Another Deleted Scene!!!! Shahrukh Must Be Very Concerned About my View Counts

Remember how all the teaser trailer releases were coded love messages from SRK to me?  Well, I think these deleted scenes might be as well!  He knew my view count was going down with no big releases for the past few weeks and, to help me out, he is posting these videos.  Oh, and also to help me, a nice commentator has given us a TRANSLATION!!!! (full coverage of Jab Harry Met Sejal here)

Without subtitles, I can’t do a full analysis (another reason for you to be nice and translate it for me!), but I can do a partial analysis.  This is another little transition scene, would have come after the end of “Phurr” and before the “Gas” scene in the cafe.  It looks like they arrive at the cafe, and Manky calls as they head towards their table.  He is in a store trying to pick out something to give Evelyn to wear at their engagement.  Shahrukh is useless, so Anushka pokes her head in and casually sits on Shahrukh’s lap while he puts his arm around her to steady her.  And she rejects all of Manky’s options, and I think tells him to just leave the store.  Manky can’t help reacting to the them sitting so close, which makes Anushka aware and she moves away.  And then there is conversation I can’t understand, and she gently reaches out and rests her hand on Shahrukh’s knee as they are talking.  And then there is the part we already saw, with the cafe owner coming to get him.


In my description of this scene as it appears in the movie, I talked about how the cafe owner seems kind of sorry to break them up, and gives them a moment to say good-bye.  Because it is so clear that this couple is a couple, that he is taking her soul with him as he leaves and they need a moment to prepare for that.  And that is how they play it too, him comforting her and her all big eyed and long-legged and scared.  It’s not a small thing for them to be apart.

Now that we have the full scene, it is that plus more.  The cafe owner has seen her sitting on his lap to see the same phone, not in a teenage flirty sexy way, but in a casual “we are so much of a pair that I can just sit on you because it is convenient and I know you will hold me up” way.  And then seen the delicate way she touches his knee while they talk.  There is a lot here to inform him of their closeness.  And a lot here to reinforce for them how close they are, to make the upcoming separation even more unbearable.  Both the final separation that comes ever closer, and this immediate one where he has to leave her and go into danger alone.


Now, dialogue translation:

SRK: Hey Mayank, we came to meet Gas. I’ll call you later.
Mayank: Paaji, one last one. How is this one?
SRK: It’s fine.
Mayank: Paaji, don’t say it in a hurry.
SRK: It’s great. Come on.
Anushka: What is it?
SRK: He’s shopping for his bride.
Anuska: Oh, let me see!
Mayank shows her the outfit.
Anuska: This is great?
Mayank: It’s not?
Anushka: It’s third-class.
Mayank: What about this one?
Anushka: It’s shit.
Mayank: This?
Anushka: Do you hate your girlfriend?
Mayank: No, I love her.
Anushka: Then return all this.
Mayank: But Harry said…
Anushka: Okay, turn your phone around. Let me see this shop.
-Anushka sits in SRK’s lap.-
Anushka: Hmm, you won’t be able to do this. I’m going to have to do something. Leave this shop right now.
Mayank: Are you really sitting in his lap, sister? Or are my eyes deceiving me?
-SRK almost starts laughing and Anuska moves off his lap-
SRK: Okay, get lost now. I’ll call you later.
Mayank: But wait, Paaji. Stop. Shopping…
SRK: Bye.
Anushka: I didn’t think about it. Is it a problem?
SRK: Why would I have a problem with it? I’m not Rupen.
Anushka: I’m committing a sin, right? Right? Tell me.
SRK: You’re asking me about sin? Do you know who I am?
Anushka: Who are you? No, no, today you should tell me. Who are you?
Random dude: Harinder, Mr. Gas has arrived.
SRK: Okay.
Anushka: Harry…
SRK: Don’t worry.
Anushka: He’s a criminal.
Huh.  Well, this is interesting!  The words by themselves sound super deep and important, but rewatching the video, they are said so casually and joking that we can see it isn’t actually what they seem.
They are kind of playacting how they should be.  Anushka should be torn with guilt over letting down her maidenly modesty and so on and so on.  And Shahrukh should be torn with guilt over seducing her.  But instead, she is kind of smiling and asking “is this a problem?” in the same way she might ask “is this tip big enough?”  She is acknowledging what just happened, but doesn’t really care about it that much.
And it is making him laugh, because they are so far past this kind of deepness, she in feeling guilt and him in feeling like he has “ruined” her.  It’s a post-“Phurr” world, she can take care of herself.
There’s also the “why should I care, I’m not Rupen” line.  Which works on two levels.  First, if Anushka is “sinning”, it is Rupen who is being wronged, he is the one who should care.  A reminder that the whole world isn’t actually invested in her modesty (despite how Indian culture sometimes makes it seem), everyone besides her boyfriend has no right or reason to care.
And second, that Shahrukh is generally not like Rupen, not someone who thinks like that or wants her to be a certain way.  He is someone different.
That is what she is responding to in her “who are you” question.  She is saying it half-joking, because again everything between them is a joke right now, everything is happy.  But it is also half serious.  If he isn’t “Rupen”, isn’t a boring regular guy, isn’t her fiance, then what is he?  Who is he to her?

23 thoughts on “Another Deleted Scene!!!! Shahrukh Must Be Very Concerned About my View Counts

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  2. I think it’s a faux casualness because discussing it seriously would open up other issues that they have to deal with but aren’t ready for yet. This is actually the first time Sejal admits she is doing something. Earlier she would have just dismissed it as nothing. Now she knows this type of closeness isn’t actually normal but she likes it and realizes it’s wrong at least because of her responsibilities towards her fiance.
    The only way it can be acknowledged at this point is in a joking form. Because if it’s serious, then what happens next? Does she have to make a decision to dump her fiance? Does she owe something to Harry? What are her future plans? Where is all this actually headed? Neither one wants to think about it or answer those questions right now. Just that they want to keep on doing what makes them feel good – for now.
    Even the ‘who are you’ question matters. It’s not the right moment so it basically goes ignored and dealt with as a joke. But in all seriousness, I think this is the no.1 thing going through Anushka’s head. Who is Harry? Is he the person she can leave everything for? How much do his past ‘sins’ matter? It gets answered much later for her.
    Unlike the other scene, I feel like this one should have been retained.

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    • I like this interpretation. It’s kind of the easy joking version of their final fight. She is tip toeing up to the idea that she might be a “bad” woman, and he is not agreeing or disagreeing yet. But her final question is the same “who are you?” and “what do you want?” And that also feels very “coupley”. The kind of big blow out fight they have at the end usually comes up over things that have been bubbling under the surface for a while, that have come up in different ways over and over again.

      It also gets back to his response of “I’m not Rupen”. If he isn’t the good Indian fiance who would judge her for these things, then who is he? who is he to her, and who is he in the world? That’s what she needs to know, but doesn’t see yet that he doesn’t know that himself.


    • Yes, I think you are spot on. I REALLY wish they’d have kept this scene in, because it would be a better tranition from Phurr to Gas, sets up a nice prelude for Sejal’s “my queen-size bed” line, and especially sets up the Mayank wedding thing much better.


  3. Yes, he loves you or at least Red Chilies does! I LOVE this scene. It says so so much. She really is acting like a wife on her honeymoon or at least newly wed. Intimate, not afraid of PDA, but casual. His easiness with it also shows “what he is getting used to” : attraction but no cat and mouse games. Have we ( you) pinpointed the moment when his feelings for her turn from annoyance to like to love?

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    • Yes! He is getting used to it too. This isn’t so long after he felt the need to make a special request just for her to hug him, and now he is casually balancing her on his knee, without turning sexual or guilty.

      I think the annoyance starts to go away after he saves her at the club and she breaks down. He lets himself see her as a scared little girl who needs him, just like the audience suddenly sees it, and all her bluff and bluster is hiding that. And he comes to “like” her during Radha, when she is her happy self without all the front she feels the need to put on in other circumstances. But “love” is harder, because my theory of the film is on the “Soulmates” level, meaning underneath the superficial annoyance and liking and all of that, there was always this strong bond. I think it’s not so much that he fell in love, as that he became more and more aware of what was always there. Like, right before Radha he has that moment of “I was never looking for you” which feels like he is beginning to figure out that she is something special to him. I think he may be slowly working it all out, but not totally sure of his feelings until that moment on the beach. That would be when he acknowledges to himself that he is always going to miss her. But no, it still isn’t clear, because it’s not until “Ghar” that he fully grasps how much he needs her.

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      • I like your ‘soulmates’ theory. Some believe in it, some don’t. I’m of the believer type. I think you can love many people but I firmly believe there is someone out there picked just for you. When I met my soulmate, my sister asked me how I could be so sure and I told her “I don’t know, I just KNOW’. It is a feeling that is so deep and primeval, that you just know. It’s passion, caring, loving all rolled into one. I’ve tried explaining this feeling to others and can’t. Only those people who have experienced it seem to understand me. I think that Harry & Sejal are true soulmates, it just takes them on a journey before they admit it to themselves and finally each other. The void that each fills in the other. This movie is so layered that it will just get better with time and multiple watching. I see something different each time I watch it.


  4. Once again you come through with a deleted scene translation . Thanks so much! This is a cute one and, unlike the strip club scene, it’s one I wish had been left in the final film. Although…maybe this should have had everything left in and been a 5 hour film! Eagerly anticipating the DVD release with (hopefully!) deleted scenes and BTS and maybe even a director’s cut!

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    • Yeah, this one ties in a little more closely, bringing in a reason for Anushka to insist they go to Frankfurt, making it clearer how vital it was that they were there to turn Manky’s party into something special, and giving another little moment of half-closeness before it gets real and intense that night.

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    • Yes! Got me confused about what point they cut this scene too. They were serious enough to film the Manky bits of it, but not serious enough to finish formatting his head.

      On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 11:44 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  5. Yeah, their casual nearness is obvious, but that, one could already see during the Phurrr song.
    I doubt that Harry could have given an answer…he doesn’t know yet who he is – to Sejal, to himself…he accepts Sejal’s behaviour because he does not only see no need to get judgemental but he also loves her and it feels good. Still he has no idea about Sejal’s feelings except that she feels free with him and likes his presence and company.
    So, that scene only gives more questions than answers. I admit, without Mayanks words I wouldn’t even had a second thought…
    Thanks to the provider of the subtitles 🙂 (and yes, ShahRukh loves you…he would tell you the same 🙂 )

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  6. I have been following all the analyses and discussions about Jab Harry Met Sejal here, and I love how every moment from the film gives us something to think about! Thanks so much for all of these posts!

    Even though I understand Hindi, I would like to have official subtitles on these deleted scenes because they’re so fascinating! I heard and interpreted this slightly differently…Sejal says, “Mere mind mein nahi aaya…Problem hai?” (“It didn’t even cross my mind…Is it a problem?”) And Harry half-says, half-asks, “Isse kya problem? Rupen thodi na hai.” That slight gesture towards the phone. Because of that, my default translation would be, “Why would he (Mayank) have a problem with this? (Or maybe, alternatively, “Why would this be a problem?”) He’s not Rupen.” An interesting thing to say – because Sejal is completely unaware of how the comfort level and instinctive physicality between herself and Harry looks to other people…until she is made self-aware by someone else, namely Mayank. If Rupen had been on the phone instead, would Harry/Sejal’s proximity have been a problem or a sin? Depends on the perspective. Rupen might (mostly likely would!) think so. Mayank probably would not. And Harry…He is definitely not like Rupen – so if Harry’s also referring to himself, in a veiled manner here, that also totally makes sense! Sejal’s way of asking significant questions with apparent lightness – “Who are you? No, tell me today – who are you?” – and Harry’s light-yet-weighted reactions are all kinds of amazing. I could keep writing about this little missing moment, but I’ll stop here!

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    • Thank you for commenting! Sorry, it got stuck in moderation for a bit since it was your first comment.

      I love your point that this brings up the question of if it is only a sin when they are observed. Which has been an unspoken premise all along, Anushka offered to be his “girlfriend” but for the limited time that they are traveling together. Meaning, while they are away from home with no one else around.

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    • I have no idea! You should be able to post anything you want. I will take a spin through Spam just in case it got stuck in there.

      On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 1:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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