It’s My Mother’s Birthday! In Her Honor, Her Favorite Songs!

It’s my mother’s birthday today!  I debated a post of sappy mother type songs, but she wouldn’t actually enjoy that.  So instead, I’m going to put up a post of all her favorite song videos!

My mother is a serious dance person.  Took ballet her whole childhood, and used to go into the city with her father to see all the big name performers who came through Chicago.  The Joffrey every year, New York Ballet when it came, Ballet Russe, and so on and so on.  Not in like a snobby way, just like she really really likes it.  The same way I really really like movies.

Anyway, that’s a big reason she likes the Indian movies I like (along with a bunch of other reasons), because they have those amazing dance numbers that no one in American film can really do.  Like, GOOD dancing.  Not stupid “I’ll fake a time step and everyone will be STUNNED” kind of dancing.  There are really good dancers in America, serious dancers, but most of them are still doing live performances, there isn’t enough work in movies to make it worthwhile to switch.

So, when we watched Lagaan as a family, my mother was obsessed with “Mitwa” for a while, because it is such innovative dancing.  It’s not about the costumes or the fancy camera work with that one, it’s just dancing.


We watched a lot of movies after that, but nothing really stood out as a dancing song until we ran across this one on a “Best of Madhuri” songs DVD.  Oh, and of course that is also when we met Prabhudeva.


That was an obsession for years, until it was replaced by this one.  Which has less complex dancing, but similarly innovative choreography.


Speaking of Aish, Bunty Aur Babli was a favorite of both my parents, and “Kajra Re” is obviously their favorite song from it.


A few years back, my parents and I were going to the movie theater to see Special 26, a clever intellectual respectable kind of movie for adult mature people.  But then we saw that ABCD was playing and decided to see that instead.  And Prabhudeva was MINDBLOWING.


And then finally, my parents love Bahubali (because they are people alive on this earth), and my mother loves the one little bit when our hero breaks free and does a tiny dance of joy.

10 thoughts on “It’s My Mother’s Birthday! In Her Honor, Her Favorite Songs!

  1. Happy birthday to your mother! 😀
    Mitwa is a lovely song. If she likes the Bollywood song-and-dance routines so much, I suggest you could get her to watch Guru for ‘Nanna Re’. Lovely dance number, an absolute celebration of joy in the rains!


    • “Nanne Re” is nice. Although I like “Tere Bina” better from that movie, feels a little more “different” somehow.

      And thank you! I will pass on the good wishes.

      On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 10:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh, I promised her I wouldn’t say! I’ve given up on my internet privacy, since I want you to buy my book and that is under my “real” name, but my family is still cautious.

      On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 10:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. A mom who can love Ishq Kameena is the best kind of mom! My mom prefers the good-family-boy version of the K3G theme song, but I am all FOR ISHQ KAMEENA. Have you shown her Radha yet?


    • I have not! Not enough dancing though, I don’t think she will like it. But after I watch it opening night, if the whole movie ends up being good, I will be taking her to see the whole thing. Although it’s hard to predict her reaction to these things, her response to Fan was “Aw, poor Gaurav, his heart was broken!”


  3. TO me the best Musical Numbers in Bollywood Comes this way :
    1. Dola re – Devdas
    2. Radha kaise na jale – Lagaan
    3. Aaja Nachle – forgot movie name
    4. Kajra re – Bunty aur Babli
    No male dancers were good until Hritik came along and
    5. Dhoom Machale – Dhoom 2
    6. Kamli – Dhoom3
    7. Behka – Ghajini
    8. Ek Do teen – Forgot movie name but done by Madhuri
    9. Yeh Ishq Hai – Jab we Met
    10. Barso Re Megha – Guru (This should be top of the list but somehow slided down)


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