How does Befikre Have 3 Trailers, and Dear Zindagi Has ZERO?!?!?!?

Today Dear Zindagi got it’s first poster, and Befikre got its 3rd trailer.  How is this thusness?  Dear Zindagi is coming out 3 weeks before Befikre!!!!

I think I like this trailer slightly better than the last one.  Partly because the song is really catchy, partly because Ranveer is really hot.  Vaani continues to have so-so hair/face combo.  And it continues to wallop us over the head with “They’re so FRENCH!”


Vishal and Shekhar did the music, they are kind of hit or miss for me.  They definitely have a niche (stripped down Bhangra style rock), and when they are in it, they are awesome.  But they don’t always work outside of that niche, often their soundtracks will have one really outstanding song (“Dus Bahaane”, “Right Here Right Now”, “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”) and the rest of them are just good, not great.  So this could be the really outstanding song for this soundtrack, or make they will all be at this level!  Fingers crossed!

In additional Befikre news, Bollywoodhungama is reporting that Aditya has already submitted it to the censors, a good month earlier than usual.  And that he possibly padded the film a little, so the censors have something they can cut without affecting it too badly.  Which is pretty smart, it looks like waiting to the last minute with this current censor board just means running the risk of them blocking the release entirely.  But giving himself an extra month, and some extra run time on the film, means he can negotiate and maneuver a little.


And then there’s Dear Zindagi!  Which has FINALLY released it’s first poster!  And with one poster, I am already more excited than with 3 Befikre trailers.  Really, it’s not just me, this looks good, right?




I like the casual look of it, like it is just a candid shot, not posed.  But at the same time, so pretty!  The composition of the image, the light and shadows, the color palette, all perfectly arranged.  Okay, the left side of Alia’s shirt looks a little weird, kind of like her arm got cut off, but the rest of it is perfect!  And different feeling, and intriguing.

In fact, it gives me a new wild theory to propose.  What if Shahrukh is a ghost?  Or a hallucination!  That would be a nice way to get around any possibility of romantic chemistry, if he is just the person she pictures when she talks to herself.  And, I don’t know, something about how this photo is framed, and the yellow light glowing around them, and Shahrukh looking into the distance with Alia looking at him, kind of feels like “Spirit Guide”.


2 thoughts on “How does Befikre Have 3 Trailers, and Dear Zindagi Has ZERO?!?!?!?

  1. I agree that Dear Zindagi looks so much more exciting than Befikre! I wouldn’t be surprised if Shahrukh turns out to be a ghost. From what I heard, the trailer of Dear Zindagi is supposed to come out with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil so we can expect more posters and content in the next few weeks. How do you feel about Alia and Shahrukh’s twitter interaction promos? I think they are quite unique.

    Also are you going to post about Karan Johar’s statement about Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?


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