FanVid Post! Because I Found a Bunch of Good Ones!

I usually like to have some kind of over-arching theme for these.  But, nope!  The theme is “I had a really good run of fanvids linking to other good fanvids on youtube”.  And I want to share them with you before I lose track of all the links.

This is the one that got me started, I got a notification that one of my favorite fanvid makers had just posted a new video.  And I had to watch it, because I was really curious how she would handle ADHM in a fanvid.  And it’s perfect!  Not a happy song, a obsessed song.


And then that lead me to another video recommended by the brilliant algorithms of youtube.  Which I had to watch, because who even knew there was a fanvid made for Bhoot Bangla?


And then I went to Jamilia’s channel to find if there were any other hidden gems, and there were!  Like this one, for Bombay Velvet, which I think I might like better than the film it came from?  Like, a lot better.  I really hated Bombay Velvet.


This one, which is one of those joyful mood pieces (remember my theory as to the different kinds of fanvids?)


Speaking of joyful mood pieces, I think I might like this one even better?


Jamiliax’s account turned out to be the gift that kept giving!  Because it wasn’t just her videos, it was the videos other people had made for her.  Like this one!  Look!  Chandni!


And look!  A whole bunch of old films!  Also, is it just me, or is there something really special in the way Jaya and Amitabh look at each other in their bit?  More than in the other segments?


Although Aamir and Juhi are pretty special too, and I love this song, and it fits so perfectly the mood of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.


Speaking of songs that are perfect for the mood of the movie, and really sweet love stories, I love this one for Jab We Met too!


And finally, something completely different!  Not a mood piece, or a story piece, or an homage to a particular film, but an homage to a particular star!

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