Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

I am excited! I haven’t watched a good old classic early 2000s movie in ages, and even longer since I watched one I hadn’t seen before. I am ready to be entertained and surprised!

Ajnabee! It’s available for rent on Prime, and on einthusan. At 3pm Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we can all watch along from there. Enjoy the neon! The cargo pants! Bobby curls!

393 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

  1. As a musicologist, I am affronted by this picturization, but must admit that we are getting complete paisa vasool in the ratio of songs to runtime.


  2. It’s actually kind of fun that the “piano” “music” continues after she stops miming playing the piano and starts rolling around on top of it instead–not what you expect from the relationship between sound and image.


  3. Here I was, not realizing it was Akshaye given the giant goggles and only recognizing him by his voice. . . and here you-all are, recognizing him by his chest hair!


  4. Wife swap? Akshay and Bips are going to lead them to a suggestion of a wife swap and then there will be a murder and then it turns out to be an evil complex plan? Don’t tell me! Let me keep guessing!

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  5. Oh boy!!! I wanna see Bobby goes crazy when he drinks! Or maybe he already did go crazy and killed someone and Akshay and Bips are trying to create an elaborate vengeance?

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  6. Did he just order “two somethings for the ladies” and the bartender actually went to get “somethings”? Thank goodness they aren’t actually drinking whatever he was going to pawn off on them.

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  7. Got delayed by a commercial–catching up shortly. That “Aaiyaaaaaaaaah” yell close-up on Akshaye’s face was a little too “Dekho 2000” for me : /


  8. I am watching with earphones in and to no avail, because the noises I am involuntarily making in response to the movie are even louder than the movie itself would be O.O


  9. Akshay’s a professional conman who is seducing a series of woman and caused Kareena’s sister to kill herself which is why Karena agreed to marry a guy going to Switzerland!

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