TGIF: Now More Than Ever, We Need A Silly Post!

Let’s see, I need something really phenomenal this week, don’t I?  Hmmm.  Hmmm.  Oh!  I have it!  A new twist on the original classic!

My very first TGIF post, which I was kind of proud of and kind of ashamed off, and then it wracked up lots of views so I decided to make it a theme, was comparing actors and actresses with food.  And now…….BABY ANIMALS!!!!

I thought this was going to be hard, and then I realized the simply thing is to find the animal first, and then the star.  I google image searched “puppies”, and right away I found my first match.  This is perfect, yes?  Sanjay Dutt and a little baby bulldog?


Not in every film, but doesn’t this little wolf-y puppy look just like Ranveer in Bajirao?


I know the hair isn’t right, but the expression in the eyes is the same, right?  Between Dilip Sahib and this sad little fluffy pup (I don’t know dog breeds).


Speaking of sad puppies, Ranbir was basically a happy-sad-mad puppy for all of ADHM.  But I think these two stills are a particularly good match, between him and the sad Labrador.


I know I don’t always cross gender lines, but this is just too perfect, right?  Alia and a little kitten, both with flowers on their heads?


On the other hand, can we agree that Aishwarya in ADHM perfectly matches this lip-licking kitten?


Also, Bhagyashree and this tiny big-eyed cocker spaniel puppy.  They both have such nice hair and perfectly round faces!


I debated a lot over Shahrukh and Salman (I almost went with Salman as the daddy pit bull over a whole bunch of puppies), but I think these two malamute pups playing together perfectly captures the whole Karan-Arjun vibe, don’t you?


On the other hand, these two corgie puppies making silly faces feels very Andaz Apna Apna.


So long as we are doing pairs, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in Gunday are a pretty good match for these two shiny coated pops, right?  Except the colors are reversed.


I just ran across this picture of a kitten, and I was struck by how his sort of evil heartless face matched Shahrukh in Asoka! (I’m not a cat person)


Oh!  Look at this kitten!  I saw it, and immediately thought “I’ve seen that before!”  But I couldn’t figure out where.  Thank goodness, the internet helped me find the perfect Rani Mukherjee surprise face to match.


It’s a different angle and all, but I don’t know, I think this kitten is kind of pulling off the sombrero better than Hrithik.




You know Arjun Kapoor‘s playing a basketball player in his next movie?  And also has got that sort of mixed up and fluffy and rough kind of vibe to him, like this little brown and black puppy.


I know they don’t seem to have much in common, but there is a sort of similar “I am lord of all I survey!” attitude between this Burmese Mountain puppy, and Shahrukh in Jab Tak Hain Jaan.  Also, they both have sort of layered mottled coats.


Speaking of snow and puppies who are lord of all they survey, look at this little brown dog and Salman in Lucky!  Both worn down by winter, but still alert and ready to do their best to defend their people.


This sort of casual glance over the top of the tulip fields, this is very similar between Amitabh and this random mutt, right?  Plus, same color tone in their outfit!


Speaking of recreating famous shots, I feel this kitten and Shahrukh have a similar attitude to red silk sheets.


I know I already listed Aish as a kitten, but that’s really just in the one role.  In her modeling photos she is something a little more exotic.  Like a bunny!  A fat sleek bunny who commands the camera.


You know who’s really exotic?  Rekha!  Can only be fully captured by a baby mongoose.


And can we agree that there is only one family that could possibly be considered as lion cubs?  Sunny, Bobby, and Abhay are even kind of moving like a pack!


And finally, the one real top lion cub.  Who somehow also always makes his way into these posts?  Anyway, Garam-Dharam!


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