JHMS Alert!!!! Deleted Scene!

Apparently, the move was going to be even sexier.  And then they cut this part, no doubt in fear of law suits because of fainting and heart attacks in the theater.  And also, it doesn’t quite work as well with the plot. (full JHMS coverage here)



Thank you anonymous commentator for the translation!

Anushka: Why are you acting? You can watch if you want to. We’re just waiting for her.
SRK: You want to watch?
Anuska: Why would I want to watch?
SRK: You’re a girl. How can I explain it to you? It doesn’t work for me. Just look, no touch. (He says something else after this but the sound is bad) It doesn’t work for me.
Anushka: Yeah, it only works with me – just look and no touch.
-He squeezes her face. She pushes his hand away.-
Anushka – not that kind of touch.
Grabs her and pushes her against the wall and says-
SRK – this kind of touch?
Anuska – You have a PHD in this subject so tell me – How am I?
SRK – There’s just one problem, Sejal.
Moves away.
SRK – Come on, let’s go. It’s getting too serious. Let’s go.
SRK walks away and Anuska follows.

So, this is apparently just as they enter the strip club to see Natassha, before the part where Shahrukh points her out and Anushka agrees she is “Layak” and deserves a diamond ring.  I can kind of see why it was cut.  First, as Shahrukh says at the end, it is too serious.  Too serious for this point of the movie.  They had tickled, they had hugged on the train, but they hadn’t gotten aggressively sexual yet.  To do it here would take away some of the importance of Anushka’s advances after “Yaadon Mein”.  That Shahrukh was so careful to wait for her to take the lead, and that she needed such a hugely emotional moment to feel it.

If we look at how they interact here, she is pushing for something without really knowing what she is pushing for.  And when he gives it to her, she is confused and overcome, but doesn’t want it to end, grabbing him and holding him for a second.  I do like how she holds him, it’s not exactly sexual, it’s both sexual and comforting, loving.  She is giving him more than just sex, without him even asking for it.

And it tells us something about Shahrukh’s character that he has no interest in watching strippers.  First, I think he sincerely is not a visual person, he is attracted by touch not sight.  Except, as Anushka points out, with her.  She is angry about it, but again she is missing how incredibly strangely drawn to her he is.  He noticed her from the very beginning, by sight not touch, even though usually he needs touch to turn himself on.  Because she is so over-whelming for him that ever sense is alerted.

And second, in a larger sense, I don’t see Shahrukh’s character wanting/needing fulfillment from women on offer to him.  I think he needs that challenge, that re-affirming of his masculinity.  A stripper, or any other women who is “easy” in some way would not work for him.  Not that he needs to seduce virgins or something, not like that, but he wants some kind of a challenge.  An older woman he has to convince to give him a chance (as I picture happening with Klara), or a woman who wants him but he has to go behind her boyfriend’s back (as we saw in the nightclub).

Oh, and third, this adds a layer to that bit in “Phurr” when Anushka strips for him.  She knows he doesn’t enjoy that kind of performance really, so it is just for her, not him, and he is playing along.  I mean, we got that already just from their attitudes, but now we know it is something that was explicitly said between them, he doesn’t want/need her to dance for him, so her doing it is just her enjoying her own sexuality and that’s it.


Oh and finally, at the end, she asks him “how am I?”  Which makes his “you are worth more than her” comment a few scenes later a continuation of their conversation.  Plus, did you notice in that later scene, he had just pulled Natasha close to him in order to keep her away from the gundas.  So it wasn’t just looking (which, as we now know, he doesn’t like), it was touching too.  He had pulled her equally close to how he had pulled Anushka in this scene so it was a complete comparison, look and touch, and Anushka did more for him.

And one final totally petty note.  Do you notice that when they are pressed together, while they are lightly touching in the torso and shoulders and face, but their lower halves are pressed together tightly the entire time?  Just like the hug on the train before, or the hug at the very end, they want to be so close there.

Anyway, mostly, OMG SO SEXY!!!!

46 thoughts on “JHMS Alert!!!! Deleted Scene!

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    • I just sent the link to a friend with a warning to have a bucket of water ready to throw on herself afterwards.

      On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 11:29 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • The scene is a f t e r they have got shown Nastassja and watched her. Now they are leaving the club to wait outside. That’s why Sejal suggest they could stay because they have to wait anyway.
        In the first hotelroom scene, when he confesses, he gots nearer and nearer to Sejal and is so near at the end that he has to will his hands aside not to touch her when she stands up. What I found very revealing was the scene at the first bar…he did the same… he did not touvh at once the girl’s navel but did a kind of approach.
        Basically, he seems to leave the decision to the respective woman.
        I think, the scene would have fitted very well.

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  2. Thanks to whomever provided the english translation. Even though the visuals were very HOT, to know what is being said just makes it better. I agree that it looks like this was shot after watching Naste dance and they were leaving the club. I love the look on Harry’s face as he starts to react after grasping Sejal (like he is starting to lose control and wills himself to stop). Then when Sejal grabs Harry, his face shows how much he loves her.

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  3. Torture! I saw this come out hours ago and was just able to watch it. Imtiaz and Anushka really have brought out a dis-inhibited, but genuine-feeling, Shah Rukh. Compare this to “those scenes” from Maya Memsab which are over-produced, frenetic, and lack connection. I’m eternally grateful to both of them–and Shah Rukh too, of course! 🙂


    • He was very uninhibited with his movie but I think that eagerness to be authentic was there in Fan, Raees, and Dear Zindagi too. I’m not sure how long it was last since it isn’t getting the right results for him so we will have to see.
      He accepted a Vogue award a couple days ago for Entertainer of the Decade and said in his speech that this was his “screw-up year” and that he doesn’t think he entertained anyone this year.
      I’m interested to know what decisions he will be making regarding how he wants to drive his career because he seems quite down. He has mostly disappeared from twitter too.

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      • I agree. I said on another thread recently that Shah Rukh really has connected with a raw vulnerability in his recent films. In this comment I’m just talking about the full-on carnality in JHMS. He’s always flirted and teased with sensuality, but this is frank and real in a way he’s rarely acted (in films anyway).

        I heard about the Vogue award, but hadn’t heard what he said in his speech. I hope he was just being self-deprecating.

        Well, we can hope he’s reading/hearing from some of the folks who loved JHMS (and FAN, and Raees) also. I think he decided years ago not to share much of himself on Twitter. He opens up a bit during movie or brand promotions, but then is pretty quiet the rest of the time.

        He’s always said both success and failure are transitory. I hope he believes it. But yes, it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.


        • I for one hope he follows through on his promise of one film every year with Imtiaz. I feel they both have similar ideas on love and romance, and also feel Anushka, by far, is the luckiest of all his leading ladies. Their pairing in this one was real, intense and mature. Hope we get to see more of the real SRK in his future romances. I do agree with the poster who said Suri, Sunil and Harry were the closest to being SRK’s offscreen facets.

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          • Rani has had some pretty intense scenes with him too, in Chalte Chalte and Paheli. Oh, and KANK of course. He jokes about it in the Paheli behind the scenes. Something like “How do you always end up in bed with me?”


          • Rani and Anushka both seem like really good actresses for those kinds of scenes. Very professional and focused, with a good personal relationship with Shahrukh that isn’t super super super close. Like I don’t know if he would ever feel comfortable doing a sexy scene with Juhi, just because it would be hard to set aside the personal and be fully professional with her.

            On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 4:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. For myself, while I very much appreciated (and enjoyed!) the bit of clarifying back-story and the accompanying visuals, I prefer the way the story played out in the final cut of the film. I think it does a far better job of leading to the happy ending~and the very happy future Harry and Sejal will no doubt have. Sejal was allowed (forced?) by Harry to grow into her sexuality at a slower, gentler pace than she might have and I like Harry A LOT for respecting both her incredible naivete and innocence and the fact that she is, in fact, formally engaged to another guy (loser though he is!) up until the time when Harry goes to India to claim her for his wife. He truly discovered that he is one of the good guys during their journey! And in the process, he made certain that Sejal would have no regrets about her own behavior. He cared for her so much and this is evident throughout the film.

    Thanks so much for sharing this~for managing to get the translation of the dialogue and (as always) for the illuminating and cogent analysis! JHMS has from my first watch been one of my favorite love stories, but you have added greatly to my appreciation of the story with your scene by scenes.

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    • Excellent point, this is the only moment when he really crosses the line into being aggressive in his pursuit. Not that he is inappropriate here, she is explicitly giving him an opening, but it goes against the very careful respect and distance he gives her at every other point of the film.

      On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 1:04 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • I’m torn about whether it was good they deleted it or not. Arguing for cutting it, it isn’t really essential and slows the story, without it the tension builds that much more before Yaadon Mein, and as others have said, without it the theme of Harry letting Sejal take the lead sexually comes through.

      Arguing for leaving it in, Harry’s comment about Sejal ranking higher makes MUCH more sense with this scene coming before, it is very sexy and would have been great to see (repeatedly) on the big screen, and I love the moment when Sejal lovingly embraces him. His face and body language. Argh.


      • I think it’s okay…and it fits also with Imtiaz knack for the number 3 in the movie…so many things comes as threesomes…and we have three important hugs in the movie: the one in the train, the one in Lisbon and the one in Mumbai. This one we enjoy now 🙂

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      • And, one small thing, but every time I watched it, I felt like the cut from the end of Nastasia’s dance to her walking out was really really abrupt. Makes me think this scene must have been a last minute cut, they didn’t even have time to insert a pan through the club, or a couple more seconds of Nastasia walking out, had to just abruptly cut it off.

        On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 2:06 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I think it was better cut mainly because it doesn’t tell us anything new. Sejal had been seeking validation for a while anyway. That his presence was inspiring a lot of lust in her was also known. Him being attracted to her but pulling back at the end comes anyway when they almost sleep together. This would have just repeated it. Even the idea that he doesn’t want to touch her sexually because he loves her – he pretty much admits it here by telling her there is one problem why he can’t answer her question about how desirable she is. And that this is “too serious.”

        She wants him to make a move, he can’t resist and does, but gets control of himself really quickly. It gets repeated more strongly later on after the Gas encounter so there was no need for it to happen twice.

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        • I wonder how many other scenes were cut? If this is the only cut, it makes no sense in terms of length/repetitiveness. But if they cut 5 scenes like this, that would have gotten it down to a solidly shorter length. Perhaps we will get a handful of scenes like this, comedy or moments together that are nice, but not vital, and there fore were taken out at the last minute for length.

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          • I would like to see the scenes that would have given another outcome/colour to the movie when exchanged against scenes in the movie. I am sure Imtiaz had different stories in mind…he is a wizzard and all the bashing is such a pity.

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  5. First, thank you SO much for the translation. Makes a world of difference. Now that Claudia pointed out that it is after they watch Natasia and before they talk to her, it makes much more sense. I haven’t had a chance to see his speech at Vogue but it is too too sad that he thinks he hasn’t entertained with Dear Zindagi, Raes, and JHMS. I wish wish we could tell him otherwise.

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  6. What a delightful gabfest. Bouncing ideas off one another surely does increase the enjoyment.
    New point: — Was Sejal giving a hug or getting one for herself?– Remember in the train he had asked for a hug. She internalized again his loneliness and need for touch. But now she also understood that it was OK to ask for a hug. What he gives her is a full body hug – then she pulls him back into a hug with her arms. It seems she wants to give a hug but then she asks, how am I doing? Thoughts?

    I saw another moment displaying Harry’s sensitivity. After he pushed her against the wall, he had to extract himself without conveying rejection; Sejal is especially sensitive to rejection. Notice how carefully he backs away before she pulls him into her big hug. Shahrukh is a master of timing and pacing. Just like we saw in the kissing scene.

    Added reasons for cutting it: he disappears entirely from the shot when he bends down, the close up doesn’t show why he bent down, the waitress in the background clearly competes with the intimate moment, Sejal’s hair sticks to his beard.

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    • Sejal’s hair sticks to his beard in the Amsterdam night club scene too! And it bothered me.

      The way he backed away from her was so similar to the Portugal night. The way he stood up and moved back after suddenly grabbing her on the couch. It was a similar giving in for a moment to his usually aggressive moves, and then being horrified because that’s not how he sees her and not what he wants from her. Not exactly. And, just like in Portugal, what he wants more is the hug, a mutual giving of comfort, not just him taking control.

      On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 8:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • This scene is shot so well… all actions look very natural. He bends down in end to pick up his jacket that fell from his hands when he grabbed and pushed her on the wall. (they could have excluded this jacket part by not having a jacket in hand but on him during the scene ) but they did it intentionally to break the heat that build up all of a sudden. Secondly, Sejal’s hair sticking in his beard also look very natural… when u get so close to each other this will obviously happen. Only reason to delete this was repetitive nature of this scene as pointed out above which wud only add length to the movie. there must be many more scenes cut, one we know clearly is when they both are standing in separate balconies. One song was also cut i read somewhere … which was a rain song 🙂

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      • But Gwen is right with the waitress…I have to say that I did not even noticed her the first times but then she invaded the intimicy at a crucial moment.
        I liked it how ShahRukh made sure that he was indeed at the right spot to turn Sejal around against the jamb.
        I agree also with a kind of repetition of Harry’s reaction that the audience would have gotten although, regarding Sejal, the Lisbon scene would have been an increase in boldness, in her demand to get shown from Harry that she is “layak”. It strengthens my theory that Imtiaz had more than one possible story in mind. Imagine if Sejal would have faked the search for the ring, would have even faked the loss, then she was on a more aggressive kind of seeking her value as a desirable woman. The fact that we have no idea how she perceived Harry during the month other than through her words of “split peronality” gives room to more than one narration. The first thing she says to Harry is that she had tried to reach him by calling him on the phone.


  7. My comment history on WordPress has just gone to hell since JHMS came out. Nevertheless I need to point out that this scene provides additional evidence for the butt question. Nice curve at the small of his back, and still plenty to hold on to. See how Anushka puts her hand on his hip? Naughty naughty. Margaret, I may ask you to delete this later out of embarrassment. 🙂


    • This is VITAL!!! in academia, it is called a “close reading” of a scene, or “textual analysis”. or, alternatively, “star studies”. anyway, a totally respectable area of research. Heh, “area”.

      On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 9:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Except she looks constipated all the time and acts like she’s better than everyone else.

            Also, some news article claimed Priyanka is the 8th highest earning actor in the world. I didn’t check the source of that clickbait article


          • I could believe the Priyanka story, depending on how they add things up and if it is only counting actresses. The big Indian money with brand endorsements and public appearances combined with the big American money from TV show lead could do it. And since actresses in general are so underpaid.

            On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 8:25 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I hate how quickly I ran to watch that.

      Translation for the non-Hindi speakers –

      SRK: Hey Mayank, we came to meet Gas. I’ll call you later.

      Mayank: Paaji, one last one. How is this one?

      SRK: It’s fine.

      Mayank: Paaji, don’t say it in a hurry.

      SRK: It’s great. Come on.

      Anushka: What is it?

      SRK: He’s shopping for his bride.

      Anuska: Oh, let me see!

      Mayank shows her the outfit.

      Anuska: This is great?

      Mayank: It’s not?

      Anushka: It’s third-class.

      Mayank: What about this one?

      Anushka: It’s shit.

      Mayank: This?

      Anushka: Do you hate your girlfriend?

      Mayank: No, I love her.

      Anushka: Then return all this.

      Mayank: But Harry said…

      Anushka: Okay, turn your phone around. Let me see this shop.

      -Anushka sits in SRK’s lap.-

      Anushka: Hmm, you won’t be able to do this. I’m going to have to do something. Leave this shop right now.

      Mayank: Are you really sitting in his lap, sister? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

      -SRK almost starts laughing and Anuska moves off his lap-

      SRK: Okay, get lost now. I’ll call you later.

      Mayank: But wait, Paaji. Stop. Shopping…

      SRK: Bye.

      Anushka: I didn’t think about it. Is it a problem?

      SRK: Why would I have a problem with it? I’m not Rupen.

      Anushka: I’m committing a sin, right? Right? Tell me.

      SRK: You’re asking me about sin? Do you know who I am?

      Anushka: Who are you? No, no, today you should tell me. Who are you?

      Random dude: Harinder, Mr. Gas has arrived.

      SRK: Okay.

      Anushka: Harry…

      SRK: Don’t worry.

      Anushka: He’s a criminal.

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  8. Please brother can you help me I want the song in prague club singing by the club girls stripper dancers where harry and sejal searching for that girl nastasha who thought took it the ring please I want that backgroung english song in that scence


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