TGIF Post: Santa/Raees-themed! Men With Beards!

I am sure if I wanted to google “sexy Santa” I could find it.  But I don’t want to do that.  So instead, I am going to limit myself to one Santa-like element, and look for beards.  Sexy men with beards.

Of course, the big inspiration for this, Shahrukh looking SEXY AS HECK (I am bad at swearing) in Dear Zindagi and Raees.

Image result for shahrukh raees

Image result for shahrukh dear zindagi

And, even before that, I forgot Happy New Year!

Image result for shahrukh raees


But let us not limit our bearded appreciation to Shahrukh!  Let us be open-minded, and ready to accept all Famous Indian Actors who look sexy in beards!

For instance, Aamir Khan!  Not a frequent look with him, but one that I think gives his face some interesting age and maturity.  Look at him!  Taunting us with his little smile, hiding have his face from our gaze!

Image result for aamir khan beard

Shahrukh and Aamir look good, but do you know who grows a shockingly good beard?  Akshay Kumar!  Look at this magnificence!  So soft and think, I just want to comb it.

Image result for akshay kumar beard


Here, have another one!

Image result for akshay kumar beard shirtless


You know who else can really grow a beard like that?  And who really needs a beard, because otherwise he still kind of looks 12?  Shahid Kapoor!  I wouldn’t have expected it, but his facial hair is dark and luxurious.

Image result for shahid kapoor beard

Hrithik, on the other hand, I think the beard might almost make him look younger?  Something about softening out his wrinkles and planes of his face.

Image result for hrithik roshan beard


I didn’t think about it until just now, but you know who looks SHOCKINGLY good in a beard?  Saif!  It somehow makes him look both older and younger.  Maybe because for once he isn’t trying to look younger than he is?

Image result for saif ali khan

Okay, enough of these little boys!  Let’s look at some throwback men.  And, since apparently I always have to include him, let’s look at Jackie!  In his debut movie, they used the beard to make him look rough and dangerous.  You know, sexy!

Image result for jackie shroff hero movie

Thoughts of Jackie naturally lead to thoughts of Anil.  And I have to say, his modern mature guy with a beard look is kind of working!

Image result for anil kapoor beard


Although not as well as it is working for his son!  Harshvardhan Kapoor is just a beautiful beautiful man.

Image result for harshvardhan kapoor

Oh right, beautiful men!  Kunal Kapoor!  This is kind of a beard, right?

Image result for kunal kapoor beard

Okay, I can’t end on a shirtless shot of Kunal, that’s just pandering.  Let’s throw in someone classy and take a look at Amitabh. Not modern goatee Amitabh, old school wild overgrown Amitabh.  With Sridevi:

Image result for amitabh bachchan khuda gawah

And with a bunch of naked men who also have beards:

Image result for satte pe satta


Oh!  And one more, since this is supposed to be a Santa themed post:

Image result for aamir khan santa

(Who can recognize this man?) (No fair answering “Santa!”, obviously it’s Santa!  But it’s someone else too)

14 thoughts on “TGIF Post: Santa/Raees-themed! Men With Beards!

  1. yes . it does look like him & as folks close to me say, I have a knack for storing irrelevant filmi information :-)…now if only I could use my brain for greater good.


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