Shivaay Song!

The first song video for Shivaay is out!!!  And it is Weeeeeeeeiiiirrrrrrrddddddd!!!!  In a whole bunch of different ways.

First, it’s not on youtube?  Why would you do that?  Everyone uses youtube!  There’s an app, it’s free, it’s international, I can embed it in my blog posts!  Why would you use this weird website “hotstar” that I’ve never even heard of which doesn’t even embed! (click the image below to watch, by the way)


Image result for bolo har har har


Some googling around tells me that hotstar is a subsidiary of Star TV, where you can watch content streaming related to Star TV.  So maybe this is part of Ajay’s deal with them for the Shivaay TV rights or something?  Similar to ErosNow hosting the trailers for it’s big releases?


Secondly, it just looks weird!  There’s all these people dancing in a cave in strange trailing black clothing.  There’s floating masks.  There’s Badshah.  What is happening?!?!?


The only part that makes complete sense to me is Ajay.  Of course he is shirtless with fake tattoos on his torso, it’s how he looks best.  Of course he doesn’t dance or join in the song, Ajay doesn’t dance.  Of course he just stares intensely at the camera, he is very very good at that!

So, ultimately, this song changes nothing for me.  I was always going to see Shivaay for Ajay, and now I am still going to see Shivaay for Ajay.


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