On Screen Kisses Discussion Post: When Do We Like Them, When Do We Hate Them?

Thanks for Catherine (by the way, Catherine, I owe you a greeting card! Email me your address and I will send it off) and Whitney bringing this up in the comments because I think it is a super interesting topic to consider, especially in the Indian context.

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Happy World Kissing Day! Let’s Break the Myth That There is No Kissing in Indian Film!

I hate that myth.  From two sides.  First, people always think it means that characters don’t kiss.  Characters totally kiss!  And have sex and do all the normal things.  It’s the actors who don’t.  So we see the characters leaning in, but then rain obscures our view or whatever.  The audience knows what happened, even without seeing it.  Just like a “sex scene” in a movie doesn’t mean we explicitly see the actors having sex.  We just see a bunch of sheets and know what happened.  Oh, and also, actors totally kiss too.  Anyway, this made up holiday gives me an excuse to post lots and lots of kissing videos, woo!

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Befikre Teaser!!!!!! A Move Towards Sexual Freedom!

Why is this not bigger news?  Out of all the people I follow on twitter, only industry analyst/journalist Taran Adarsh tweeted it.  And it only had like 20 thousand views on youtube when I last watched it.  Maybe the content is making Adi look for a slower roll-out?

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