TGIF: For Valentine’s Day, Cutest Couple Photos

First, if you are in a grumpy “I hate romance and love and couples!” mood, that is your right, and you should go watch Anjaam and look at yesterday’s “men in wet shirts” post.  But if your mood is more “falala, happiness and flowers and my boyfriend/husband is so awesome!”, then this will just serve to increase that feeling.  Or, alternatively, if you are in a sort of miserable “there are no happy couples or true love in the world” vibe, this will convince you that is false.  Also, I have a clear and declared winner for the Best Couple Award, you will have to convince me out of it.

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Happy Birthday Yash and Roohi!!!!!

A happy post! To balance the serious one from earlier today.  And also because I looooooooooooove Yash and Roohi.  Most serious and concerned babies ever!

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