The Funnest Madhuri Movie! Rajkumar!

I absolutely love this movie and I can’t believe it isn’t talked about more. There’s like 5 classic Madhuri dance numbers, Naseeruddin Shah plays a double role, and Aruna Irani is a witch. How is this not the most popular Madhuri movie ever????

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Friday Classics: Rajkumar, How Am I the Only Person Who Has Seen This Movie?

Wicked witches, evil uncles, twins, love potions, Madhuri Dixit, horses, fairy tale kingdoms, Danny Denzongpa, bungee cord fight scenes, geese, have I said anything bad so far?  No!  There is nothing bad in this movie!  It’s all goodness, goodness so rich that maybe it was hard for people to stomach, and thus its massive flop at the box office on release.  And, I was surprised to learn from the comments on my sexy songs post, not something that the readers here might even be aware of.

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Singer Amjad Sabri Killed in Pakistan

I was doing my usual morning browse through the news sites for something worth talking about, and I ran across a bigger story than I expected.  In the middle of photos from Priyanka’s Paris trip, and a follow-up story about the Udta Punjab piracy case, there was news that a Pakistani Qawwali singer who had worked in the Hindi film industry had been shot and killed while riding in a car in Karachi.

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