DEAR ZINDAGI TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Another ADHM

Oh man, it looks SO GOOD!!!  Dear Zindagi, not ADHM. ADHM looks the same as before, this new teaser provided no new info.

I’ll knock out ADHM first.  Aish is sexy, Ranbir is earnest, they exchange clever sophisticated word play, and have sex.  We knew all this already.

Although this is a good time for me to put in the news item I missed reporting on back when I was sick.  ADHM has been passed by the censors, but they asked for a bunch of sexy Aish scenes to be cut.  So, don’t be disappointed if the film you see in theaters doesn’t have all the sexy scenes that you see in the trailers.


But more importantly, DEAR ZINDAGI!!!!!  I was just complaining about the lack of trailers, and now they have appeared!  What should I complain about next?  The lack of a new SRKajol movie?  New shirtless SRK pictures?  Another big American movie star tour?

Okay, maybe my brain is fried by all the SRK birthday posts, but he’s got crazy chemistry with Alia, right?  I know I know, ever since the casting was announced I’ve been saying “they can’t be romantic, they can’t be romantic, they can’t be romantic.”  But now, I’m kind of okay with it!  Be romantic!  Fall for that roguish older charmer!  He will take such good care of you and keep you happy always!


Although, from the promotional comments, and the line in the trailer about their time being up, I think it is safer to say that he is her therapist/life coach, not a love interest.  Booo!  Come on Alia!  Do you really think there is anyone else in your life who could make you happier?  Look at that beard!  And those sunglasses!

Side-note, why is there so little discussion of Ali Zafar being in this movie?  Raees is getting so much pressure already and it isn’t coming out until January.  At least, if pressure does start, I bet they could actually cut Ali’s parts and survive, since there are two other young male leads in it too, Kunal Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Oh hey, they are cutting his part!  Or at least considering it.  Which also means scrambling to replace the two songs he wrote.  According to the Deccan Chronicle, which isn’t the most reliable source.  But I will believe it, because it makes sense.


6 thoughts on “DEAR ZINDAGI TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Another ADHM

  1. I actually like that he is not the love interest. I think it gives him more room to stretch. I also think he was looking for that when he signed with Gauri Shinde. I kind of hope she didn’t succumb to his charm and make him too desirable; I wan to see him play a full fledge adult which he hasn’t really done. I suspect he did that shower clip for us since nothing like it will be in the film. He couldn’t disappoint us completely!


    • Yeah, when the hormones stop frying my brain at the thought of a new Shahrukh movie, I can see that it would be good for him to stretch himself beyond just romance.

      Maybe that should be my theme for the Shahrukh Week leading up to the release, roles in which he broke free of the standard love interest character?


  2. I can’t wait to watch this!

    By the way, Ali Abbas Zafar is the director of Sultan. This is just Ali Zafar. Anyway, I feel like Ali Zafar has kind of been out of the limelight so people aren’t realizing that he is in the film. I’m comparing him to Fawad who has become very popular after Kapoor and Sons came out.

    No posts for the occasion of DDLJ’s 21st anniversary?


    • Bah, that’s the second dumb name mistake I’ve made today! Maybe I’m not over my cold completely just yet. I’ll fix it right away.

      And, relatedly, totally missed DDLJ’s anniversary, because I just didn’t have the energy to put something together last minute.. Although, on the other hand, I celebrate DDLJ’s anniversary in my heart every day, so I could argue that putting a a post up just for that one particular day would cheapen it. Like those people who don’t celebrate Christmas.


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