New Dear Zindagi Trailer! Shahrukh Makes a Cute Little Face

I somehow missed this one.  Maybe nobody tweeted it?  Hardly seems worth posting, seeing as the actual movie is coming out shortly.  But Shahrukh is so cute!  I just have to share!

Interesting trailer over all.  Alia has friends, family, a career, Kunal Kapoor winking at her, and not-Ali Zafar having fancy lunches with her.  I am guessing Kunal is the possibly-not-good-for-her artsy guy, and not-Ali Zafar is the fancy wealthy person her family is setting her up with.


And then there’s Shahrukh!  Way at the end, staring at her, with a cute little smile, trying to get her to open up and talk to him.


6 thoughts on “New Dear Zindagi Trailer! Shahrukh Makes a Cute Little Face

  1. Hey, the censor board chief has appealed for four upcoming big films to postpone their release, in view of the cash crunch problem in India right now. Dear Zindagi is one of them. Sorry I don’t have a direct link to the original article, but it was posted in this forum:

    Of course, this need not affect its overseas release, especially if KJo wants to cash in on the Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. But a partial release is more susceptible to piracy, so who knows? This may all come to nothing, but I thought I’d give you a heads up.


  2. And I’m in a state of ‘Nooooooooooooooo’ – Dear Zindagi isn’t showing in the ‘coming soon’ section of Hoyts, here in SA or across in Melbourne. I’m sure it was there last week.


    • Well, speaking selfishly, if the choice is between the Weds. before Thanksgiving, or the Friday after, or a week from Friday, I would rather a week from Friday! Anything is better than 3 days of family time, knowing that there is a Shahrukh movie in the world I still haven’t seen.


  3. Am much relieved – got notification from Hoyts that DZ tickets are on sale. So I have mine 🙂 and it is a 1pm session which means that I can get there and back again by public transport during daylight hours!


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