News Round-Up: Two New Videos, Diwale Battle Heats Up, and the Founder of Chippendales is Desi?

Two!  Two great videos!  One of which is striking and beautiful and amazing, and the other of which is just kind of cute.

First, the striking and beautiful and amazing one.  New Mirzya song trailer!!!  I continue to be very impressed with Sonam’s little brother.  I mean, all he’s doing is being silent and watching the heroine with a beard.  But he is really really good at silently watching with a beard!  And that’s a vital skill to have as an Indian movie star.  I’m sure “gazing” is like a whole semester at IIFT.


Isn’t it beautiful!  I continue to love the cuts between the legend and the modern.  And the updating of the image with the motorcycle instead of the horse, which also picks up on the classic Bobby film tradition.


Second video, completely different!!!  Salman posted a video on twitter of a little boy reciting Nawazuddin’s dialogue from the Freaky Ali trailer.  And it is so cute!!!  The kid is cute, but what really makes it is how delighted Salman seems by it all.  Plus, he’s still on location, right?  So this isn’t some Bombay kid they’ve been prepping for months, this is just some random kid in Manali.

More interesting for me, this is a smart smart smart way to promote Freaky Ali!  Cheap, and everyone will talk about it because it is Salman.  And a cute kid.  Way cheaper than Karan putting the Baar Baar Dekho trailers everywhere in the world.

It matches with their rumored release strategy.  Bollywoodhungama is confirming what we all kind of guessed, Baar Baar is taking a ton of screens and looking for a big opening.  And Freaky Ali is scraping by on a few screens, and looking for a low opening and good word of mouth.  Baar Baar will almost certainly make much much more money.  However, with Freaky‘s low stakes release, they are guaranteed a profit.  If I were running a movie studio (and why aren’t I?  I would be so good at it!), I would look for more Freaky Ali‘s and fewer Baar Baars.  Why spend crores and crores to make a 5% profit, when you can spend lakhs and make a 50% profit?


Speaking of release strategies, rumor has it that Ajay and Karan are pushing HARD for screens for Diwali.  Supposedly, they have reached out to all the major theater chains, and both of them are demanding maximum screens.  And both of them are also threatening that future releases will be withheld.  Ajay is in a better bargaining position, since he is partnering with Eros, which has a large number of future big name releases so theaters will want to stay in good with it.  Karan is producing directly himself, so he just has the Dharma name to bargain with.  But come on, it’s Dharma!!!  They don’t have as many movies, but basically everyone is a hit!

On the other hand, Eros produced Bajirao as well, and they had the same take no prisoners-give no quarter attitude on those screens.  And it worked, they got slightly more screens opening weekend, even against a Shahrukh release.  Mostly, I’m mad at Ajay!  The Hypocrisy!!!!  This is exactly what he sued Yash Raj for back when Son of Sardaar was opening against Jab Tak Hain Jaan!  That Yash Raj used Ek Tha Tiger as a bargaining chip to ensure more Jab Tak screens.  And now Eros is doing the same maneuver to help out Ajay’s movie, and he’s not doing a thing to stop them!


Finally, speaking of Salman, he is rumored to be looking at making a biopic or a miniseries or something on Somen Banerjee.  This was announced by the SK Films head, not Salman himself, and it is in such early stages it is really barely a story.  But I am still reporting it, because it got me to google Somen Banerjee and OH MY GOSH!!!!  Why has there not been a movie on this man before?!?!?  Oh wait, there was.  Starring Naveen Andrews.  But just a TV movie, and this story is CRYING OUT for a big budget production!  There’s like 5 murder plots, a playboy bunny, a coming to America story of a boy from Calcutta with big dreams and, of course, male strippers.  (I’ll save you the google: Somen Banerjee founded Chippendales, his first partner Paul Snider killed his ex-Playboy Bunny wife, and then years later Somen was convicted of trying to kill 3 of his former dancers, and of actually killing a choreographer)

(So, Desi Boyz is real, only Akshay killed John)

5 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Two New Videos, Diwale Battle Heats Up, and the Founder of Chippendales is Desi?

  1. I guess Ajay’s philosophy nowadays is that, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.Although it wouldn’t do to antagonize Karan,Ajay. You have to think ahead about Nysa’s debut.And everyone in the business knows that Karan is the best mentor and Salman is the best hero for launching your daughters.Both are perfectly safe and trustworthy.Though for different reasons.


    • I forgot about that! Oh my gosh, yes! And Nysa’s debut could be soon, they’ve been bringing her around to more and more photo ops.

      Of course, the dream is Karan produces/directs a film launching Nysa and Aryan opposite each other. And then they fall in love on set and get married.


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