Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 23: Anuskha! MOVE YOURSELF!!! DO SOMETHING!

Welcome to part 2 of the big final battle section!  The part where stuff actually happens and I don’t just blather on and on about the set up for stuff happening!  If you want to read the blather part, it is here.  And you can go back in time from there to find the earlier posts.

Previously: Pretty much the entire movie happened.  Prabhas 2’s parents, Anushka and Prabhas 1, were terribly persecuted and their lives destroyed.  Prabhas 1 was killed by his best friend/foster father Kattappa, Anushka was imprisoned by the evil king who ordered it, Rana.  Prabhas 2 was taken to safety and raised far away and is only learning all of this now.  Prabhas 2’s immediate reaction is to call on everyone to come help him go to battle against Rana.  And, BATTLE!!!!


I talked in the last section about how with Prabhas 2, to think is to act.  He hears this story, Rana is bad, he is angry, he goes to battle.  And he goes to battle with the allies he has and the tools he has.  He uses them to the utmost, but he doesn’t bother to wait around and consider other possible tools that might be available to him later or if he could come up with a better idea if he worked at it or any of that.  Just, Bam!  Instant battle!

The advantage of this in this particular tactical situation is that it made Rana respond with BAM!  Instant attack!  There was no thinking, he just sent out the maximum number of soldiers immediately to run straight towards Prabhas 2’s group.

It’s boring to watch, not having nearly as many tactics as the Kalakeya battle, but it also fits with what we know of Rana’s character, and the character of tyrants in general.  He has so much power, that he doesn’t bother to be clever any more.  We saw that with his intro scene, his attack on the bull.  He beats it into submission.  There’s none of the grace and intelligence that we saw in Prabhas 1’s similar confrontations in this film, either with the bull or the elephant in his introduction.  Rana has grown old and strong with his power, and that very strength is his weakness.  He doesn’t know any other way to fight.

Image result for rana daggubati bullfight

Prabhas 2 is weaker, and less experienced, and that is his strength.  For one thing, he doesn’t know enough to be afraid, or to plan ahead, which means he is completely unpredictable for Rana.  For another, because he is weaker, he has to use his forces in ways that would not be expected.  Even using the enemy’s strength against themselves, there are so many soldiers that they can’t maneuver, if Prabhas can arrange for them to be kind of scrunched up together by his smaller forces, they will bump into each other and get confused and end up defeating themselves.  We see that right away, Prabhas 2’s go-to fight move is to just sort of push them all in front of him until they get backed up and create a clean strip in the battlefield.  Like I do when I am taking lint of the dryer trap.

They would still be hopelessly outmatched, if it weren’t for Rana defeating himself.  Starting with use his lawnmower chariot.  I love the lawnmower chariot, but it has the same problem as a real lawnmower, you have to make sure you are only going over grass, not flowers.  And Rana just takes the shortest path from point A (the gate out of the city) to point B (Anushka).  Which means he mows down a whole bunch of his own men!  Clearing another strip of battlefield before Prabhas 2 even gets to it.

Image result for rana daggubati chariot

(Lawnmower chariot!)

Anushka is just standing there, kind of in the background, with her brother to guard her.  Her brother tries his best, pulling out his knife which we get a close-up of, but Rana cuts his throat, and then grabs Anushka and tosses her in the back of the lawnmower, cuts another straight direct path through his own men to the gate, and then raises the gate, smooshing more of his men in the gap, like when you accidentally close a door on your finger, and smashing some others who fall to the ground.

Let’s pause and think about things for a moment here.  So many many things!  First, Anushka’s brother is dead!  So sad!!!!  And it really really really feels like it is supposed to be Subbaraju here, or was in some earlier draft, because of the way we get the close-up on his knife.  A knife is an odd weapon to use, practical for this particular close-in fighting situation, but wouldn’t you think he would have had a sword or arrows that he could have used before Rana got so close?  And to have the lingering camera look at it, makes it seem like the audience is supposed to recognize it.  Plus, it would be so resonate to have Prabhas 1’s knife be used a final time in an effort to defend Anushka 1.  But, no!  It’s Anushka’s brother, not her cousin.

I want to give his death a little time to breath, here in my recaps, time that is not really given to him in the film.  Let’s look at what we know of this man.  A kind brother, and a gentle king.  Willing to fight for his kingdom if necessary (we saw him on the battlements during the Pindari fight), but also wise enough to step back and let others who are more suited take the lead in those situations (Anushka was clearly the war-leader for the battle).  During the sudden attack on Kuntala, rather than stand and fight, he chose to rush to safety with what few children he could save.  Children, not adults who would be better suited to take back the kingdom, but children who could be a way of desperately trying to preserve the kingdom.  Over the next 25 years, he continued to gather more and more young people to him, and see them all die in failed attempts (Tamannah’s band has mostly people between the ages of 25-30 it looks like, which means those initial 10-12 year olds must all be dead, as are any other children who joined in the early years).  In an effort to cope with all this death and misery, he hardened his heart and focused on one goal, rescuing Anushka, so she could bring back all the hope and faith and courage that he was slowly losing.  Or, alternatively, he realized that any true victory was unlikely, but giving these kids an achievable goal to hold on to was the best he could do for them.  And now, suddenly, everything he has waited for has happened, almost before he has time to process it.  He is doing his best to accommodate to the new world, but he is still focused on protecting Anushka, even in the midst of battle when he might have served better by leading his fighters.  Or, alternatively, has his life of sacrifice and misery clarified his vision, so that he knows, for sure, Anushka is the key to this battle?

Anushka is the key, but not through her freedom, rather through her captivity.  How would this battle have played out if Rana failed to capture her?  He could have been over-whelmed by her defenses and forced to retreat, which would have given him time to formulate a better attack plan instead of mowing down his own men.  Best case scenario, he is confronted by Prabhas 1, or Anushka, and defeated.  But then, even with Rana dead, they still have to fight their way into the city, defeat the remnants of the King’s guard and stupid Nassar, and finally in a bloody unclear way take control by taking the throne room.  No, it is actually better for Rana to “win” at this point, bring the battle back into the palace grounds, and inspire Prabhas 2 in the way he needs to be inspired.  Equally important, to show to his men how little he cares for them.

(Plus, you know, Ramayana again.  Sita has to be captured so that Ram can rescue her)

I don’t think Anushka “knows” that.  But I think she knows that, from now on, if Rana takes her, Prabhas 2 will find and rescue her.  I can believe that she couldn’t fight off Rana after 25 years of brutal captivity.  But I can also believe, in certain circumstances, she might have killed herself rather than being taken again.  But those are NOT those circumstances.  She knows the battle isn’t over, that Prabhas 2 hasn’t even begun to fight, that a confrontation between Prabhas 2 and Rana is inevitable.  And her capture is just one small part of it, it will not change things one way or the other.  Might even accelerate the confrontation.  Not that I think she was standing there thinking “I shall let myself be captured and pretend fear in order to inspire Prabhas 2”.  But I do think she was thinking “I am panicked and unhappy, but he’s gonna come get me eventually.  This isn’t the end.”

Besides what Anushka’s capture did to Prabhas 2, there is also the consideration of what it did to Rana.  Not only did Rana kill his own men on the way to and from Anushka, he also pretty much went “welp, battle over!” as soon as he had her back.  Which explains why, for the remainder of the fight scenes, we see King’s Guard uniform guys just sort of standing around.  Or even joining in to help Prabhas 2 and his crew.  They literally don’t have anything to fight for any more, Rana was their only leader (I assume he had generals and stuff, but he didn’t take the time to field them that we saw, just ordered a straight up exit of the mass of soldiers from the city to the battlefield), and he just left, so there’s kind of not anything else to do besides stand around.  And observe that while your commander just left you, the “enemy” commander has a whole bunch of lieutenants taking charge of their own groups, and is actively trying to work out next steps.

That’s another thing about how Prabhas 2 is with his allies.  Prabhas 1 respected and worked well with Kattappa and kind of with Rana in the Kalakeya battle.  But Prabhas 2 didn’t just respect his allies, he let them go off and do their own thing most of the time.  The original attack was all kinds of coordinated, Prabhas 2, by himself or with help, had worked out how best to throw off Rana with a visual, then surprise the attackers with booby-traps and better fighting techniques then they expected, Kattappa hiding in the tall grass, etc. etc.  But after that, some people hung out to protect Anushka, other people were moving forward to the city gates, while others were stuck in skirmishes further back.  Now, with Rana gone and the whole battle sort of gone floop, everyone is figuring out their own thing in their own way.  Sure, Prabhas is the most spectacular, but he’s not exactly issuing exact directives to all the other people who end up doing other things.

But what is Prabhas 2 doing just now?  He saw Anushka being dragged away, he chased after and couldn’t quite catch the lawnmower chariot, he manages to grab hold of the drawbridge as it is being raised, but is shaken off when Rana uses his 50-yard bow (yes, I am doubling down on it being the same bow that Ramya offered him) to shoot one perfect arrow into his chest.

Uff!  What a dramatic ending!  Before moving on to the second phase of the battle, I want to talk about Prabhas 2’s chest for a moment.  When the first looks came out for this film, one of my reactions was that Rana and Prabhas had new outfits.  My first thought was just for the action figure money, so everyone would want to buy them all.  But after actually watching the film, the armour is deeply meaningful.


Prabhas 2 is wearing his father’s signal, a horse’s head against a rising sun.  He has accepted his father’s legacy, and is trying to carry it forward.  Rana, on the other hand, acknowledges no other anything.  The lion’s head is a symbol of Mahishmati, we see it periodically through out both films.  But it is a minor symbol.  It seems to be used more for the power of Mahishmati, but not for the society, the people, the city, the royal family, anything else.  It is over the throne, and it is on the front of Rana’s war chariot (thus available for Prabhas 1 to use to grasp the skull of the head Kalakeya).  But the horse’s head and the sun symbol, separately, also appear at least as often.  It is only after Rana’s reign begins that the lion becomes more and more prevelant.  And now, in this final battle, we see his current armor, which turns his entire body into the lion.  There is no “Rana and the power of Mahishmati”, Rana is Mahishmati.  At least, the Mahishmati that Rana sees, the throne and the power and the rule.

Image result for bahubali 2 first look

Prabhas 2 is representing a different vision of Mahishmati and of leadership.  While the lion is power and rule, the horse is grace, intelligence, service, elegance.  And, once again, Kshatriya.  The sword and the horse are both universal symbols of the upper warrior class.  Both valuable in battle, and expensive to maintain.  Only the elite of society can afford them, and in return for those resources being used for their needs, they provide service to others in society who need them.  Prabhas 1 and 2 are following that tradition, whether they rule Mahishmati or serve elsewhere makes no difference, their essential character is one of service.

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  1. – Totally agree about Rana just being complacent and only using his power. And it’s funny, before this movie, I wouldn’t have been surprised: in the first movie, his cool display of martial prowess is literally smashing that rock (compared to Prabhas 1’s agile arrow deflecting trick) and his attack plan against the Kalakeya is similarly “beat them into submission” (though he does get that brief moment of agreeing with Prabhas about using the three-pronged attack). It’s as though he can only be clever when going up against Prabhas 1, and when Prabhas 1 died, that clever subtle part of Rana died with him. Now he’s just the angry impulsive brute that I don’t think he ever wanted to be remembered as, if his golden statue (dressed as a king, not a warrior) is any indication.

    – Anushka’s sweet brother and his horrible life for the last twenty-five years break my heart. (Honestly, everyone is miserable for those twenty-five years! It’s like Prabhas 1 and Ramya were almost the lucky ones, to just die and be done with it while everyone else is repeatedly traumatized and turned into shells of their past selves.) I think it’s the first possibility you bring up, that for years, his only goal was to save Anushka because she was the only person he loved remaining (his kingdom was gone, his brother-in-law- both of them, actually- dead, his wife apparently died at some point in the interim. I honestly don’t think he planned his life any further after Anushka was recovered. And you’re right, it probably was selfish of him not to be leading his soldiers, but I don’t think he cared (Or Anushka and/or Prabhas 2 assigned him to guard Anushka, figuring he’d be the most motivated out of anyone there.)

    – The lawn mower chariot (and its indiscriminate slaughter of friend and foe alike) is the stupidest thing ever. And it already gets pointed out to be a bad bad idea in the Kalakeya war! Of all the cool gadgets Rana has, I can’t believe he held on to that. I know, I know, it’s perfect to sum up his character — but still. No wonder, like you said, most of his soldiers just kind of…awkwardly ignore that he’s fighting for his life.

    – Definitely agree about Anushka’s recapture being at least a little voluntary, at least subconsciously. Plus there’s the fact that she’s so clear in the first movie about how she wants Rana to die, and it’s very much not outside the city gates, but definitely in her fire pit, burned to ashes. There’s also that shot of Rana putting his foot on her head, to also tie back into her walking on his statue head later on.

    – Did we talk about Rana’s super creepy: “How could you leave me for [Prabhas 2]? He was only with you for nine months, but I was with you for twenty-five years?” Actually, depending on how long you think Prabhas 1 and Anushka were married before Prabhas 2 was conceived, that could refer to either Prabhas (I like to think they had 2-3 months before Prabhas 2 came along, but that’s to stretch out the happy times as much as possible.) The worst thing about that line was that he didn’t sound like he was just taunting her: on some level, he sounded genuinely puzzled to me about how she could have just up and left him. I can only imagine he was so desperate for a connection to her and what she represented that even her hatred was enough for him to imagine a bond between them.

    – Ooh, I really like the point about the lion being the power of Mahishmati, while the other symbols – horse, throne, etc. represent the royal family, or the people themselves. And ooh, do you remember a few posts back we were trying to figure out what Prabhas 1’s personal sigil was, and why Katappa was running around wearing it? There’s actually two horse-head-against-sun sigils: one that has triangular rays, and one that has squiggly rays. Triangular-ray one is more Mahishmati in general, and that is the one Kattappa wears on his armor in the flashback but not in the present day (either Rana changed the uniform to avoid the memory, or Kattappa didn’t feel he deserved it anymore). Squiggly-ray one (you can see it in the promo image you linked to in your post above!) is Prabhas 1’s, and later Prabhas 2’s, personal sigil that he wears consistently.

    – Finally, what the heck, are we supposed to assume Kattappa just hid all of Prabhas 1’s stuff somewhere for years and years (somewhere presumably outside the city gates, because we don’t see him return to the city) and maintained them in perfect condition without Rana ever catching on? But then again, Kattappa’s genius hiding place for Prabhas 1’s sword is literally on a table, hidden in a pile of kumkum, so maybe Rana just sucks at discovering hiding places.


    • I just thought that it was uncharacteristic the way anushka just stood there watching rana kill her brother. She could have atleast shown some expression like, “Oh my God! You killed my brother.” Something like shock or sadness anything instead of that stoic wooden expression. When I saw the movie the first Time I didn’t know that he was her brother I just thought that he was someone from her kingdom who wanted to free her. But it was my sister who pointed the fact out to me that he was her brother and I was like, your brother is getting killed and you’re just standing there like nothing is happening. I was just face palming myself over anushkas behavior at that moment. And also she didn’t have a single dialogue as far as I can remember in her older character. Atleast tamannah got to say two words when she was issuing commands to her men when anushka was doing that fire walk.
      Then coming to the part where rana says that creepy dialogue to her. The you were with me for twenty five years one. I think that he must have been getting flashbacks of the time anushka said no to him twenty five- twenty six years ago. Since Prabhas 2 looks exactly like his father he would have felt that again he is being spited by anushka who chose prabhas 2 over him. I don’t know why he thought she would be willing to stay with him. Maybe he was banking on her having Stockholm syndrome developed over years of captivity.

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      • That is a good point about Anushka’s nonreaction when her brother is killed( like you, I didn’t pick up that that was who it was the first time I watched)! Maybe it’s more of her refusal to give Rana the satisfaction of any reaction?


      • That death must have been planned to be a lot more tragic. I just can’t imagine that they would introduce this character, give him a backstory, and then kill him off in a second. So I am also going to assume that there was meant to be more of a reaction shot from Anushka to the death, but because it got edited down, it looks like she didn’t react at all.

        Kind of amazing that Anushka didn’t develop Stockholm syndrome! Or something. She seemed to move right on to being the Queen Mother from being a captive for 25 years. Meanwhile her poor brother’s brain was completely destroyed.

        On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 10:40 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I have no idea how Anushka didn’t lose her mind or develop Stockholm Syndrome. (My sad shipper heart wants to imagine ghost!Prabhas 1 hung around and kept her company — well, come on, as much as I’m sure he forgave her, I can’t imagine he wanted to spend eternity with Ramya–and maybe Kattappa and/or her brother visited occasionally?). But I remember reading a review of the movie that postulated that that was the point of her character: raise a girl with as much love and freedom as Kuntala did Anushka (as opposed to worrying about propriety and traditional “womanly values”), and she would have the inner strength to survive anything.


    • -What I love is that he has grown more and more physically powerful. Normally, in an older man-younger man battle, you would expect the younger man to have the strength advantage and the older man the intelligence. But that wouldn’t be true to these characters, Rana has always naturally preferred brute force, and Prabhas 2 has always been about finding an outside the box solution.

      -This film comes so close to making me think “Stupid Prabhas 2! With his happy forest childhood while everyone else is miserable!” But it skates away from that because on the other hand, it was the only thing keeping everyone going, the dream that a perfect prince would come and save them. And for Anushka in particular, I think she needed to believe that her son was happy and safe until he came for her. I think if Prabhas 2 had had some horrible childhood as a war slave or something, and still rescued her and saved the kingdom, it would have broken her in the end. To know that her sacrifice in sending him away just sent him to a life of misery.

      -I think Darth Vader and Rana are tied for “worst possible supervisor”

      -Yes! I think in Anushka’s mind, this battle always takes place within the city, and so at least subconsciously, she didn’t have a feeling that it was really really over while she was standing on the battle ground.

      -Did not talk about it, saving all the creep for the death scene (“Come! Die with me! HAHAHAHAHA!”). But the other thing I like about this one particular phrase is that Rana, once again, shows no awareness of Anushka as a separate being rather than an object. Being physically with him for 25 years is meaningless, if she doesn’t like him. It’s not like possession is 9/10ths of the law or something.

      -I’m thinking squiggly ray one is the ancient symbol of the house. And then it got symplified and modernized for the mass produced armor, turning into the symbol for the whole kingdom. But the squiggly rays is like the original old-fashioned one. Also, I suddenly realized why I started thinking like this, it’s all from Dharma productions! When Dharma goes to war, it is the Chakra logo and “Deva Shri Ganesha”, but when they are more romantic, it is Ganesh and Kuch Kuch. Now I want Karan to just straight up design uniforms for all his employees and give strict orders as to which they are to wear depending on the battle of the day.

      -Or maybe Rana knew about it and decided that it would be crueler to let Kattappa keep his crazy fantasies alive? Or maybe there are just random mounds of kumkum all over the palace that Kattappa constantly sneaks out to replenish?

      On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 9:50 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • – Exactly! The cliche is always “good/young=strong but dumb” and “evil/old=clever but weak” and it’s refreshing to see that reversed. Actually in general, it’s rare to see cleverness and ingenuity praised; if anything, it’s mistrusted as something that’s more found in villains, where the hero is just supposed to get by with his big heart and divine intervention. (Which arguably Prabhas 2 does in the end, but I appreciated it for the moment that it lasted.)

        – I think it’s important for the audience, too! I’m probably going to ramble more about this when we do our wrap-up, but can you imagine how depressing the films/story, if presented chronologically, would be (assuming that movie 1 would therefore end with the flashback, while movie 2 would be all present day stuff)? I think the one thing that makes the death of Prabhas 1 and resulting misery for all bearable is that we know that Prabhas 2, at least made it out to safety and had a happy, idyllic childhood – otherwise, it’s just 100% bleak. (It’s like watching Star Wars in chronologic order for some crazy reason and having no one to blame when you’re depressed at the end of Episode 3)

        – Possession being 9/10s of the law probably is on the books, considering the terrible Mahishmati legal system 😉 but yeah, Rana never understands what makes Anushka work, not the way he does Prabhas 1. Even Prabhas 2, I suspect, he could have figured out – Prabhas 2, bless him, is largely emotional above all else. I think that’s why, in the end, she’s the one instrumental to his defeat.

        – I could see that, the squiggly one being the original one and therefore passed down from father to son (I wonder what Nasser’s personal sigil was? Or maybe his being passed over meant he didn’t get one?) where the generic one got shared with the soldiers. And haha at the Dharma/Karan hypothesis!

        -“maybe there are just random mounds of kumkum all over the palace that Kattappa constantly sneaks out to replenish” – Well, obviously, this must be so! And Rana just sits around wondering where the heck the kumkum infestation is coming from, completely oblivious to the armor shaped mound in the front yard.


        • -And once again Prabhas 2 is Krishna. Succeeding by a combination of right being on his side and “cheating”. Or, put it another way, not feeling like it is cheating because right is on his side.

          -Especially if you follow the idea of Prabhas 1 and Anushka living on in Prabhas 2. The parts of them that we loved and that we want to be happy are carried forward in their son, and this time they are appreciated and encouraged with the happiness he deserves.

          -I don’t know, I think Prabhas 2 might have surprised him a little too. The parts that he inherited from Anushka, the quick decisions and confidence and clear idea of right and wrong based on his own feelings, not society.

          -For some reason I think of Nassar’s symbol as a set of scales. I feel like maybe that was behind him on one of the posters?

          -Probably Kattappa just paid off a maid to tell Rana that the kumkum is “woman’s business” and Rana didn’t want to know any more about it because girls are gross and weird.

          On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 4:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • kumkum is “woman’s business” and Rana didn’t want to know any more about it because girls are gross and weird…………

            I missed to read this line earlier. Now that I have red it, its very humerous 🙂


  2. I would like to bring three important points to notice here :

    1. In Jakarta battle we are shown kalakeyas worshipping a giant skull and big bones. Were they worshipping giants , or better demons?

    2. We are shown that prabahs0, prabhas1 shared that same symbol on forehead. So, is it possible that the secret regarding prabahs0 is that he might be adopted brother? All the more strongest reason for Nasser to hate him.
    If so, there is every reason to believe or even justify rana’s hate for Ramya’s and prabhas1 because of their extra ordinary relationship.

    3. I think kattappa retires from the kingdom and capital and mainstream politics after Ramya’s death . We are told that he is now working as the head of weapon manufacturing unit when sudden visits the place. One of his assistants says, ” we as servants lead a miserable lives. When there is a war or something we are called with gracious to protect kings life . When it is over we are treated with like dogs.”. This means kattappa not only retires but stays away from capital or from king. He visits capital during statue ceremony only for security reasons. He tries his best to convince anushka and tries to help her escape anushka from the chains. Anushka simply doesn’t want to go. From her determination we can see she is hell bent on killing Rana and doesn’t like to do anything else. This adds to your point of why she easily gives up on Rana and goes back with Rana not fighting.


    • Once again a typo. Please Margaret, give us an option of editing our posts.
      It’s good while I type it on my phone but as soon as I finish auto correct messes it up.
      It’s not Jakarta it’s kalakeya


      • I wish I could let you edit, but I don’t have that kind of control, it’s all just what wordpress lets me do.

        On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 10:44 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Sudden = Sudeep

      Kattappa also doesn’t look happy or light hearted at all anywhere in B1 or like he was when he was with prabhas1. It was like, he is more robot now than when he was with ramya and co.


      • Yes, absolutely! I think someone on an earlier post pointed out a line I had forgotten, where he tells Ramya that he is now dead as well, now that Prabhas 1 is dead.

        On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 10:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • 1. I assumed they were false bones, made in the shape of their demon like any other sculpture. But that could be wrong! It was just my assumption.

      2. What’s really interesting about that idea is it means Prabhas 0,1, and 2 share no blood relationship at all with Nassar and Rana, explaining their differences in personality.

      3. Good point. Based on how bleak the weapons mine looked, I wonder if it was more that Rana sent him there as punishment? He has to live a miserable boring life, and occasionally be brought to the city to watch Rana be king and make him more miserable. Or, alternatively, Rana started by keeping Kattappa close, got tired of how he never seemed to react to anything Rana did, and sent him away. But occasionally brings him back just to make sure he is still miserable.

      On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 10:42 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Margaret, your coining of word lawnmower chariot is brilliant and hilarious.

    Yes, Anushka wants to be caputured and take the battle into courtyard. But her non-reaction when Rana kill her brother is something like flaw in her character.


  4. Hey Margaret, in your next post please elaborate more on the war scenes. I think we need rewatching to truly appreciate war scenes.
    For e.g. After Rana steals anushka from battle field, we see that prabhas2 exposes himself to the rain of arrows at which time kattappa comes with a shield, gathers another crowd with shields and protects prabhas2 and takes him away from the field.
    Another example, when that bowls of people swinging using coconut trees, inspired by his father, is actually having only few people crossing over the wall. In the background we see a lot of those bowls falling down.
    Another example, as soon as they reach the top of wall they start attacking war machines and arrow machines. After attack is finished, when it is safe they break those chains at the sweet spot, probably leaked by kattappa, and the ledge false down.
    Only after these scenes do we see actual fight between Rana and Prabahs2. So I request you take time to appreciate these subtleties.
    I agree it is too fast and too much happening at the same time that we don’t really appreciate a lot of things. BTW I watched it for the third time yesterday. I looked out for all the points we discussed here and it only opened my eyes for the brilliance of Rajamouli. He really did his homework.


    • Will do! This one ended with the moment that Rana and Anushka escape into the city and Prabhas 1 is hit by the arrow. Right after that is when Kattappa protects him and then the battle continues, I’ll be picking up there on the next post.

      On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 11:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Until the time of the first war against the Kalakeya’s they both had a chain mail armour with some sort of design on them. At the big war, Bahu had the armour with the horse head which was also shown on that of Katappa’s while Bhalla had an armour with a lion head. The Mahishmati soldiers had general chain mail metal plated armour. In the 2ns part, Bhalla’s armour is the same just more embellished with “gold”? and the eyes stand out in red (rubies?)
    Shivudu had a full metal armour, unlike his fathers except for the symbol of the horse. It looks a bit misleading in the close-up shot but in the war, it’s clear it is a different one.

    The non training of Shivudu shows up in this bit. He is more emotional than he would be had he been trained a warrior. That is where Katappa centres his fight. Shivudu doesn’t mind death if he can free his mother but the point is to kill Bhalla. At stake is not just his mother but all of Mahishmati. Katappa has lost his king once, not again. And so he provokes him to be the son of the wise and intelligent Amarendra Bahubali. To try and think like his father.

    Frankly these last 45 minutes were a tad too long for me. The special effects did not match up to the standards of the rest of the film either. I wish they had not made the war this long and rather had a few scenes between the war and the coronation. Maybe to show how Shivudu transforms by his association into being more like Amarendra the king (thereby justifying the look at the coronation)


    • The armours are not the same for father and son? I had no idea. I thought that the armour was the same one from Rana’s swearing in ceremony. Also, Shivudu seems to have inherited his father’s earrings, too.😀 I enjoyed the fact that Shivudu lets loose his roar before going on to think like his father. Its like he had to do something to empty all that pent up anger and frustration and all before he had space in his head to think. Was cute. I loved it when he did the same while climbing the waterfall in Dhivara and before beheading Bhadra.

      I wish it didn’t end so abruptly. I wouldn’t have minded the lenghty war scene as long as they had done a bit more with the coronation. I was still waiting for something more to happen and didn’t realise that the SSR logo signified the end, the first time I saw it. I wasn’t pleased that Shivudu had his father’s exact same expression when we’ve never seen him that …serene (he always has some extreme emotion on his face – happiness, excitement, anger, frustration, etc but he is never just still and seemingly at peace!). He seems fierce while coming up the stairs and then he’s just so calm. Maybe his wide smile would have been good (for me).

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      • Interesting point about Prabhas 2 not being very Prabhas 2-y in that scene. But for me, having his adoptive parents there as a visual reminder that he isn’t the regular royal was enough.

        On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 6:36 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • The battle feels long to me too. But then, on the other hand, there were so many things that had to be resolved and could only be done in the big battle. Prabhas had to defeat Rana, Anushka had to complete her rounds, Kattappa had to punch Nassar, and so on and so on.

      Maybe it would have felt shorter if there had been more talky parts right before and right after. Instead of going straight through battle only.

      On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 4:12 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • M,
        I agree the battle had issues to resolve but a few minutes could have been shaved off. As you said there was abruptness – the sudden fire walk, the sudden coronation. Maybe I am biased because in the interviews SSR says the war was enhanced and maybe elongated basis feedback of B1.

        On a side note I am wondering, why did Devasena keep waiting for her son in that square all those years and never tried to free herself in the initial years to try and lead an uprising against Bhalla. She was a wrrior, of course weakened byher recent childbirth and lack of nutritive food and so on. Like Avanthika seemed to easily let Shivudu take over from her (I agree sprained ankle was so lame. Devasena seemed to handover to Shivudu the moment she asked him to promise he would return just before Sivagami whisked him away). I think a small scene of the populace after the Bahubali chant at the statue erection, had someone (even the soldiers) mentioned how seeing Devasena chained to the square reminded them of what Mahishmati had lost with the demise of Bahubali (it never became public how he dies, the announcement just said he did) and the disappearance thence of the baby Mahendra who was declared king. Maybe just maybe a soldier having his head slashed off for daring to utter this and then on people being shifty eyed but never saying it aloud. A flashback scene if you must tying into Bhalla feeling powerful with the eradication of Bahu’s name whereas it is simply lying just under teh surface to break open.


        • I wonder if it is tied back to a sense of order being necessary? If Anushka were to lead a revolution, she would have no mandate, no authority. But if Prabhas 2 does, he is the declared ruler of Mahishmati.

          Beyond that, it could just be a timeline thing. Like you say, the people don’t know how Prabhas 1 “really” died. They aren’t ready for a revolution yet, Rana can come out and tell them that Ramya and the baby died somehow, he is still king, and Anushka deserves to be punished for some reason. Anushka would have to know that a solo rebellion would be purposeless, she has to wait until the populace will support her. And by then she has been in chains for years and is too weak, simply waiting for her son to come and rescue her.

          I think we can also assume various escape attempts and so on over the years, until she decided she could do more good by waiting and weakening Rana from the inside.

          On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 9:07 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  7. Regarding Anuskha’s imprisonment and why she never tried to free herself – as soon as she heard of Prabhas1’s death, it fully hit her – she was indirectly responsible for his death. All the guilt (even though she knew she was not wrong in wanting him to become a king and he would have never wanted her to change her outspoken character) and the hindsight that she could have handled everything a little more politically since she was able to gauge everybody’s real evil character beneath the masks they wore in public unlike Prabhas1 – made her turn the imprisonment into a self-imposed one. Where she doesn’t have anyone to even talk to since she believes that her words caused the carnage? Any thoughts on this?


    • I can see this idea. Maybe with a slight shading. Not so much that she was afraid to talk or act, but she saw that talking and act had gotten nowhere in preventing this evil. So instead, she chose to harness her strength and act through inaction. Being a figure that would inspire others through her own suffering.

      On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 10:04 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • What actually surprises me is that the suffering does not seem to bother anyone else at all except the rebels (they have a blood-related leader). So I am not too sure of her trying to inspire anybody. Everybody else maybe feels sorry for her plight but nothing beyond that.


        • Well, based on that sequence when we first see Mahishmati in B1, possibly everyone else had their own things to worry about, what with the whipping and the gold stealing and all that.

          On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:20 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • True and this isnt my first post here. So i want to mention what i mentioned in my first post. Your analysis is awesome. Made me feel so happy about being able to read/ discuss everything in detail. So many shades and so many levels! Great job


  8. Hi Margaret, LOVE your posts! Gave me so much to think about the movie. All those things are explained here which Rajamouli would have if he just had the time.😊 Anyways, I was just so disappointed after the movie ended because Prabhas2 wasn’t the same as his father, and I wanted Prabhas1 to be king. I had spent 2.30 hrs rooting for him, after all. So I had the feeling ‘What was the point of Amarendra dying and his son getting the throne, because he isn’t capable enough’ . But after coming here , I fully appreciate the virtues of Mahendra . He is his own person and a very good one at that! He truly has the best qualities of Devasena and Amarendra , Rajamouli just couldn’t give enough time to explore it. And now , my sadness at Amarendra’s death has definitely lessened.😊


    • I am so glad you found the blog and enjoy the posts! And I am glad I could help lessen your sadness, I know what you mean! I had to keep writing fanfic where he didn’t die because it was just too sad.


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  10. Do you know the theory that Tamannah is Anushka’s brother’s daughter (they hinted as much in the first part when he excessively shouts at her for getting a tattoo like a dad would) and in effect Anushka’s niece? And cousins getting married is normal in South India but they reduced/removed that angle because North Indians would never accept it/think its creepy.


    • Yep, that came up in some of the comments (including an incredibly helpful person who schooled me on incest/not incest from the southern perspective). From the other side, even if she wasn’t his biological daughter, they still left in enough to make it clear she was a part of his “family”, which means for the southern audience there is the reassuring feeling that it is a nice traditional cousin marriage.

      And, in the previous generation, notice that Prabhas 1 calls Kattappa “Mama” (mother’s brother), and later Anushka refers to him as her child’s grandfather, and Prabhas 2 calls him “grandfather”. Meaning that was kind of a cousin marriage too, Prabhas 1 married the woman who considered his “Mama” as her father, and their child calls him “grandfather” instead of “Mama”.

      On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 9:52 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • But Katappa being mama in word and deed is no problem for North Indians. That is very normal for them.

        But they look down on incestous South Indians having cousin marriage 😬 of course now all of them watch game of thrones with no shame lol


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