Discussion Post: How Ready Are We to Cheat? Which of These Movies Had Us Rooting For the Characters to Do the Wrong Thing?

I was just thinking about English-Vinglish again and how ready I am for Sridevi to walk out on her husband for Hot French Dude. And then I started to wonder if I am alone in this?

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! Mother Films Outside of the Norm

Happy Day Before Mother’s Day! I was going to write a fanfic of mother stories for tomorrow that aren’t the usual ones, and then I realized a lot of them had already been in films and I had just forgotten. So let’s celebrate those unusual mothers!

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Happy 4th of July! Let’s Look at the Most American of Indian Songs!

Happy 4th of July!  I am celebrating by locking my doors and fervently ignoring the massive celebration going on at the end of my street.  It’s just so hot!  And crowded and loud and blech!  Instead, I am going to have a little song festival of American-themed Indian movie songs.  As always with these posts, if I missed one you like, just mention it in the comments!

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