Raees TRAILER!!!!!! It Looks SO GOOD!

SO GOOD!!  And not just because the eyeliner/dorky 80s glasses is really working on Shahrukh.  Well, that’s part of it.  But there’s a lot of other good stuff too!

Stupid time difference!  The Raees trailer came out right after I went to sleep last night.  Oh well, I’m awake now and can watch it.


So, this is all SO GOOD!  I think I’m just going to count down all the things that are great about it.

10. Period details:  I love how the little things like the glasses are in period, but they didn’t go over the top, they kept the timeless stuff timeless, like saris and classic cars.


9. Gujurat-Business concept: When this film was first announced, my reaction was “A Gujurat Gangster?”  But, I love how it is playing out!  It’s all business, all the time.  The power and violence are separate from that.


8. Sunny Leone: I’m not a huge fan, but I’m thrilled that there is a classic item number with a really sparkling item girl.


7. Slow-mo fight scenes: Who doesn’t love slow-mo fight scenes?  Whether it is SRK doing that cool thing people do with shotguns, or just striding through smoke.


6. Songs: Not just Sunny!  It looks like there is a straight up song number with Shahrukh in it.  I’m so happy!  I know it wouldn’t have fit at all, but I was missing that in Fan and Dear Zindagi.


5. Dialoguebaazi: Top 5 time!  Actual good dialogue!  Not just “we wrote it in English and then ran it through google translate to turn it into Hindi and called it a day.”  But real dialogue with like poetry to it and deeper meanings and stuff.

4. Directing: Have you noticed how nice all those screen shots I pulled look?  That’s cause this movie has a really good director.  Framing, lighting, this that and the other thing, it was all great.  Finally we are in the hands of a real professional who knows what he is doing!

3. Mahira Khan: Spicy!  I love it that her character isn’t just sitting around being saintly and womanly, she is being all sexually aggressive and sparkly.  Although there is one moment later where she looks all sad, I don’t like that.


2. Shahrukh Khan: Duh!  I bet the only surprise is that I didn’t make him reason number 1, right?  But he not only looks really good, he is acting really good too.  Selling me on the tough guy who is always 5 steps ahead of everyone else.  And just does what he needs to do to keep his business rolling, not because he enjoys it.  Very “Taking Care of Business” kind of attitude.


1.1. The Melange of it All: All of those elements above, from the period details to Shahrukh, they come together perfectly!  Even a Sunny Leone item number feels like it somehow fits with the rest of it.  I don’t know how Dholakia did it, but it all works!


Bonus Reason: Nawazuddin Siddiqui!!!


25 thoughts on “Raees TRAILER!!!!!! It Looks SO GOOD!

        • That makes the most sense to me. Because it’s not like these two films could have influenced each other. Raees was finished and put in the can months and months ago, long before Dear Zindagi came out. But it wasn’t shown to anyone until recently, so it’s not like the Dear Zindagi filmmakers could have seen it. Unless Shahrukh moved between sets and said “hey, my director on my last film saw me doing this and wanted to use it in the movie, do you want to try it?”

          Alternatively, wearing the kohl on his eyes for Raees permenantly damaged them to the point where they had to include the eyedrops or else he couldn’t keep doing the seen. But I doubt it, because Shahrukh has worked through a dislocated knee, I think he could handle powering through a scene with dry eyes.


          • If I remember correctly, Shah Rukh was in fact filming Raees at the same time as Dear Zindagi. Or at least parts of Raees. I think I remember him tweeting about it, but I could be wrong. I think he went from filming Raees in Hyderabad to Goa for DZ, or vice versa. But it helps explain why he has the exact same hair and beard for both films.


  1. It feels like we have been waiting FOREVER for this trailer and this movie to come out. I’m so excited!! I agree with Margaret that besides just Nawaz vs. Shahrukh, which is super awesome, I’m so glad there will be some big music numbers. I loved Mahira Khan in the Pakistani soap Humsafar, but it’s nice that she has more edge and spiciness to her in this role.

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    • I am so excited for her character! It feels like she might be set up to be his real equal in their marriage, I’m almost getting a vibe of Selma Hayak and Antonio Banderas in the Mariachi movies. Not a wet-blanket in his action adventures, but enjoying it just as much as him.

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  2. Watching this trailer and reading your comments, and others online, about how this is a throwback or an homage to 80’s films, I’m thinking I should go back and watch some of them. Haven’t really seen any yet–my Hindi movie watching begins with 90’s films. Any suggestions?


    • Oh, you make me SO HAPPY! I love recommending things. Agneepath, the original, is a great place to start. It technically came out in the early 90s, but the whole look of it is a clear influence on this film, and it is a great Amitabh performance, very different from his other stuff. Plus, you know Neelam? The VJ they keep talking about in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? She plays Amitabh’s sister.

      Pinjar is supposed to be just brilliant (I still haven’t gotten my courage up to see it, because SAD). It was one of Madhuri’s first roles, she just has a tiny part but she is luminous. And Jackie and Anil are in it, and it was Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s big break-out film as a director.

      Speaking of Madhuri, Tezaab is really fun. It’s partly gangster stuff, but there’s also some college romance and backstage drama and all kinds of other things in there. And it was Madhuri’s big star-making role.

      If you can find it (literally the only copy I could find was through Netflix DVD mailing), Nayakan, the Tamil movie by Mani Ratnam, is really good and clearly influenced a lot of Hindi industry gangster stuff from that era.

      And finally, if you are doing gangster stuff, Deewar influences basically everything. You really must watch it, if you haven’t already. It’s not an 80s movie like the others, but the themes in there are going to pop-up in any gangster movie from India. And if Deewar wets your appetite for cops and robbers type stuff, Zanjeer is almost as good and with a happier ending.

      Not particularly related to this movie, but just generally good gangster films if you want them, there’s also Ghulam, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Sarkar, and Company. Oh, and Thalapathi, another Tamil Mani Ratnam one.

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    • Just looked this up to confirm my supositions of the meaning were correct. And they were! Plus, I got some cool facts to back me up. Kohl in general is something more traditional Indians might wear, there is a belief that it helps protect from sun damage, and the evil eye, and some variations have various helpful herbs mixed in. So, in general, a character in a film wearing Kohl means they are closer to Indian traditions, think more lower class and less educated. But not like foolishly so, kohl is a harmless thing to wear and might even do some good. Just, the wealthier and more westernized people are going to be wearing sunglasses and skin creams and stuff instead.

      Secondly, it also has a Muslim meaning, since Mohammed is said to have used it. It is more common among the Muslim community overseas in that way, but even in India it might be something you wear during religious festivals.

      For this character, it means he is in touch with his desi roots, doesn’t care about looking “old-fashioned” or “lower-class”. And at the same time, it is also an indication of his Muslim-ness.

      Not at all related to this character, the same kind of Kohl is used by Bharatnatyam dancers to outline their eyes and highlight their facial gestures. That’s why you might see an Indian woman wearing a ton of eye make-up, and it doesn’t mean she is “low-class” like it would in America, it means she is high-class and trained in classical dance. But I doubt Shahrukh in Raees is supposed to secretly be a South Indian classical dancer. Awesome though that movie would be.

      On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 2:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. I got the impression from the teaser that Raees is going to be a super serious,grim film like Once upon a time in Mumbai or Company.But this is more masala.I wonder if Shahrukh came up with the idea of using the Laila O Laila song.He once said that he had a crush on Zeenat Aman.I doubt Sunny will be able to do justice to the song.Even Kareena got compared unfavorably to Helen in the Don item song.And I really wish they got someone about SRK’s age.Like Aiswarya or Sushmita. Mahira is delightful and as you say spicy but she looks so young next to him.


    • It’s “Laila O Laila”? From Qurbani? I can’t imagine that song without Amjad Khan on the drums!

      I wonder if the movie will actually address the age difference? I could almost see a thing where he spent his youth building up his power, and then falls in love with a younger woman who challenges him to achieve new feats.


  4. I was having a rough morning and the image of Shah Rukh secretly being a south Indian classical dancer made me laugh out loud! I like your theory about the Mahira story line, but I do so wish they would cast Vidya Balan or Sushmita Sen (they looked great together in Main Hoon Na) or Aiswarya with him. Some one closer in age would make both of them look great. That and the hair……But Mahira’s brief interview clip where she reprises telling her mother that she is work with Shah Rukh was so wonderful, I have high hopes. Thanks for the kohl explanation. Makes sense for the character and doesn’t hurt that he looks so great.


    • There actually is a huge blockbuster big budget movie from a few years back in which the hero is a South Indian classical dancer, and also an action hero. I think the sequel is coming out soon (I am sure my Telugu/Tamil commentators can give more details). The title is Vishwaroopam, I haven’t seen it, but it was such a BIG BIG DEAL when it came out, that it was reported even in my Hindi industry news enclaves.

      On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 9:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I’ve watched the trailer WAY too many times in the last 2 days. What fun to wake up to it yesterday! I feel like they have changed the shape of his face a little bit. Like, he has a little padding in his cheeks. It especially sticks out to me in the kite scene, like in your first screen shot, but his face just looks a little plumper in the mid-cheekal area overall. Perhaps to make him look just that tiny bit younger? Or because Rahul really wanted to change SRK’s physicality a lot in this movie (given the “if he raises his hand in this movie it’s to slap someone” quote)? Am I crazy? Does anyone else see it?


    • Just re-watched it with this in mind, and I think you’re right! It’s such a small change, it hardly seems like they would bother just for that, I wonder if maybe he will have a scar on one cheek or some other thing that might have forced them to use prosthetics with a side effect of making his cheeks look fuller? Or maybe it is too make him look slightly more like the real person? What do you think?

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      • Wow, Abdul did have roundish cheeks. Could be! Maybe it’s also partly the fuller beard which goes further up SRK’s cheeks than usual? Who knows. Maybe we’ll hear something about it in the “making of”.


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