Sunday ReRun: Guru! A Biopic That is Secretly a Story About Love

I say “rerun”, but I actually did quite a bit of rewriting of this review, so it’s mostly totally new. Hopefully you like it!

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Silly Songs Post: Pearl Harbor Day Antakshari

76 years ago today was a day which has lived in infamy (am I the only one who hears that in the distinctive Roosevelt East Coast twang?).  And I am using that as a jumping off point for a game of film song Antakshari, in my own random style.  Because it’s been tiring mourning Shashi, we need something fun. (in case you don’t know, antakshari is a game where you trade off songs, player B having to pick up with a new song on the same note/word/syllable as where player A left off, and back and forth)

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Turkey Post: Horrible Things Keep Happening in the World and All I Can Do is Post Videos!!!!

Here’s what’s really upsetting, in it’s on small way, about the news out of Turkey: they are really really really welcoming to Indian films.  In a way that I found really surprising when I started researching this post.  There were websites and articles, all about how happy they are to have India film in their country, how grateful they are to be part of these films, how proud they are of this connection.  On the other hand, when Dhoom 3 was filming in my town, it was reported as “hey, isn’t this kooky?”

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