I’m cleaning!!!! And Going on a Treasure Hunt

Hello blog people!  I have nothing to say to you today.  Normally Saturday is when I put up reviews of the movie I saw the night before, but my friend Dina was busy this week, so I didn’t see anything.  And now I have to run around doing a million things so there isn’t really any time for me to write a full blog post on something else.  Well, not yet.  Maybe tonight.  In the meantime, you can have what is now becoming traditional, the weekend post that just describes my day and maybe shows you a song you haven’t seen in a while.

I have 6 people coming over on Monday, and I have no clean clothes, and I have to gather a list of many items for Sunday school tomorrow.  Very busy!

So, first, I woke up and vacuumed because it is my least favorite part of cleaning so I might as well get it over with.

(This is for that weird vacuum of outer space part at the end)

After vacuuming, dusting!  Especially the piano which somehow gets dusty within minutes of when I last dusted it.

(Along with all the other tragedies of her life, poor Vyjantimala has to keep that gosh darn thing clean.  And in India, where there’s a lot more dust!)

Now I have to go to the laundromat and do a big wash while I read Prem Chopra’s autobiography (Happy Birthday Premji!)


But the real challenge is the email I just got from the other teacher in my Sunday school class asking if I could bring dirt, beets, a leaf, fudge, eyeglasses, a toy lamb, coffee, a finger, an eye, and old pictures for class tomorrow.

Let’s see if I can at least represent all of those in images/songs!

Dirt (well, mud):






Fudge (well, chocolate):








A finger:

An eye:


and finally, old pictures!



The point is, I will have a very busy day, I have a faint hope that I will be able to write a real post and put it up sometime this evening, but probably not before then.  And I haven’t even written my weekly fanfic yet!  Feel free to give me ideas for that in the comments if you need something to talk about.


3 thoughts on “I’m cleaning!!!! And Going on a Treasure Hunt

  1. I wanted to post a clip of Rani vacuuming from KANK but I couldn’t find the specific part I was looking for. But I guess you know what I’m talking about right?

    Anywho, so I spent the entire day doing those numbers. Yes, I know very annoying that I wont let this go but it really is your fault. You made me think. 😛

    The numbers have come in kind of incredible. This is what the stars’ ranking looks like according to their WW net returns on investment for the period 2010-16.

    Rank Return on Investment Total
    1 Aamir (5 Films) 832%
    2 Salman (11 films) 262%
    3 Kangana (7 Films) 194%
    4 Varun (7 Films) 174%
    5 SRK (9 Films) 172%
    6 Ranveer (10 Films) 109%
    7 Hrithik (7 Films) 106%
    8 Ranbir (9 Films) 100%
    9 Akshay (25 films) 98%
    10 Ajay (18 Films) 71%
    11 Shahid (11 Films) 47%

    I used the simplest formula (percentage of net WW profit/budget) suggested by my CA friend which I was told means if I gave Aamir 100 bucks, he’d give back 832 bucks or in case of Shahid, of the 100 bucks I gave him, he only gave me 47 back.

    If you think it’s odd that Varun should be ranked higher than SRK, it’s because it is. BUT he was a part of Dilwale and technically, purely technically, the film counts as a hit in his kitty even though it is 100% an SRK film. But before you feel like that’s unfair, remember that Aamir’s numbers also include the super small Dhobi Ghat which only screened on 600 screens which are dragging his averages down.

    Kangana was the real challenge to do. I didn’t know if I should count her multi-starrers as “hers” or do they get counted in the male stars’ kitty? So I went with films that have her in the lead. And her numbers are great even with disasters like Rajjo, Revolver Rani and I Love NY.

    This is just the total net RoI though, the domestic figures are really bad!! I’ll post those tomorrow because I just can’t look at them anymore!!


    • Have you read that post I linked you to yet? Part of it is dealing with the “how do you count multistarrers?” Question. I opted for just eliminating them completely, and only looking at true star films. So , varun got abcd2 but not dilwale. Just to give you an alternative rabbit hole of numbers to jump down.

      Also, I do know that vacuum scene! It was an important moment in one of my favorite fanvids, which has since been pulled (stupid copyright laws)

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      • Well, it’s not too difficult considering I’d attribute Karan-Arjun to both SRK and Salman. And Dilwale was significant overall mostly in terms of footfall numbers and not really BO figures. So I kinda looked just at screen time he got and it was fair to give him this. And since Varun has a consistent record, taking out Dilwale wasn’t making a world of difference to his record anyway. Weirdly enough, I thought I should eliminate Dear Zindagi from SRK’s list since it was a small release considering his average screen count BUT all his averages fell when I did that. So I decided to include that as it was technically above 1000 screens.

        Kangana really was the big challenge.

        I did read that post. But the figures I put together are just bankability.

        I totally get SRK’s nervousness now. He must be looking at similar figures. And he should be very worried.

        His domestic RoI is around 31% which is BAD. plus he has around 52% of all earnings from abroad meaning he’s getting rejected locally but his earnings balance out on the whole. But he is still slipping.

        Aamir on the other hand is minting it!! Even without the Chinese money, he’s minting it and staying very comfortable earnings wise.

        I do have the data sorted according to yearly avg earnings just from BO alone and SRK is at around 400 cr+ with 9 films while amir is at around 620 cr with 4+1 films.

        I really thought SRK would be more comfortable than that.


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