Happy 4th of July! Let’s Look at the Most American of Indian Songs!

Happy 4th of July!  I am celebrating by locking my doors and fervently ignoring the massive celebration going on at the end of my street.  It’s just so hot!  And crowded and loud and blech!  Instead, I am going to have a little song festival of American-themed Indian movie songs.  As always with these posts, if I missed one you like, just mention it in the comments!

1. I know the rest of the movie isn’t very “rah rah, America!”, but this one song on its own really is!


2. I could have done “Columbus Columbus”, but I like this song better!  Plus, it feels more “America!”


3. I mostly love this song for the dorky way Shahrukh sings along to the radio, but it also has a definite “Woot!  Freedom and excitement and modernity are awesome!” tone.  Which is kind of out of synch with the rest of the movie, just like “Hai Junoon” above.  Maybe there is something about needing to establish the appeal of America in order to be able to tear it down?

4. This movie goes all the way round again with that, making America be exciting and awesome, and then scary and alien, and then awesome again once you get used to it.  But this song perfectly captures that initial “I love this place!” feeling.


5. I freaking love this song.  Like, start to cry every time I watch it.  And I don’t even like New York!


6. I looooooove Chicago, and it has honestly never looked better than it does here.


7. And finally, the all time greatest American song in all of Indian film.

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