’s CAST It!!!!!

The 8 central characters are such great types, super fun to cast. Don’t worry, if you somehow don’t know the story, I will summarize the main bits that are important for casting.

Kunti married an infertile king named Pandu. He then married a second woman named Madri. Because Pandu was infertile, he went into exile from his kingdom with his wives. While in exile, Kunti called on 4 Gods to impregnate herself and her sister-wife on behalf of their husband. Kunti had 3 sons, and Madri had twins and died in childbirth. Pandu also died at some point, and Kunti took her 5 boys back to the kingdom to start claiming their proper place as the heirs to the kingdom, despite their uncle having ruled in place of their father for years.

Lots of stuff happened, and at some point her sons meet and conceive a great hatred for the greatest warrior of their uncle and cousins army, the lower cast Karna who doesn’t know his place. They are banished to the forest for a bit, during which time they stumble across a beautiful princess who is promised to marry anyone who can complete a certain challenge. Arjun completes the challenge, the 5 brothers bring Draupadi back to their forest home and Kunti, without turning around to see what they have brought her, says “share it amongst yourselves”. Which is how Draupadi ends up married to 5 husbands.

At the very last minute, Kunti learns that Karna is her secret illegitimate son from when she was a teenager before marriage. She goes to him for a first and last meeting, revealing herself as his mother and offering him royalty wealth and even Draupadi if he will stop fighting his brothers. Karna refuses, and instead says that it does not matter, the parents who raised him are his parents, his friends are his brothers. And then he dies in battle and we are all SO SAD!!!!

Anyway, with that loose plot outline which can (and has) be made into a political, gangster, and anything else kind of story, who would we cast in these roles????

Kunti: the ultimate mother, raises her sons to be warriors and princes

The Three Women In Mahabharata (2 Of 3) – Kunti | sreenivasarao's blogs

Yudhishthira: the oldest brother, responsible and wise

ROHIT BHARDWAJ on Twitter: "Colour me gold: p #yudhisthira mode #Mahabharat"

Bhima: Very big and strong, quick to anger, not always that smart

Bhima - Wikipedia

Arjun: the bestest brother, great archer and charming and witty and all that

Nakula: the handsome baby brother

Sahadeva: the most educated of the brothers, and the other baby twin of the brothers

nakula & sahadeva | Actors, Actors & actresses, Feminist movement

Karna: the illegitimate unacknowledged oldest son of Kunti, fell in with bad company as a young man and felt loyal to them forever

What are the powers of Karna's Kavach and Kundal? - Quora
You could say that Karna isn’t the best brother, but you would be WRONG. I love Karna.

Draupadi: the shared wife of all 5 brothers

Modern version of Pandava & Draupadi by Ekta Kapoor. | Backless dress  formal, Formal dresses, Backless dress

Okay, my votes for casting:

Kunti: Rekha. Not exactly motherly, but very very queenly

Twitteratti hail Rekha as a 'Goddess' and an 'ageless diva' after her  appearance on Indian Idol 12 - Times of India

Yudhishthira: Aamir Khan. All wise and perfect and stuff

Aamir Khan Has This Insane Clark Kent Vibe Going On And It Is Confusing Me

Bhima: Salman. Muscles, emotional, not that smart

Wait, What? Salman Khan to LOSE All his Muscles! -

Arjun: Shahrukh. OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Pin on Top 10 Shahrukh khan movie

Nakula: Hrithik

20 Years of Hrithik Roshan: A glimpse at 10 achievements of the SUPERSTAR  in the two decades at the Box Office : Bollywood News - Bollywood Hungama

Sahadeva: Kunal Kapoor. He could be wise, right?

Karna: the BEST role!!! Maybe Abhishek Bachchan? Is that crazy?

Exclusive: Unfortunate that I couldn't be part of Sarkar 3, says Abhishek  Bachchan

Draupadi: Rani. 100%.

Rani Mukerji shares Kamal Haasan's wise words on her height

8 thoughts on “The Mahabharata! Let’s CAST It!!!!!

    • I was about to say!!!! I had a really hard time pulling away from Ajay as Karna. He’s just so great as Karna.

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    • It would be so PERFECT!!!! And then we could have some lucky girl torn between them because Hrithik can dance, but Kunal recites poetry.

      On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 10:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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